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BitTorrent Sync

19 August 2015

Sync files securely without the cloud.


BitTorrent Sync allows you to sync unlimited files between your own devices, or share a folder with friends and family to automatically sync anything.

File transfers are encrypted. Your information is never stored on a server in the cloud and your data is protected by private keys.

BitTorrent Sync is specifically designed to handle large files, so feel free to sync original, high quality, uncompressed files.

What's new in BitTorrent Sync

Version 2.1.3:
  • Sync icon looks to be paused after upgrade
  • Sync is unable to sync files and get approval requests via relay server sometimes
  • Sync moves files to .sync/Archive sometimes
  • Sync moves newly created files to archive sometimes
  • Sync freezes when user closes it due to many files in Archive
  • Sync creates .bts.bts files sometimes
  • Peer duplicates in peer list appear if Sync is killed in an ungraceful way
  • Sync can't be removed from favorites
  • Sync on Windows freezes while transferring/indexing huge amounts of files
  • "Synced" mode applied regardless of user's choice sometimes
  • "Sync Pro license updated" event appears only on one of the linked devices
  • Old type bts placeholders in Sync 2.1 appear when subfolder is removed
  • BTS files appear as duplicates of the Synced file (while the folder is in the Sync all mode)
  • Large amount of folders causes high CPU usage and folder changes get detected only during rescan
  • Files duplicated with .bts placeholders after re-adding by the same path
  • Add "Bittorrent Sync" folder to favorites even when no devices are linked
  • New folders are not propagated to linked NAS devices sometimes
  • Synchronization gets stuck sometimes when many peers involved
  • Sync does not update users permissions when gets a new link with permissions lower than those it had
  • Sync sometimes returns a removed folder if Android device is present in mesh
  • Intermittent Sync crashes on Windows
  • Sync crashes after unlinking
  • Sync crashes after a shared folder on a linked device is disconnected
  • Sync crashes after removing folder on remote linked device
  • Sync crashes when folder owner changes folder access permissions
  • Sync crashes on OS X
  • Sync consumes 200% of CPU resources on OS X, then crashes
  • Sync freezes on start sometimes
  • Improve Sync speed for many small files
  • Sync default ignoreList now contains more service files (icon?, icon\r, icon^M)
  • Improve compatibility to 3rd party apps on POSIX operating systems
  • UI cosmetic fixes

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24 April 2013

Most helpful

Had it installed 2 days now seems to do the job. Stable. Easy to use. Had liked to see an option to exclude some files.
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Version 1.0.116
12 February 2020
This is SO out of date...Now called Resilio Sync, found here:
Version 2.1.3
05 August 2016
let me start off by saying that most of the criticism here has long been fixed by BitTorrent. A while back, BT changed their entirely free model to a freemium subscription model, where you had to pay a yearly fee to use premium features. that sucked! not only because i hate subscriptions, but also because it made no sense to have a subscription for something you run on your own hardware. things have changed. the free version has gotten more features and the pro version is a one time purchase. i can only say that it works like a charm. it sits quietly in the background and doesnt need much processing power. it runs on my raspberry pi just as performant as it runs on my workstation. the speeds always max out the possible bandwidth and the load balancing between multiple sources works just as well. i can store files on potentially unsecure servers through encrypted folders and sharing even large folders with friends is easy to set up.
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Version 2.1.3
18 August 2015
Can't get through corporate firewall. Dropbox can. Thus endeth the discussion.
Version 2.1.3
2 answer(s)
24 January 2016
i don't think its the applications fault that YOUR company probably blocks p2p traffic.
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26 January 2016
True, it's not the application's fault. But with many corporate firewalls blocking p2p traffic, bit-sync would be a lot more useful if it could work through it like Dropbox.
06 August 2015
Very happy with this product. Glad I never tried out Pro.
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Version 2.1.1
04 August 2015
MacUpdate currently shows minimum system requirement for v2.1.1 as OS X 10.5 (Leopard), when in fact it's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (per BitTorrent Sync's Help Center).
Version 2.1.1
Agree with a previous commenter who mentioned the bait-and-switch the developer pulled on us. There's simply NO excuse for what the they did to version 2, except that they wanted to rake in more (undeserved) revenue. Version 2 wreaked havoc on my two networked computers. I ended up with partial files everywhere, I presume, because the program can't complete the syncing process. Set up was far too complicated or was buggy because it took many attempts before folders could be synced. Many files that were replaced on one computer were lost because I need up with incomplete versions on the other computer. Version 1 was a near genius product, and I was impressed, so much so I moved to version 2. Bad move! Slow transfers, highly unstabl app, a new, overpriced yearly subscription model. Beware!
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Version 2.0.105
16 June 2015
A great way to leave the cloud behind. Nice interface, easy to use. Two modes of use- paid/free. It's fast and convenient. All those things are great. BUT Until they can get it to work through hardened corporate firewalls, it's DOA. TeamViewer can do it and other apps can do it. For small offices that can tweak their own firewalls it's great, but for large business it's sadly a no-go. I worked with their support back and forth.
Version 2.0.105
02 June 2015
They really screwed this up. At version 1 they had so much potential. And I'm more than willing to pay for the software, even with their weird subscription model, so that's not my concern. They've just managed to completely break the app. There are many bugs and fixes seem to trickle out. Registering devices to your account sometimes results in a hang or crash. Also, canceling my subscription took 8 separate responses to a help desk ticket before I was finally able to get in and stop the recurring charge. I love the concept of being able to host and manage my own data without having to rely on someone else's infrastructure, but the execution in v2 is just poor.
Version 2.0.105
15 May 2015
Version 1 was great. Very stable and easy to use. Version 2 crashes on a simple sync. It's hard to manage shared folders. Folders are popping up on computers i don't want to. Rights are a mess. Things that where syncing for a year without a problem are read only after a upgrade. I don't mind to pay for good software. (like version 1) This is just not working.
Version 2.0.105
12 May 2015
I was using BTSync for several months and even have purchased the PRO version of it. Until I found it isn't possible to have a shared folder (1 common folder for more than 1 user account) to sync. The BTSync team told me this is how the app is designed - great, I moved on with owncloud. Maybe I have to explain the situation more clearly: my wife and I both use a MBP and there are files that are used by both of us. Now, you can double the needed space as each user has to have its own copy of each file. A lot of wasted space.
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Version 2.0.105