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24 February 2020

Digital audio workstation.


Reaper is a digital audio workstation: a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering environment. Reaper is designed to let you work quickly and creatively, without imposing any artificial limits on what you can do. It includes professional plugins, advanced customization, and compatibility with almost any hardware. It supports both VST and AU plugins.

Trial download is unrestricted and has no time limit. Discounted license for personal or educational use is $60. The commercial license is $225 for those using Reaper commercially and making over $20,000 in revenue per year.

What's new in Reaper

Version 6.40.0:
MIDI editor:
  • Add UI scaling support
  • Add basic CC LFO dialog
  • Add option to allow CC shape in bank and LSB lanes (CC0, CC32-63)
  • Display non-standard CC values in event list view
  • Prevent multiple events at the same time position when creating saw LFO
  • Respect default CC curve shape preference when inserting new event via action
  • Support entering note name directly in event properties dialog
  • Fix VST3 .vstpreset loading
  • Fix interaction between automation items and VST3 parameters in certain cases
  • Fix support for VST3 plugins that output MIDI via LegacyMIDICCOutEvent
  • Notify VST3 plug-ins of display DPI
  • Add actions to move active envelope fader, or selected envelope points, up or down a tiny bit
  • Turn off track/send mute button when creating new mute envelope while muted, so it's not double-muted
  • Disable formatting in various text fields
  • Faster listview updates
  • Show open-project options on recent macOS versions by default
Media items:
  • Fix erratic snap when source loop length is less than snap division
  • Inform user when auto-stretch timebase cannot be applied due to existing gradual tempo map
  • When enabled, trim behind duplicated media items immediately after duplicating
Mouse modifiers:
  • Add modifier to adjust loop section start/end by dragging media item contents
  • Add modifiers to adjust loop section length by dragging loop divider notch or item edges
  • Add modifier to draw selected media item, looping the visible or time-selected section
  • Allow detection on very low pitches G-1..A0 with large window size
  • Optionally limit output note range in automatic tuning mode
  • Display more accurate remaining render time when using region render matrix
  • Force rendered sample rate to be compatible with stem file output format
  • Generic FX UI font sizing improvements
  • Track routing window font sizing improvements
  • Support media with different sample rates for ARA plugins like VocAlign
Automation items:
  • Add sine shape, tilt parameter
Control surfaces:
  • Preserve MCU/MCP mode across sessions (csurf section, mcu_mcp key)
Custom actions:
  • Add options to define when custom action toolbar buttons and menu items are displayed as enabled
  • Fix possible crash from concurrent random() calls
MIDI inline editor:
  • DPI-scale CC lane resizers
Performance meter:
  • Shorten text strings when very narrow
Project bay:
  • Display source offset, tempo, time signature for source media if applicable
  • Store arrange view Y-scroll position in project
  • Improve status display/visual click
  • Improve support for touch messages when using OscLocalMessageToHost()
  • Omit IDE colors from theme element finder

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24 February 2020

Most helpful

The latest version is Reaper 6.0.4, NOT 6.40.0
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Version 6.40.0
24 February 2020
The latest version is Reaper 6.0.4, NOT 6.40.0
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Version 6.40.0
14 January 2020
I really enjoy using the new version 6 of reaper. It is very stable, fast and has many features. By thr way it is now version 6.0.3, not 6.30.0!
Version 6.30.0
17 December 2019
It's worth mentioning that Reaper is a $60 program. The $225 price is for a commercial license that very few people require. The programs are identical - just the license is different.
Version 6.20.0
25 June 2018
I still haven't tried Reaper but it's an acclaimed rival of Pro Tools for a fraction of its price! I've read good reviews about it and for personal use ($60!), I'll certainly consider it when I have to upgrade my OS (instead of the 600 bucks for PT...)
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Version 5.92.0