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01 November 2012

Create FogBugz tickets.


Note: Tickets is no longer under development and the developer provides no support for it.

Tickets is the fastest way to manage FogBugz tickets. Tickets features screen shot capture and other file attachments. Tickets 2 supports drag-and-drop case management, integrated email, and SpotLight/QuickLook integration.

What's new in Tickets

Version 2.5:

Note: This product is not compatible with macOS Catalina and later.

New Features:
  • Drag files to the Dock icon to create new case with attachments.
  • Updated artwork with full retina support!
  • Deleted projects/milestones now shown with gray icons.
  • Tweaked accounts menu and Accounts Preferences.
  • Added standard key equivalents to many buttons.
  • Layout and appearance of QuickLook results.
  • Can now double-click groups in the list to expand/collapse
  • Loads of other small improvements.
  • Swapped Due Date with Priority from More Fields.
  • If worked time exceeds estimate, Remaining Hours are now shown in red instead of negative.
  • Removed Feedback from the Help menu.
  • Spotlight attributes have more descriptive names.
  • Initial import now requires user to wait for it to complete.
  • Issue switching to edit view on Mountain Lion.
  • Timed Screen Grab timer not centered and doesn't always appear.
  • Error window contents don't expand when window resized.
  • Hangs if you click Cancel on a login dialog.
  • Issue switching to edit view on Mountain Lion.
  • Can't click reply/reply all/forward buttons in event view when ticket is in it's own window.
  • Loads of other small bugs.

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