iStudio Publisher (Family 3 Pack)

1.4.1 20 Aug 2018

Desktop publishing app with dynamic text wrapping.


Developer website: iStudio Software Limited

iStudio Publisher is an easy-to-use page layout application for desktop publishing on Mac, perfect for designing anything you want to layout and print.

Create stunning, professional quality documents with ease, including newsletters, brochures, adverts, flyers, invitations, menus, reports, posters, greetings cards, and yearbooks. Start with a professionally designed template or a blank document of any size.

Users of all ages and experience can master iStudio Publisher quickly. If you’re new to page layout and desktop publishing, our Video Tutorials and Rapid Start Guide will help you. Experienced users will love iStudio Publisher’s sophisticated features.

What's New

Version 1.4.1:
  • Added Corner Inspector
  • Info Bar, with comprehensive contextual help and keyboard shortcuts
  • Keystroke constraints for sizing and positioning shapes
  • Context-sensitive popups, showing shape size, position, angle and snapping constraints
  • Visual drawing aids added to shapes during creation and editing
  • 'Sticky' drawing tools and library shapes
  • Highlighting shapes when dragging a selection rectangle
  • Align, distribute and snap all take the new corner styles into account
  • Duplicate selected shape(s) by dragging with the Alt key held down
  • Align single shapes
  • Keyboard modifiers for nudging shapes with keyboard arrow keys
  • Export any document as a PDF file, with reader spreads
  • Pinch to zoom when using a trackpad
  • Fast swapping from Image Tool or Flow Link Tool to Pointer Tool or Text Tool
  • Maximum font size increased from 576 pt to 9999 pt and more standard font sizes added
  • UI precision of mm and degrees increased to two decimal places
  • Combined Zoom Tool replaces separate tools for zooming in and out
  • View zoom range increased
  • When inserting, pasting or dropping PDF-based content onto an empty area, add it at full-size
  • Tabbing round selected shapes now shifts the view to bring out-of-view shapes into view
  • Text cursor and mouse icons redesigned to improve clarity and visibility
  • Image Tool now makes any image movable by double clicking on it, regardless of fit/align settings
  • Stroke width now included when hit testing shapes for text addition/editing
  • Dragging in of external text and images improved to make the target tool/selection consistent
  • New document windows are now wider and positioned at the screen center
  • Pages/spreads now centered when adding, duplicating, moving, removing, or navigating between
  • With a multi-shape selection controller handles under other shapes can now be dragged
  • 5-point star now a pentagram
  • Text Container Inspector renamed Text Column Inspector and its layout improved
  • Line Inspector renamed Stroke Inspector
  • Keyboard shortcut for menu option View > Invisible Flow Items changed to Control-Command-I
  • Body/Master Page buttons and Normal View/Preview buttons moved from toolbar to page view title bar
  • Font loading when iStudio starts up now occurs as a background activity
  • Scrolling of main window disabled when the Link popover dialog is displayed
  • Layout and image quality of Welcome Panel
  • Rulers show/hide animated
  • Unable to paste text on the Link popover dialog or Licensing dialog except via the local contextual menu
  • Some keystrokes routed to the main window when the Link popover dialog is active
  • Inconsistent routing of keystrokes when the Thumbnails Gallery is active
  • Undo doesn’t work when setting shape height using the Shape Inspector
  • Drag and drop text files with unknown encoding causes a crash
  • Snap Point not shown when snapping to margins only
  • Image Tool: image on top of a controller can’t be selected
  • On master pages contextual menu Page sub-menu options are active and cause crashes
  • Images with DPI < 72 are loaded incorrectly, causing a hang when creating the Image Inspector preview
  • Undo of Distribute shapes moves shapes to wrong positions
  • Task Chooser sometimes appears above second autosave dialog
  • Double click on a line segment adds an inaccessible text column
  • Several issues with node controllers when creating shapes with coaxial straight lines only
  • Picking a graphic when the mouse ends up over a handle. The graphic then drags, not the handle
  • Show/Hide Inspectors button on document window doesn’t sync when opening a document with Inspectors already open
  • Inspectors initial position not top right, on first app launch
  • Image fitting issue in 1.4. Image tracks bottom left shape corner in manual fitting mode


  • OS X 10.7 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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Multimedia Design / Illustration
20 Aug 2018
Intel 64 / OS X