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09 March 2020

Easily preview your Markdown documents.


Marked allows you to preview your Markdown (in any flavor) as you write in your favorite text editor. It tracks your file changes and updates the preview as you go, even automatically scrolling to the point in the file where you're currently working

Marked 2 includes a rewrite of the file-watching system for speed and accuracy. It speeds up just about every part of the app, making it even easier to get your work done without worrying about how it's going to look or waiting for your preview to update

What's new in Marked

Version 2.5.39:
  • Allow drag and drop of Custom (Pre)Processor scripts and executables in Preferences->Advanced fields
  • Add "Open" dialog for selecting Custom (Pre)Processor scripts and executables in Preferences->Advanced
  • All screenshots and videos in help and "quick start" updated
  • Documentation updates
  • Page navigation in Help
  • Documentation for Marked JS API
  • Buttons in Preference pane images in Help are clickable for fast navigation
  • Copy HTML/RTF popup borked on retina displays
  • Section header/info button alignment in Preferences

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10 June 2019

Most helpful

Too bad you can't just paste some text from a GitHub issue into this app. There's no means of typing into it directly either. Just save your money and use Visual Studio Code or one of the JetBrains IDEs to accomplish this.
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Version 2.5.33
10 June 2019
Too bad you can't just paste some text from a GitHub issue into this app. There's no means of typing into it directly either. Just save your money and use Visual Studio Code or one of the JetBrains IDEs to accomplish this.
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Version 2.5.33
The developer keeps making Marked 2 better. It will now live-preview iA Writer and Scrivener 3 documents in addition to Markdown documents. And Marked 2 exports to HTML, PDF continuous, PDF paginated, RTFD, RTF, DOCX, ODT, MD and OPML file formats. The grammar checker feature is baked in. A very useful feature is the live TOC pane.
Version 2.5.13
26 September 2017
Marked is my beautiful preview and export app for my markdown documents to html. pdf, rtf & docx! * Only the "Add-Ons" - Preference "Add multilingual spelling and grammar check" doesn't work for me: "Error purchasing add-on. Error Domain=Paddle Code=0"(null) ". So i need other software (iA Writer) for my writing. But $14 is a no-brainer for this app! And i want to say "thank you!" and support the developer!
Version 2.5.10
27 May 2016
This is by far, the best viewer and exporter of documents written in Markdown and its variants. Very configurable. If you want to publish your Markdown documents, this is the app to use.
Version 2.5.6
17 March 2016
A treasure. Just found a problem, reported it to dev. He answered within 1 minute (while out of office). Wasn't even his problem. Suggested good workaround. Great app, great support.
20 January 2016
Marked is a Markdown application that transforms simply written documents into full-blown pieces of content ready for the web. Write your document in Markdown and Marked can format and convert it all into HTML. You can even create custom CSS templates to mimic the site and environment you’ll be posting on and get a true idea of what your writing will look like when it’s live. In a crowded field of writing aid applications, Marked sets itself apart by dialing in on the context of where your writing will be living and helping you across the finish line. Most writing applications focus on document creation, getting you to a great place with your writing. But when the time comes for exporting your work into its appropriate format, there are few writing apps that have been developed robustly for this point in the process. Marked unashamedly allows for you to write comfortable in your favorite writing app’s environment, using Marked instead as a finisher rather than a creator application. And with recent major updates, Marked can facilitate all things related to document completion, from proofing to document statistics, in a way that keeps you on target, seamlessly moving you from creation to completion in no time.
Version 2.5.3
29 July 2014
Best viewer for Markdown.
Version 2.3.2
12 April 2014
I write everything in markdown, and Marked is best viewer with any MD editor. The combination of MultiMarkdown2 + Marked is my preferred writing platform for most writing projects. Marked exports in various formats, multi-feature. Responsive developer.
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Version 2.2
21 April 2013
Marked is the kind of application that made Unix great: it does a handful of things well, and thus works well as part of a larger tool chain, which in this case includes one's text editor, file browser, and perhaps other programs for viewing output if one exports to RTF, HTML, or PDF. All the other apps directed toward Markdown usage are basically trying to be an IDE for a .md format that doesn't need that AT ALL: they're basically Rich Text input fields with editing widgets of varying complexity, and they save to a plain-text .md file. These other editors are doing precisely the wrong thing for people who already LIKE their plain-text editor of choice, and want to work in that editor as much as possible. If I'm working in Sublime Text or TextMate or BBEdit, I just want to be able to compile the .md file and preview it easily. That's it. Once it's where I want it, then I might want to save it as a real HTML file, or as a PDF. Or, working in the other direction, let's say I want to preview an existing .md file from the Finder (or, in my case, Path Finder). Marked comes with services that let you preview from the context menu or with a hotkey. Then, if you look at it in Marked and decide you need to edit it, you can hit cmd-E, and Marked will pop the file open in your editor of choice, which gives you a robust set of editing tools, rather than the stripped-down offerings of the dedicated Markdown editors. That's pretty much all Marked does. It supports the *correct* Markdown workflow for people who already use a dedicated text editor as the core of their development, regardless of language. (I.e., most people who write code.) If there's any problem with Marked, it's that the appearance of Marked's preview only changes when the source file is saved. This is how it was for me, when I started learning to code HTML in Xemacs back in the mid-90s, so it doesn't seem like a burden. But I gather there are people who really demand real-time updating. This won't do that.
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Version 1.4.1
12 April 2013
Simple. Perfect. Great.
Version 1.4