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Equipment Rental Tracker Plus free download for Mac

Equipment Rental Tracker Plus3.2

13 June 2019

Easily create invoices and reports for equipment rentals.


Equipment Rental Tracker Plus easily creates invoices and reports for all your rental equipment, inventory for sale, services and other charges.

  • Inventory Tracker
  • Invoice Creator
  • Contact Tracker
  • Schedule Tracker
  • Task Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Other Income Tracker
  • and the Universal Calculator.

Inventory Tracker runs on and shares data between most computers. Free trial and support with no recurring charges.

What's new in Equipment Rental Tracker Plus

Version 3.2:
  • Added multiple taxes feature that allows you to specify up to 3 different taxes and which Inventory Items they apply to.
  • A new Inventory Tracker Type has been added, called Rental Quantity, for items you want to rent in ad hoc quantities (ie, 123 chairs). The number remaining is then available for other rentals.
  • You can specify the name and tax rate for any of three different tax types in the new Set Tax Info window accessible from Invoice Creator. You can also specify, for each tax type, which of the six different Inventory Types (Inventory Items, Flat Rate Labor, Hourly Labor, Other Charges, Rental Items, Rental Quantity) you want taxes added to the Invoice.
  • The Rental Type has been renamed to Rental Item and a new Type called Rental Quantity has been added. This Type has some aspects of the old Rental Item and some aspects of the Inventory Item Type. You can adjust the Total Quantity to accommodate new purchases and losses. You can't rent more of the Item than you have on hand, as automatically determined by Invoice Creator, for any day during the rental period.
  • In Preferences you will now find a Tablet option. The Tablet option causes all windows to be opened, one at a time, in the top left of the screen. This is best for users using to access this software on their Tablets.
  • Other minor improvements.

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