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05 March 2020

Send and receive faxes.


iFax is a powerful, full-featured fax platform.

  • Quick and Simple Wizard. With just a few taps you can create and send a beautiful, customized fax to anywhere, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Your Logo and Signature. Incorporate your company logo on to the fax cover page for that professional look and then add digital signature for that personal touch.
  • Cover Page Templates. Choose from a variety of themed cover pages including Classic, Modern, Urban, Minimal, Funky and Casual styles. Cover page is optional.
  • Incoming Fax Magic. Choose a local or toll-free fax number anywhere in the world.
  • Never Miss a Fax. Get mobile notification or emails with a new fax has arrived. Email, print or download your faxes anytime.
  • One Number, Many Devices. Share your fax number with iFax on other devices such as your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android device and get incoming faxes at your convenience.
  • Open from Mail, Sign, and Fill. You can open a PDF from mail, Dropbox, or Box, then sign, fill, stamp, or annotate, and then fax the document - all without the need to print or scan.
  • Document Scanner. Scan documents into iFax with the mobile phone or tablet camera and then fax them anytime. No more bulky scanners!
  • Dropbox and Box Integration. Access your documents stored in the cloud, anytime and and anywhere.

What's new in iFax

Version 4.15:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • Send as many faxes as you like (FREE for 7 days!)
  • Get a free fax number in any country and receive unlimited faxes (FREE for 7 days!)
  • Lots of fixes and performance improvements

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18 Reviews of iFax

16 December 2018
Version: 4.0

Most helpful

iFax ist NOT free how its listed here. "Try it now and get 7 days free!" - shown on their website
11 March 2020
Version: 4.15
Horrible support system. No clear way to print a copy of the faxes I sent
16 December 2018
Version: 4.0
iFax ist NOT free how its listed here. "Try it now and get 7 days free!" - shown on their website
13 December 2017
Version: 3.15
A couple of items: Why someone listed Phone Amego as an alternative to this App I do not understand as I could not find any documentation that Phone Amego directly supports faxing, which is what iFax does. That being said doing faxing via the internet defeats the primary reason that financial institutions specify faxing for critical transactions as using a real fax machines for the transmission of information insures the safety and security of the transmission. When the option of sending the information via the internet to a fax server, as it is when adding this path to the front end of the transmission (no fax machine or fax modem), it then opens up the opportunity for the contents of the fax to be hacked or compromised in another fashion, thereby defeating one of the primary purpose of faxing. The risk could be reduced if the fax app on the users computer seriously encrypted the document before sending to the fax server, which would then decrepit it before actually faxing it, but I have never seen this documented as part of any of a fax application.. Based on the available informationI have so far, using a public fax server, in my opinion seriously compromises the security and confidently of the document being transmitted, which in turn defeats one of the primary reasons for faxing, given todays technology, in the first place. How unfortunate that Apple has chosen to eliminate the opportunity to incorporate fax modem support in the later versions of their operating systems. This is one arena that I will give high marks to Microsoft as Windows 10 still supports fax modems, which is one significant reason I still choose to run Windows on my Mac in emulation mode (Virtual Box, VMWare Fusion, Parallels).
04 October 2017
Version: 3.12
I had to send a fax for the first time in many years. I found AT&T voip supports fax. Dusted off the old machine and plugged it into phone line. No problem.
12 June 2017
Version: 3.3
When it works, it's great. The application for Mac deskstop is frozen, and customer service is "working on it." It forces you to buy a fax number (free for 7 days) in order to get the app to work, but there is no way to cancel the number. The web page forces you to sign up, but doesn't snyc with your desktop. So you end up having two accounts and both are frozen. Other than that, it works well.
08 January 2017
Version: 2.19
Even assuming the bugs reported below have been fixed, Apple has killed faxing in macOS X 10.12 Sierra—fax modems are no longer supported. Solution? Don't upgrade to Sierra or get an inexpensive (or expensive) multifunction printer (chances are you already have one). Most still have fax capability. Among the businesses that still use faxing are pharmacies and doctors offices, though many use e-fax now.
28 September 2016
Version: 2.15
Unfortunately Apple
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28 August 2016
Version: 2.10
We still live in a world that uses faxes. Many use it because faxes can't have imbedded viruses or malware. However I am of the belief that electronic fax services are a waste of money when you can buy a USB fax modem for under $25 that usually come with fax drivers for windows and Macs still have it built into the OS.
12 May 2016
Version: 2.4
Nice icon, though, IMO.
14 April 2016
Version: 2.3
Screw faxing! Get with it people and email! Scan to email is a better version of Faxing.
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09 March 2016
Version: 2.1
What a joke to call this "free". Any use of this application costs money.
29 October 2015
Version: 1.10.6
Very buggy, and ended up causing me a couple of hours of frustration. After purchasing and trying to send a fax, it kept telling me that there was something wrong with my Apple account, and couldn't complete the purchase. Finally tried an in-app purchase in other app and that was successful. Everything was okay with funds with my current account, so I finally traced it down to iFax as the problem. Used one of the other Apple Store fax apps with no problem. Maybe they're being blocked by Apple for some reason? I hope they get it fixed, because it has worked well for me in the past.
11 June 2015
Version: 1.9.3
They need to update their pricing info on the website because the prices seem to have increased, a lot. The website states that faxes to Germany are "$0.99 (USD) up to 5 pages" while the app charges you €0.99 (EUR) [$1.11 USD] for 3 pages! :(((

I tried asking about that through their Facebook and Twitter accounts but both have been untouched since 2012.
19 May 2015
Version: 1.9.3
FaxZero is our go to for the few times we need to fax a couple of pages... and yes its FREE and doesn't require a phone line. Only snag is its a two step process: 1) create your fax at FaxZero and hit SEND 2) click on the link in the FaxZero email to actually send the fax Highly recommended
26 December 2013
Version: 1.4
Tnx Macolyte for the tip below - regrettably the developer forgot to mention that pinch in the above description.
26 December 2013
Version: 1.4
For the few faxes I send and receive, I still am a proponent of buying a USB Modem (~$30) and using the built in OSX Fax software. It has paid for itself many times over. For those that have not kept their landline (will probably not work over cell phones or VOIP) that is a BIG mistake as it is the only service that has been proven generally reliable in times of disasters, such as earthquakes, or weather related instances.
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25 December 2013
Version: 1.4
Very happy. Pricing is not bad compared to others I've looked at. Easy to use. No separate sign on for payment (is paid through Apple). I had security concerns with other companies. So far very happy. Only item that could be better would be the successful confirmation page. A little more like a fax machine printable confirmation would be great. Also I didn't see syncing between my iPad and Mac machines for the sent items or cover page. Overall I'm very happy.
12 May 2013
Version: 1.0
The app is free. Sending and receiving are both charged to your Mac account.