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18 April 2019

Organize your digital images and make website albums.


jAlbum Pro has all the features you love in jAlbum, but comes with a commercial license. You can create gorgeous custom photo galleries for the Web without writing a line of code!

  • Beginner-friendly, with Pro Results - Simply drag and drop photos into groups, choose a design from hundreds of beautiful album skins, and you're done!
  • Share the memories - Effortlessly upload your album to your website. If you don't have one, select one of jAlbum's affordable storage plans.
  • Photo galleries for everyone - jAlbum is the perfect photo-sharing tool for bloggers, small business, social groups, and families.
  • White labeled albums
  • No ads in your albums
  • Priority e-mail support

For a more detailed comparison, see this page.

What's new in jAlbum Pro

Version 18.3:
News and Updates:
  • jAlbum's Text and Logo effects now supports layers, meaning that, for semi transparent images, the texts and logos may be positioned all over, on top or behind the existing images. See demo
  • You may now individually control whether to force thumbnails or closeup images to JPEG format (see Settings->Images->Advanced)
  • New MarginFilter capable of adding semi-transparent margins/borders to images.
  • Supporting other users? Hold down SHIFT or ALT while searching for a UI setting to have the path written to the clipboard too
  • Developers: Skin UIs may contain tables too (JTable instances) that becomes persisted with the project and appears as variables in the skin. (The generated variables contains the table contents in CSV format)
  • Developers: new getJSONMaker() API call to AlbumBean (engine)
  • Developers: Improved error message for embedded skin editor
  • Updated the bundled skins Tiger, PhotoBlogger and Projector
  • Translations updated. Thank you dear translators
Bug fixes:
  • The settings window could sometimes appear too far to the left or top of the screen
  • Fixed handling of EXIF data for certain images
  • Fixes/updates to Facebook importer plugin
  • Labels would appear faint on OS X Look and Feel (Explore view) if file names were more than 15 characters
  • Minor fixes

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5 Reviews of jAlbum Pro

28 April 2014
Version: 12.1.1

Most helpful

This is not a software purchase as much as a subscription. Next year there will be a hefty 'renewal' if you want updates. After five months, updates were ceased on my version 11 I bought last year. I will not support this monetization scheme again.
27 November 2015
Version: 13
I used to use this app - then I realize they bring more & more obstacles (glitches & damaging older galleries, etc).. Plus pricing model & price itself. They changed (simply enabled on the rebound) showing the advert - and suddenly I didn't feel comfortable and can't comply with such practices... I found much better substitution. Not sure if current version uses still crappy JAVA, but I am quite happy I don't have to use this SW nor pay ransom $$ anymore.
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26 November 2015
Version: 13
This is a very nice app. It really works great. That being said I am getting rid of it. This developer releases paid updates too often for the type of software it is. There are so many options in this area that are much cheaper. Unless you need all the power this software has it is too expensive.
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02 April 2015
Version: 12.6
This is one of those apps that you don't realise how useful it is until you start using it. I use it on my own website rather than on the galleries provided by jAlbum and the galleries I create look like an integral part of the overall site design so the effect is that the site is larger and more consistently designed than perhaps it is. If you then orphan the individual galleries on your site you can build up a series of galleries than can be viewed only by the people you select by disclosing the links to. Naturally this is not high level security as the images are discoverable but it's enough for most uses. Adding new images to existing galleries is also particularly easy. The only sticking point seems to be price: both the previous two comments are about it being too expensive and I agree, the software is on the pricey side and the regular upgrades don't always make the leaps in progress that would validate their cost. However, the Pro and Standard versions are currently on offer with MacUpdate so this might be a good time to buy.
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19 January 2015
Version: 12.4
I have a version 11 Pro that I have paid $89.00. To upgrade to the next version 12 Pro I need to pay $71.20! That is only 20% off the original Pro price. Sorry, that is not fair nor inviting. I will not be upgrading this app any more.
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28 April 2014
Version: 12.1.1
This is not a software purchase as much as a subscription. Next year there will be a hefty 'renewal' if you want updates. After five months, updates were ceased on my version 11 I bought last year. I will not support this monetization scheme again.
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