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25 September 2019

Version control with Git made easy.


Tower is a Git client for OS X that makes using Git easy and more efficient. Users benefit from its elegant and comprehensive interface and a feature set that lets them enjoy the full power of Git.

Tower abstracts Git's complexity in an easy-to-use interface. For example, lots of actions can be performed simply via drag-and-drop, and mistakes can be undone easily. Advanced users can increase their productivity with features like single line staging, submodule support, or the file history.

  • git-svn support
  • File history
  • git-flow support
  • Submodule support
  • git-lfs support
  • Blame view
  • Single-line staging (per-line committing)
  • Cherry-picking
  • Discard chunks/lines
  • Direct Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, GitSwarm, Beanstalk, Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server and Rhodecode integration
  • Support for Bitbucket team accounts
  • Support for full-screen and Retina displays
  • Many powerful drag-and-drop features include merge, rebase, push /pull to/from remote, apply stash, create new branch, etc.

What's new in Tower

Version 3.5.1:
  • Branches: We improved the workflow for deleting branches with unmerged changes without the "Force deletion" option being selected. Tower now asks for confirmation to delete any branches with unmerged changes and then deletes them in one go.
  • Window Restoration: Window restoration now works smoothly even when an update requires the migration of application data. The internal repository identifiers remain identical after migration and therefore no longer affect window restoration.
  • Repository Sidebar: We improved the user experience for selecting items in the sidebar and the change of first responder.
  • Stashes: Selecting and deleting one or more stashes now resets the selection to the first stash.
  • Push HEAD: The "Push HEAD" dialogue now includes the current HEAD branch in the description.
  • AppleScript: We replaced an AppleScript with a native API implementation, stopping an access control dialogue to appear.
  • Diff and Merge Tools: Tower now reloads the diff and merge tools each time the preferences pane is opened.
  • Action Dialogues: Using various actions such as "Push to…", "Merge…", "Rebase…" etc. now correctly preselects the action dialogues independent of the first responder status.
  • Working Copy: We significantly improved the loading time of the "Open With" submenu entries in the working tree entry context menu.
  • Performance: We optimized the background execution of Git processes to improve repository loading times.
  • Working Copy: During a merge, the action buttons to continue or abort a merge are now properly re-enabled in all cases.
  • Working Copy: A directory entry replaced with a file entry of the same name, or vice versa, could cause a crash in tree view mode.
  • Working Copy: When switching branches using auto-stashing, the working copy sometimes did not correctly refresh its file list.
  • Repository Sidebar: Toggling ref grouping for the repository sidebar no longer leads to erroneous branch information.
  • Pull Requests: In some cases, the "Merge" button in the pull request detail view was incorrectly disabled.
  • Window Restoration: The current repository view is now stored for window restoration in all cases.
  • git-flow: Tower now validates Ref names entered by the user.
  • Navigation Bar: After switching or renaming branches, the path component is now immediately updated.
  • Stashes: Saving stashes now works again for older Git versions (<2.13.2).
  • User Preferences: We’ve made sure that opening the integration preferences pane no longer causes high CPU usage.

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29 June 2018

Most helpful

I used to love Tower, I even beta tested v3. When the mail arrived that v3 was released I took my creditcard, ready to pay. Until I read Tower became subscription based. Ridiculous. I hate subscription models. Besides, Tower has become ridiculously expensive. So, I am out. No sale. I keep using v2 or move to other software altogether. Had they kept an identical licensing model, I would still be using Tower. What a pity.
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Version 3.0.1
16 September 2019
I've used Tower since 2011, seen it grow, mature and it no doubt implements quite an intuitive UI on top of git. However, unless you're really using every single feature on a daily bases, the price tag is just to hefty in the light of the countless alternatives. To add just two more to the list: Both git support in Atom as well as the Fork git client (both free) are under constant development and falls short in less and less situations. Nonetheless, I would have stayed with Tower if they hadn't switched to subscription and I might switch back should they decide to drop it again. So only one star – not for poor implementation but for the pricey subscription model.
Version 3.5.0
18 July 2019
After 1 year on subscription model for the reduced price cancelled my subscription. There are plenty of free alternatives, I am quite happy using SourceTree for my BitBucket repos. Besides that I'm totally done with most forms of subscriptions. There are two things one can do:

1. Rant on every app/site that wants to trap you (and your wallet) into the subscription model, but still continue your subscription.

2. Cancel your subscription or unless you really, really need the service don't add any new subscriptions.
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Version 3.4.2
19 January 2019
Ridiculous pricing... Good app though, but overall value/price just bottomed.
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Version 3.2.1
11 October 2018
$99 a year to push PRs to my self-hosted git repo when there are capable alternatives for free? $70 for version 2 was already at the upper end for this type of software and I happily paid it. I'm using version 2.6.6 still and it works fine. $99 a year for version 3 is not something I can justify to my employer when my co-workers are using SourceTree or VSCode for free.
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Version 3.2.0
07 October 2018
As a long timer customer of Tower 2 im sorry to say that Tower 3 is not worth a penny as i REALLY HATE subscription based models. Will never again buy anything from this company. And you can use git for free and there are already better alternatives out there with nice GUIs.
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Version 3.2.0
24 September 2018
Finally with dark mode!
Version 3.2.0
20 September 2018
Subscription LOL no way!
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Version 3.1.2
11 September 2018
Simply and truly the best Git client out there. The new features are absolutely awesome: Pull Requests lets me create and manage my GitHub PRs right from the desktop; and I can finally use Interactive Rebase without breaking my head, just using drag and drop. Love the app!
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Version 3.1.1
29 August 2018
Long time user since V1. The new pricing model in V3 is insane so I will stay with v2. I use IntelliJ more than Tower, and it cost the same price as Tower. Once you stop paying the annual fee, you fall back to last version though. It seems this is a decision from a bunch of stupid sales.
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Version 3.1.1
25 July 2018
Just… no. I used this app when it was in 2.x, and I must say I liked it quite a bit. Mostly the UI, I guess. The functionality and under-the-hood conditions were less enjoyable, and the dev would prioritize whatever sold copies (at least on paper?…), rather than fixing core issues with app's performance. Version 3 was a chance to remedy a lot of such things, but instead, after I'd say pretty short beta period (and I believe just 2-3 beta releases before final) - the app was released, and now it's subscription (liked the release notes pretty much saying - "well, you guys probably expected that, right?"). And the core performance issues still not fixed. And there's STILL not ETA (the tickets for that were up for 2 years). So I thought… well, I just vote with my wallet and NOT support this dev anymore. That said, in a quest for a replacement, I found a really nice app which is mentioned below - called Fork. The UI is a bit less polished, but it still is good in its own way. The app is very performant (no need to wait for seconds OR MINUTES for Tower to update my larger repos status), is very easy to use and seems to be made by someone who actually knows how write good software that's good not only on the surface and it pretty much is all I need. What's more, it's free. But I'd happily pay. Not subscription happily, but a good "standard" dev tools price. Bad move, fournova…
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Version 3.1.0


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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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