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02 September 2019

Menu-bar calculator supports text input.


Numi is a calculator that magically combines calculations with text, and allows you to freely share your computations.

  • Numi combines text editor and calculator
  • Support plain English. For example, '5 cm plus 1 meter'
  • Unit converter: Numi supports currency, length, area, volume, time, temperature, and data size. It automatically convert units if it's needed.
  • Configurable hotkey
  • Menubar and Dock modes

What's new in Numi

Version 3.20.4:
  • Minor services tweaks
  • Time zone fixes

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27 January 2012

Most helpful

Awesome app! Why it is not shipped with Mac OS X by default?
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Version 1.02
03 May 2019
Version 3.20.1
02 February 2019
Free sure ofc Do u ever happen to see and ask yourself what the heck is doing " Activate " menu up there?
Version 3.19.1
03 January 2018
now the app has reached the point where you can say nearly perfect... highly recommend and it's FREE so don't waste your time... download the app and check it out :-)
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Version 3.18
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02 December 2018
Soon to not be free. "Deeply discounted pre-release" price $16.99
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13 July 2017
An app this great is free? It's fantastic for quick conversions and calculations - and the hotkey and menubar icon keep it always at the ready. An excellent, time-saving tool!
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Version 3.16
09 November 2016
becoming better with every update .... great work! love the Menubar mode!!!! well done... thx M
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Version 3.0b14
27 January 2016
Superb app!! It is truly amazing typing stuff to calculate instead of only using numbers. Never seen such app before. Highly recommended to try and have fun.
Version 3.0b11
16 September 2015
Wow. Who would have thought that there is a calculator app worth talking about. This is truely awesome! Its also a perfect reminder of why i love working on OSX. There is no way a beautiful and yet very productive app like this will ever make it to Windows. Its just perfect.

Besides that I would love to see a font selection (like Ubuntu Mono (i love Ubuntu Mono)) and also switchting font size.

Also be sure to check Numis website for a few examples of what its capable of.
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Version 3.0b8
25 July 2015
Numi 3.0BETA6 is available.
Version 3.0b5.1
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26 July 2015
Be sure to get the Beta6 version. I found the Beta5 to be mostly unusable on El Capitan, but Beta6 seems to be flawless.
18 June 2015
I revise my rating of Numi 2, which I wrote in 2013. Numi 2, unlike Numi, works very well and I love how handy it is in the menu bar. No more Calculator app suits me fine, and including text and print features I rate Numi 2 (conservatively) 4 stars! That's the good news. The bad news, I'm afraid, is that Numi 2 appears no longer to be available to buy. I repeat my disappointment with the original Numi, and want to ask the developer what the heck is going on, that a good, convenient menu bar app is being replaced with an older one (albeit free). I'm keeping Numi 2 and not taking the developer up on version 3, free or otherwise. Numi 3 is an instance of app de-volution. Don't bother with it a second! Barely 1 star. Average 1.5 stars
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Version 3.0b4
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Dmitry Nikolaev & Co
Dmitry Nikolaev & Co
19 June 2015
Hi Tomeg. Thank you for honest feedback! Numi 2 should still be available on The Mac App Store. Do you have some troubles to find it there? Contact me on for assist.

Most of users find out new Numi very nice . What you do not like in it ? Maybe we could make it even better ? Just send me a few lines to email above.
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12 May 2015
It's Cool!
Version 3.0b1


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.12.0 or later
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