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Touch Fly1.2.0

19 July 2011

Side-scrolling arcade game with simple controls.


Touch Fly is a fun and joyful travelling tale of a hare who's chasing a mean tortoise.

How to play:

This sidescroller will need just a mouse click on the screen to play.

Try to fly as far as you can while getting as many items possible and avoiding the tortoise shells flying toward you.

Something good is going to happen when you get gift boxes.


  • [Easy to play] It's simple! click & hold the mouse button, your character will rise. Lift the finger off from the mouse, your character will descend. Avoid the flying obstacles and try to get the bonus items. Anybody can enjoy!
  • [Live ranking system] You can see and compare how your score stacks up against other gamers in the world. Try to reach for the 1st place!
  • [Various items] Missiles, Laser beam, Blackholes, Vacuum Cleaner, etc. There are many, many items that will make your gameplay even more exciting and interesting.
  • [Themes] It's Christmas time! Besides the basic theme, there's a new Christmas Theme with Crhistmas carol and our hare in a Santa costume!!

What's new in Touch Fly

Version 1.2.0:

Note: The commercial version of this application is at version 1.2.0; it is available through the Mac App Store via the 'Buy' link above. The free version (available through the 'Download Now' link) is at 1.0.0

  • Shop feature: start the game with powerful items equipped.
  • 6 powerful items have been added: carrot gauge X2, HP gauge X2, fast Gauge, invincible 60, renewal, Item Slot
  • 17 items can be purchased through the shop.
  • 5 new costumes: piggy, diver, hawaiian, alien, zombie
  • 5 new themes: cookies, underwater, beach, space, zombie

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