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27 December 2016

Organize your windows without using a mouse.


Spectacle is a simple utility that allows you to easily organize your windows without using a mouse.

Those familiar with similar apps will find Spectacle to be a simple and unobtrusive way to become more productive while using your Mac. Using Spectacle you can view multiple documents side-by-side, move windows to other displays, or even focus your full attention to a single task.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it is actually donationware. Please consider making a donation to help support development.

What's new in Spectacle

Version 1.2:
  • Introduces the ability to have windows moved between thirds after being moved to a corner
  • Supports symbolic links to shortcut files
  • Moves the "Launch Spectacle at login" option to a more obvious location
  • Fixes a crash on OS X 10.9
  • Fixes issues assigning various shortcuts

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20 March 2013

Most helpful

Awesome app, only features that I miss are: 1/3 2/3 split and restore defaults. Awesome app and not just free it's open source as well. Another nice to have feature would be, that I can click on the menu bar item and see all possible shortcuts + click there and execute the action like "size up" does it.
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Version 0.8.1
20 November 2019
Spectacle is no longer actively maintained, but Rectangle (https://rectangleapp.com) is a more than worthy alternative.
Version 1.2
03 January 2017
Simple, functional and free. Just perfect.
Version 1.2
10 September 2016
Smart and fast. My current window manager, leapfrogging several others (including Alfred window management workflows).
Version 1.0.6
07 May 2016
Love love love this app! I've been using it for years and have ZERO complaints. It only does a small handful of things. But it does them well. Set your own keyboard shortcuts to easily move and re-arrange apps and finder windows. I have a small 13" macbook pro, so screen space is precious. ⌃⌘← to move display to left side of screen ⌃⌘→ to move display to right side of screen ⌃⌘P top right ⌃⌘M bottom right ⌃⌘Z bottom left ⌃⌘Q top left
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Version 1.0.6
13 February 2016
It says it's donationware, but I don't see an obvious way/place to donate from within the app itself.
Version 1.0.2
1 answer(s)
22 February 2016
not sure a donation ware implies providing a link to donate inside the app itself, but it's pretty easy to find the link to do so on the dev's homepage, though.
19 December 2015
Fantastic. Works perfectly. Gorgeously designed, super clean and a great icon. Thanks!
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Version 1.0.1
01 March 2015
Simple, nice Icon, perfect and for Free. THX
Version 0.8.8
29 October 2014
At last a window mover with a Apple drop down menu listing all the different movements that actually make sense.
Version 0.8.8
21 October 2014
Perfect app, really easy to use. Very stable (it never crashed). Works with 99% of the apps I use. Can't live without it. :) Thanks to the dev for his work !
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Version 0.8.6
19 June 2014
Just updated to spectacle 0.8.5 on os X 10.9.3. Works great! Just wish that it worked with all apps/windows (Outlook and others only with a few sizes or none at all), and that there was the ability to snap windows by dragging a window title bars to sides of screen.
Version 0.8.5