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Virtual CD-RW
11 December 2019

Virtual CD driver.


Virtual CD-RW is an easy to use virtual CD driver. Because it is a kernel extension (driver), it looks exactly like a physical drive to all applications running on the Mac OS. Because it is a virtual CD that is stored in a file on your hard disk it is much faster than a physical CD. This is completely different from a disk image (.dmg) file created by the Mac OS X Disk Utility because disk image files do not appear to be inserted in a real optical drive so many software programs that require the CD to be found in a real optical drive simply do not work with .dmg files but do work perfectly with a virtual drive like the one created by Virtual CD-RW.

Virtual CD-RW installs a CD icon on the Mac OS X menu bar and you use the CD icon in the menu bar to interact with the Virtual CD-RW:

  • Burn to a virtual CD to bin/cue format
  • Insert and read from a virtual CD in bin/cue, iso, or car format
  • Erase a virtual CD

And its free to try. Simply download Virtual CD-RW and try it free for 15 days. During the trial period, Virtual CD-RW is fully functional with no restrictions on its use.

What's new in Virtual CD-RW

  • Updates Documentation

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19 December 2010

Most helpful

Excerpt from the"Read First.pdf" of this app: "Virtual CD-RW is licensed on a per computer basis. You need to purchase a license for each computer. If you purchase a new computer you will also need to purchase a new copy of Virtual CD-RW." NO WAY! I even did't install the Trial. Why should I? I'm going to buy a new Mac next year. A licensing model like this is very rude against every user! ------ My rating is about the licensing and not the software itself... -------
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Version 1.1.2
17 May 2019
Doesn't support DVD images
Version 2.0.5
25 March 2019
Never could get it to work properly because of license issues. Not worth the time.
Version 2.0.5
26 November 2014
Crazy expensive for what it does. The price on the official site is now $25, so down from the original $30 quoted here on MU, right? No! Sneakily, they turned it into a subscription and if you read the purchase terms carefully it now says "$24.95 USD for each year". Why does a simple kernel extension like this need recurring payments?? Thanks, but no, thanks.
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Version 1.2.0
03 March 2014
I completely agree with Ochre. I would be interested in a virtual cd driver as well, but not at that price. Make it available for half of that or do a promotion and you got yourself a buyer.
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Version 1.2.0
01 March 2014
This works as described, but is definitely too expensive for what it is. FWIW, I would pay €12/US$16 for this, but no more. One issue: this interferes with the Eject button on computers with two optical drives already installed, preventing use of the Option-Eject keystroke to open/close the second drive.
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Version 1.2.0
03 January 2014
Works exactly as advertised! Fantastic for "burning" iTunes CDs. Super easy-to-use; flawless operation.
Version 1.2.0
23 March 2013
Ok, so i read the reviews and decided to try this application. I was really rooting for this app but its unfortunately not as good as i had hoped. Another user mentioned that Itunes doesn't recognize it..well i can confirm that this is true. Unfortunately Itunes does NOT see the virtual disc despite the rest of the OS clearly showing that is mounted. This saddens me
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Version 1.2.0
1 answer(s)
10 April 2013
Hi. I can personally confirm that this copyprotection-trick is still working, though it appears as though it's not. Because of changes in iTunes 11 cdrw's no longer show up in the sidebar. To burn, create a playlist, select it and go to File > Burn to Disc. Hope this cheers you up ;)
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17 December 2012
The software is good but licence too expensive and only valid for one computer. I need to buy another licence for my Macbook Pro. I'll wait for another software less expensive. I never buy two licences for my two computers.
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Version 1.2.0
03 August 2012
OK for creating file discs, but does not work as general system wide CD burner. For example, iTunes does not recognize the virtual drive. Also, if you have your system setup to ignore inserted blank media, then virtual cd-rw will lock up, not work again until after you restart.
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Version 1.1.4
18 September 2011
After changing the Mac, the registration process doesn't work anymore. Unfortunately, there is no email address on the website of the developer anymore. Does someone know, how to contact the developers in this case? Thank you for anyones replay. Regards
Version 1.1.4