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Howler Timer

06 March 2019

Easy to use timer.


Howler Timer is an easy to use timer application. With the free version you get the following features:
  • Unlimited timers
  • Fast input and start of timers, no mouse required
  • Clear, resizable display
  • Remembers your last set timer
  • Allows you to play whatever sound file you want for the alarm
  • Set a timer with an end date (alarm)
  • Convert temperatures C / F, cooking volumes/weights.
  • Save a timer to a preset
  • Stopwatch capability
Howler Pro, which is the version available for purchase through either in-app purchase or separate purchase from the Mac App Store, has all the features of the free Howler, plus many more:

Full Screen Mode:

  • Zoom the display to use the full screen
  • Set Howlers to activate Full Screen Mode when started
  • Save any Howler (timer window) for quick future access via menu or key command
  • Saves all Howler attributes including time, title, finishing behavior, and window position
  • Allows you to automatically start presets when activated
  • Preset ⌘1 may be called when Howler Pro is launched
Howler Chain:
  • Chain multiple timers together; when one finishes, the next starts automatically
Finishing Options:
  • Set the Howler to loop itself or start a Preset when it finishes
Silent Mode:
  • Set Howler Pro to run silently without muting the system volume
  • Set a Howler to run as a Stopwatch (counts up instead of down)

What's new in Howler Timer

Version 1.6:

Note: The demo version is currently at 1.6. The version available for purchase is 1.5.2.

Note: Now requires OS X 10.10 or later

  • Fixed issues when using Dark Mode

Requirements for Howler Timer

  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10.0 or later

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