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Sound Studio

12 March 2020

Robust audio recording and editing tool.


Sound Studio lets you easily record and professionally edit audio on your Mac. Easily rip vinyls and digitize cassette tapes, or record lectures and voice memos. Prepare for live shows with live effect processing and level tweaking, then record it all with performance recording capabilities.

Any audio project, completed with ease
  • Expansive compatibility. Record your work as an MP3 or AAC M4A file. Edit and export audio in several formats including AIFF and WAV.
  • Creative effects. Layer several effects like delay, reverb, chorus, or flanger filters, then tweak levels or EQ settings.
  • Multi-track support. Record live audio alongside multiple tracks of studio-added sounds.

What's new in Sound Studio

Version 4.9.6:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later

  • Snap to Zero Crossings
  • Insert Markers in Gaps
  • Insert Markers at Gridlines
  • AppleScript support for editing audio file metadata (artist, album, etc.)
  • Increased marker font size
  • Improved the visibility of marker, cue, and other lines in the UI
  • Organized Audio Units menu if there are more than 30 plug-ins available
  • Split By Markers automatically fills in the Number of Tracks field if it is left blank
  • Last Filter is remembered across different documents
  • Full screen mode
  • HiDPI support
  • Magnify (pinch and spread) trackpad gestures control zoom
  • Support for restoring windows when quitting and re-opening the app
  • Files are opened and converted on a background thread
  • Preferences updated, including the addition of default sample rate and sample size settings
  • Default system audio input and output device are settings now available in the audio preferences
  • Timer recording, with a visible indicator that a timer has been set. (This used to be part of Auto Start/Stop Recording.)
  • Automatic levels-based recording with new, simplified UI
  • Audio processing updated to use newer APIs
  • When saving files larger than 4 GB, an alert is shown if the file format doesn't support such a large file
  • Fixed bug where saving in Apple Lossless would not save the metadata and markers
  • Fixed some AudioUnit loading issues
  • Fixed a bug with copy and paste
  • Fixed a bug where using the comma key to play or pause would not pause if there is no selection
  • Uses AudioQueue for playback and recording
  • Presets can now be imported by opening the .soundstudiopreset file with the app
  • Updated Ogg Vorbis libraries (1.3.0 and 1.3.2 respectively)
  • Sound Designer II file format, which is an outdated file format that depends on the resource fork, is no longer supported
  • Removed in-app help. All help is now on the web site
  • In preparation for App Sandboxing, the Scratch Disk is no longer a preference
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher

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124 Sound Studio Reviews

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Bento de Espinosa
22 August 2019

Most helpful

I have been using Sound Studio for 20 years. It is wonderful!
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Version 4.9.1
31 December 2019
Been using it all my life; still one of the best for Mac. :-)
Version 4.9.4
15 November 2019
I've been using this as my main audio editor along with Logic Pro X for years; never failed me!
Version 4.9.4
Bento de Espinosa
22 August 2019
I have been using Sound Studio for 20 years. It is wonderful!
Like (1)
Version 4.9.1
28 June 2019
I can't write a proper review, as Amadeus is still my favourite, but there's one function that I can't find anywhere else: the frequency generator by note (i.e. choosing a note on a keyboard). Great!
Version 4.8.16
05 May 2018
Doesn't open flac. Splash screen says Sound Studio can't open files in Free Lossless Audio Codec-Format.
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Version 4.8.13
1 answer(s)
08 July 2018
Sound Studio (v. 4.8.14) opens .flac files on my system. For many years, it's been my go-to app -- especially for mission-critical projects.
25 November 2016
I've been using this app for years and it continues to work well for my needs, as a lightweight editor. I prefer the simple interface in Sound Studio to the competition, which at times fails to use musical metaphors in their UI, needlessly overcomplicating the user experience.
Version 4.8.5
21 September 2016
Like (1)
Version 4.8.2
Bento de Espinosa
03 September 2015
I have been using Sound Studio for ages and it still is the best lightweight but powerful sound editor out there!
Like (3)
Version 4.7.8
30 January 2015
What happened to 'change bit rate' in the pull down menu? Now Sample rate is duplicated-one on the interface and one in the pull down menu where CBR used to be
Version 4.7.7
08 January 2015
I have used this program since version 1 and never had a problem. As of update 4.7.7 I am unable to download the program from MacUpdate or the Sound Studio site. I have contacted the developer with out a positive solution. Is any one else having problems downloading UpDate 4.7.7 ?
Version 4.7.7
1 answer(s)
10 January 2015
I just tried it and it seems to download fine. Seems that it got fixed.