2017.2 20 Apr 2017

Examine, modify, and playback MIDI files.


Developer website: Canato

MidiYodi is an application that allows editing, examination, and playback of MIDI files, including the following rich set of features:

  • Midi File Examination
    • MIDI File Explorer: Scans entire folders for MIDI files and for each file displays information such as type, number of tracks, available instruments,song duration, tempo, key- and time signatures.
    • Song and Tracks Overview: Displays the rolled-out contents of a MIDI file including a measure bar and all its tracks. Each track displays miniature 'notes', instrument and a volume curve. In addition meta events such as markers, tempos, time signatures and key signatures are visualized.
    • Keyboard Examiner: Displays all notes for a track in a keyboard like viewer.
    • Score Examiner: Displays all notes for a track in a score like viewer.
    • Event Examiner: Displays all events for a track including event position (beat, time and tick), category (meta, voice or system), type (note on/off, program change etc) and value.
  • MIDI File Editing
    • Single track files (type 0) can be "trackified" and converted (type 1).
    • Song can be transposed in half-tones up or down and individual tracks can be transposed in 8va's
    • Tempo can be altered.
    • Tracks can have their name, instrument and volume changed.
    • Tracks can be removed.
    • Sections of the song can be cut out.
    • Any MIDI event (meta, voice or system) can be added or updated.
    • Voice events can be moved from one channel to another.
    • Save, Save As and Undo/Redo functionality included.
  • MIDI File Playback
    • Controls to start and pause playback in a tape recorder fashion.
    • Selected sections of a song can be played in loop mode
    • Quick navigation by clicking anywhere in the song or jump to the next/previous marker, tempo- , time signature- or key signature change.
    • Controls to Mute or Solo any track.
  • MidiYodi Customization
    • Default examiner (displayed when a track is double-clicked) selection.
    • Color theme selection.
    • Language selection
    • MIDI Output device selection.
    • Default MIDI-file to load when MidiYodi is launched
    • Remembers the directory where you last opened a MIDI file.

What's New

Version 2017.2:
  • Bug fixed that on screen setup changes possibly could make MidiYodi windows appear ouside screen(s)
  • Property file name changed - now reads midiyodi.xml instead of midiyodi30.xml
  • Password algorithm changed. New license key will be needed in order to run this version (Registered license holders can send a mail to midiyodi@canato.se to obtain a new license key for free)


  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • Java 1.7 or later


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Multimedia Design / Audio
20 Apr 2017
Intel 64 / OS X