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11 February 2019

Information outlining and organizing tool.


NeO is a powerful outliner built for OS X. Using NeO, you can efficiently manage and organize pieces of information. NeO supports basic outliner facilities, such as creating, moving, sorting, grouping, combining and gathering items. And the useful facilities help you manage and organize information.

  • Capable of importing graphics and multiple fonts for text
  • Can split editors
  • Can zoom editors
  • Multiple columns
  • Inline comments
  • Multiple-file find
  • Highlighting with color labels
  • Cloning
  • Hoisting
  • Labeling
  • Bookmark
  • Filtering
  • Linking among items, fields, and texts
  • Linking to files
  • Background colors for text, item, and document
  • Cascading style sheet
  • Named styles
  • Can export to text, RTF, Microsoft Word®, HTML, and OPML format files
  • Can import from text, RTF, Microsoft Word®, OPML, MORE format files
  • Spotlight support
  • Quick Look support
  • Universal binary
  • 64-bit support

What's new in NeO

Version 1.1.1:
  • Fixed a problem that NeO crashes on MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar.

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28 January 2011

Most helpful

I love outliners in general, but in particular I love NeO. For a while I toyed with TAO, but I could never quite get my head round it, then I used OmniOutliner, but somehow I was always hitting serious limitations. Tree is very nice and simple, but also limited, likewise Opal. Deep Notes too. NeO is a reborn TAO, and no simpler, but I spent some serious time trying to understand it, to the extent that I now find it actually simpler to use than OO, as well as being much more powerful and flexible. It has a wealth of unique features, such as split editing, scaling, links and clones, and just as important from my viewpoint, it gives the user minute control over every aspect of the appearance of the outline: they can look as simple and uncluttered as you like, or they can be loaded with columns and metadata. The extra power does come at the expense of complexity: it takes a while to learn, and it is not yet bug-free, though I have found it perfectly useable. Talking of expense, the most amazing thing is that it costs less than 5 bucks on the App Store—and yes I’d feel sore if I had paid $10 for it the week before, but really, even $15 for this thing is an absolute steal.
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Version 1.0.1
12 February 2019
Not sure why version 1.1.1 is listed here as "Feb 2019" because my copy of 1.1.1 is dated February 3, 2017.
Version 1.1.1
18 August 2018
This is exactly what I've just written in the app store review a minute ago:
"There is no way this software can be abandoned, no way. As Tinderbox is to note takers, NeO is to outliners. Sell the rights to somone else and let develop or come back to your baby, this is to valuable to give up on. Nothing comes close to this Outliner, nothing!!! Let's hope an annoucement comes out with a revamped new version :)"

I would pay anything for this app to be continued. Cahrge me $40 for an upgrade? Fine!!! Just present the new upgraded tool!! Let's hope some good news soon.
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Version 1.0.35
23 December 2017
Well, it looks as if Neo, Takashi Hamada and D-light have vanished. I first bought the app in 2006...It still works, though.
Too bad.
Version 1.0.35
1 answer(s)
03 July 2018
I do not know when it happened, but at this moment in time the d-light website is up. I hope this means good things about the future of NeO.
21 December 2017
Is this abandonware? The developer's website <> is no longer up, but neither MacUpdate nor the Mac App Store indicate what has happened to it. At any rate, I found two bugs in version 1.1.1: (1) Trying to import MORE 3 files (the reason I originally bought NeO) or OPML files now appears to do nothing (nothing opens, and no error message is given). But when I then quit and relaunch NeO, the file I want to access is opened automagically… (2) DefaultFolder does not work with NeO. A pity — this was such a promising application.
Version 1.0.35
1 answer(s)
21 December 2017
Correction: NeO now _does_ work with DefaultFolder. Must have been another bug temporarily.
21 November 2016
Does anyone know an IOS app that could work with Neo? Thanks.
I'm asking this question here because I did not find any forum that could help me.
There is an app called Neo Notes, but it has nothing to do with NeO.
Version 1.0.35
15 November 2016
This is truly a very promising application although it still suffers from teething troubles.

NeO offers a bunch of features you won't find in any other outliner (as far as I know). I haven't had the time to try it out completely, but I did purchase it anyway, since the prize is almost ridiculously low.

On the down side, many things just don't work as they should (e.g. styles), but I think the dev just needs a bit more time to polish his ambitious work. And I agree that the GUI looks a bit Window-ish and needs some refinement.
Version 1.0.35
25 November 2015
Together with Tao from the same developer this is the only App I know that can open legacy MORE files. I'm happy I've found it. I had a license for Tao that should have worked with Neo. But Neo is now only available on the AppStore and I had to buy it, but it's still worth the price.
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Version 1.0.30
06 June 2014
OK, this is by far the best value-for-money outliner for the mac. It is really feature rich, so that we OmniOutliner users get jealous: for a tenth of OmniOutliner Pro, you get features like cloning/aliasing, all sorts of parameters for the columns, embedded video, text zooming and hoisting, etc. etc. etc. Although NeO is much more powerful, I still use OmniOutliner because of the UI, ease-of-use, look and feel – the UI of NeO reminds me of Open/LibreOffice, and I don't get so easily along with it. However, this is just a matter of taste, and you can customise NeO so it fits your needs. Verdict: NeO is a great, powerful pro-app at a ridiculously low price.
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Version 1.0.29
05 March 2013
This update is said to be 10.0.24 but that version has been out for a while. Maybe the developer intended that this update be called something else.
Version 1.0.24
14 August 2012
The very best outliner for me : Fast great sorting options cloning Numerous importing and exporting formats custom filters etc... Developer is very helpful and quick to answer. One of the "must have" on a Mac for me.
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