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DaVinci Resolve Studio

07 March 2020

Professional color correction.


DaVinci Resolve Studio is the color corrector standard in post production since 1984. There are thousands of colorists worldwide who understand the performance, quality and workflow of DaVinci and love it as their trusted partner in creativity. DaVinci is the name behind more feature films, television commercials, documentaries, episodic television production and music videos than any other grading system. Now available for both Mac and Linux, the true quality and power of DaVinci is now affordable for everyone!

What's new in DaVinci Resolve Studio

Version 16.2:
Fairlight toolset improvements:
  • New mouse and keyboard based editing toolset.
  • User adjustable per track scalable waveform display.
  • Keyboard shortcut editing actions now include fade, cut, select and move.
  • Support for alt/option dragging clips to create a clip copy.
  • Support for pasting clips across timelines.
  • Support for bouncing individual audio clips to files.
  • Support for dragging audio clips to separate tracks using modifiers.
  • Support for dragging audio clips to specific positions using modifiers.
  • Support for converting multichannel tracks into linked groups.
  • Support for a user preference to align audio edits to frame boundaries.
  • Support for an action to trim all audio edits to frame boundaries.
  • Release of the Fairlight sound library installer for foley effects.
  • Support for searching and displaying sound library description metadata.
  • Automatic sorting of AU and VST audio effects into types and categories.
  • Favorite audio plugins are now displayed at the top of the mixer plugin list.
  • Support for MPEG-H bussing and monitoring in DaVinci Resolve Studio.
  • Improved pan and balance including the ability to constrain panning.
  • Support for the edit index in the Fairlight page.
  • Drag selection of tracks, mute, solo and record controls in the track index.
  • Drag and drop reordering of audio tracks in the track index.
  • Support for importing AAF sequences as new tracks in an existing timeline.
  • Support for importing AAF sequences with an offset to an existing timeline.
  • Support for importing multichannel tracks from an AAF as linked groups.
  • Support for broadcast wave files when exporting an embedded AAF.
  • Support for exporting audio cross fades and fade handles in AAF files.
  • Support for additional notch filters in clip EQ.
  • Support for new FairlightFX Meters.
  • Support for new FairlightFX LFE Filter.
Editing improvements:
  • Improved performance when switching to large timelines with many tracks.
  • Support for creating a compound clip from an in-out range in the timeline.
  • Support for previewing timeline audio during live overwrites of video edits.
  • Support for editing individual angles to the timeline from a multi-cam viewer.
  • Support for updating clip duration display while editing in the cut page.
  • Support for a change transition duration dialog.
  • Support for viewing duration in frames or timecode format in the viewers.
  • Support for Fusion transition templates in the edit page.
  • Support for Fusion generator templates in the edit page.
  • Support for timeline view options per system in collaborative projects.
Media Pool improvements:
  • Improved audio track metadata support with support for up to 24 tracks.
  • Support for duplicated clips and timelines being placed in the source bin.
  • Support for sorting media pool clips by date added.
  • Support for showing synced audio filenames in the media pool list view.
  • Support for revealing the media pool location of a clip from a smart bin.
  • Support for a media pool context menu to duplicate clips and timelines.
  • Support for only additional files when repeating media management copies.
Color grading improvements:
  • Multiple stability and usability improvements for collaborative projects.
  • Support for smart filters based on keywords and people metadata tags.
  • Support for modifying primary grade values using numerical values.
  • Support for retaining out of range data when monitoring at video levels.
  • Support for Fusion MediaOut name tooltips on the node graph inputs.
  • Support for feet and frames data burn-in options.
  • Support for disabling output sizing and blanking for individual clip renders.

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01 October 2018

Most helpful

there is a direct link from their website NO CrapStore involved, https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/# there you just need to choose your preferred version and at the bottom (NO Need to register) click on Download Only. DONE
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Version 15.1.1
01 October 2018
there is a direct link from their website NO CrapStore involved, https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/# there you just need to choose your preferred version and at the bottom (NO Need to register) click on Download Only. DONE
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Version 15.1.1
24 June 2016
It would seem you need a minimum 2GB VRAM video card to use Davinci Resolve.
Version 10.1.4
24 June 2016
Macupdate in their infinite wisdom refuse to list this one properly, despite me having updated the info for them. It's actually "Davinci Resolve 12.5 Studio" that is $995 and "Davinci Resolve 12.5" which this listing implicitly refers to is free!!!!!

Macupdate is obviously failing when they're not current.. What the ..... is going on?
Version 10.1.4
07 June 2016
Real Finalcut / Premiere alternative besides basic version is FREEEE! (if you don't need 3D and team workflow.)
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Version 10.1.4
24 March 2016
Macupdate, The current version is 12.3.2.
Version 10.1.4
24 November 2015
It should be mentioned that the (impressive) guts of this program, a full-featured video editor, are free. You just need to pay the grand if you want to work with 4K files, or do particularly fancy stuff. And there are professionals out there who like that video editor better than final cut pro. So there's a lot more going on here then a bizarrely low-rated thousand dollar application.
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Version 10.1.4
14 July 2015
Latest is 11.3.1. Version 12 is coming soon.
Version 10.1.4
02 March 2014
That screen shot doesn't look like DaVinci Resolve. It looks more like FCP 7
Version 10.1.2