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18 October 2019

Personal productivity tool.


Vitamin-R creates the optimal conditions for your brain to work at its best by structuring your work into short bursts of distraction-free, highly focused activity alternating with opportunities for renewal, reflection and intuition.

The built-in task logging and statistics features create a positive momentum towards productivity by providing visible feedback on your progress and achievements.

  • Time Slice Your Work. Vitamin-R breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short "time slices" of between 10 and 30 minutes, each with specific, easily reachable and actionable objectives. During these time slices it keeps you focused on accomplishing only this one objective and provides you with mechanisms for dealing with interruptions, poor concentration, etc.
  • Get Started. Vitamin-R concentrates on getting you started allowing you to break through the resistance of procrastination and create a positive feedback loop of small achievements that get you closer to your ultimate aims. You will experience less stress caused by looming deadlines and a lack of clear direction, thus enabling you to enjoy guilt-free breaks that allow your intuition and creativity to emerge.
  • Find Your Rhythm. Each one of us is different. Finding out what works best for you is the key to true productivity. Vitamin-R helps you by giving you the tools to gain more awareness of how you spend your time, what works for you and what does not. Armed with this new knowledge, you can eliminate unproductive work patterns and discover the work rhythm that suits you best.
  • Get It Out of Your Head Quickly. Did you know that your short term memory can only hold 4-6 "chunks" of information? The slightest interruption and it's all gone and you have to start from scratch. That's why Vitamin-R provides you with the "Now and Later Board", complete with FastType magic, to give you a place to quickly dump all those things that go through your head and allow you to quickly return to your task.
  • Make It Your Own. Vitamin-R plugs into your life rather than trying to take it over. You can use it occasionally to overcome procrastination or mental blocks or re-organize your entire working life around the concepts that it embodies. It complements rather than replaces traditional to-do list managers, such as Things or OmniFocus for which direct integrations exist.
  • Now With Cloud Synching! If you routinely work on multiple Macs, you will love Vitamin-R's new ability to effortlessly synch your time slice log across the cloud using the free Dropbox service. Setup is as easy as ticking a checkbox.
  • Recapture the lost of art of joyful concentration. Overcome procrastination. Rediscover the motivation within yourself.

What's new in Vitamin-R

Version 3.11:
  • The new version is a recommended update for all users and fixes a crashing bug

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05 November 2010

Most helpful

good tool. unfortunately has not many features.
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Version 1.34
09 February 2017
This is the best assistant I've ever had. The app is highly customizable, well managed and very sufficient. Every time I apply it to my project, Vitamin-R makes it accomplishable in the defined time period.
Version 2.44
09 March 2016
I like the way this app helps me manage my working time. I have to do a lot of writing, so concentrating on a certain topic can sometimes be a problem. Plus, for me personally, it's rather difficult to manage my time and set particular goals to achieve. Vitamin-R helps with that. The thing I like most about the application is the notifications that appear on the screen telling me about the end of time slices. Awesome! Pros: Lots of features and refinements for making my work as productive and easy as it can possibly be. Cons: For many users it's the price I guess. Bottom line: Give it a try!
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Version 2.39
07 February 2016
Please convince my chief to buy this so I can take more breaks at work. :) Great app.
Version 2.37
13 January 2016
Vitamin-R is an all-in-one task management powerhouse. At first glance, it’s a simple time keeper, affording the user the ability to quickly and easily time their work session. You can extend your time block if the task isn’t over or enter a break period – easy and straightforward. The fuss-free time keeping interface is reason enough to give Vitamin-R a shot, but it’s what the app offers after the “time slice” is complete that makes it shine. The Now & Later board is the perfect space for capturing transient thoughts, and it’ll propel you through your task rather than bog you down with bells and whistles. Ingenious templates give you a place to comment on your in-progress task, linking one session to the next, encouraging reflection and improvement as you proceed through your time slices. The ‘Tools’ section of the app is a revelation, as it gives you an enhanced perspective of your ability to focus through a statistics view, as well as a running history of completed tasks in a log; these two sections of the app are tucked away just enough to sit out of sight of users that are trying to get work done with minimal friction, but at hand enough for the true power user to get great insight on their self and their work. And the noise machine is a delightful, unexpected addition, creating a soft bed of noise to drown out distractions and keep you on task. If given the opportunity, Vitamin-R will surprise you over and over again, making you increasingly productive with diminishing amounts of effort.
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Version 2.36
1 answer(s)
24 January 2016
Question: I was wondering, why the value is set to be $29.95 when the price on both developer's website and the mac app store, as well as on macupdate site in the detail section is $24.95?

07 August 2015
8/7/2015 The current Mac App Store version is 2.25, while the current MacUpdate version is 2.29. If the Mac App Store version is always going to be a few versions behind, why not allow users to use the direct download instead? I have several apps where the developer added the ability to check for a Mac App Store installation and recognize that as a valid license.
Version 2.29
1 answer(s)
28 October 2015
Hi, you can use the direct version instead; it unlocks automatically if you have had the MAS version installed previously. We are not allowed to advertise this on the Mac App Store of course. If you run into problem please contact

Best regards,

05 March 2015
Which version supports 10.7.5?
Version 2.23
1 answer(s)
12 May 2015
Version 2.06 would be the last 10.7 compatible version:
05 January 2015
Very well build app that does what it promise : remembers you to have breaks ones in a while. A bit expensive though.
Version 2.21
10 December 2014
Version 2.20 (beta) ONLY runs on OS X 10.0 Yosemite. Not backwards compatible.
Version 2.20
21 August 2014
Whats a great idea! I've used stress detection & breaks planner for my PC ... but the don't have Mac version :(
Version 2.19
31 July 2014
Got this with the latest Macheist bundle. Nicely build app that is easy to use.
Version 2.17


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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
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