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09 August 2019

Screen capture utility.


Snagit lets you create an image of what you see on your computer monitor.

  • Flexible options that let you capture only what you want.
  • Annotation varieties like arrows, speech bubbles, and more make it easy to customize your capture.
  • Versatility in what you do with your capture. Send it to your favorite app, share it online, or save it for later.

What's new in Snagit

Version 2019.1.5:
  • Significant performance improvements when generating Auto-Simplify
  • Fixed text orientation to type in the expected direction
  • Fixed cut off outlines of text boxes
  • Fixed order of custom stamps
  • Images are correctly scaled when saving to PDF files
  • Fixed issues when saving Retina images
  • Fixed Library view to not scroll images at startup
  • Improved performance when deleting multiple library items
  • Significant performance improvements when processing scrolling captures
  • Fixed and improved crashes during share to
  • Improved fit of images shared to PowerPoint slides
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes

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13 May 2014

Most helpful

I had the old version up until Mountain Lion broke it and TechSmith demanded more money for an update (more on that in a moment), so I thought I'd see how things had progressed in the time I've been away (basically I skipped the entire v2 of this app). I do a LOT of screencaptures, and SnagIt is, without a doubt, a very polished application. It's got a lot of new tools and effects since v1, and some (IMO) useless social sharing stuff, but essentially it does what it's always done, and very well indeed: take screen captures and allow you to edit them effortlessly and to a professional standard. The scrolling capture is also an essential tool for me for making records of particular webpages that are not indexed by search engines and which might disappear or change in the future. That's the good stuff. Now here's the other side. The reason why I stopped using SnagIt back in 2012 was because TechSmith stopped supporting the version I had. As I'd only had it for less than 12 months, I though it was a bit steep. I think it was billed as a $20 upgrade if you had v1, but (as someone from TechSmith says on this page) if you figure they're only going to support the last two OS iterations, and OS X now being on an annual upgrade cycle, you're basically going to be locked into an investment of $20 or so every 2 years. Moreover, although they throw in a few bits of icing on the cake to justify the demand for more money, what you're really paying for is the right to continue using the app on your machine. If I'm paying $50 for an app, I expect to be able to use it on the same machine for as long as that hardware lasts without having to pay for it again and again. For corporate users and the like the price is chicken feed, but if you're an individual and you get locked into this cycle with ALL your paid-for apps, your expenditure on s/w is going to start to mount. I'm a part-time developer myself, and I don't necessarily blame TechSmith for this: they've got to spend time and money keeping up with the changes Apple are making, too. But basically, this whole ecosystem is turning into a perpetual money-drain (or money earner depending on which side of the fence you sit) just to keep s/w you've already bought running on the same hardware throughout its lifetime. Now, in the year and half or more since I gave up using v1 of SnagIt, I've been getting by reasonably well using the built-in screencapture utility (command-shift-4, drag and click) and the free photo editing s/w GIMP. I miss the scrolling screen capture, and it takes me longer to produce edits/annotations that are not quite as cool, but they still do the job. Given the downside of being asked to dig into my pocket every 2-years or so, I thing I'll stick with what I've got. Summary: yes, this is a polished, professional app that does the job. You won't find anything quite as good on the market. However, be prepared to get locked in to a dependency cycle where you're paying for upgrades on a regular basis. Those upgrades will offer you some new 'features', but essentially you're paying to keep the app working on the same machine.
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Version 3.0.1
26 September 2018
What are the advantages Snagit has over Mojave's built in screen recording? I've used it on Windows, but not sure it is useful on a Mac.
Version 2018.2.3
07 August 2018
Not a review but an important comment. The upcomming new macOS 10.14 Mojave version has screenrecording build in as default. Just press Shift+Cmd+5 It captures in 60fps, has editing features and other nice things. It does not have video-in-video possibilities, but many people do not need this. This is one of the great new feature of macOS10.14 which I really like. This makes a lot of screen recording tools obsolete.
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Version 2018.2.1
09 November 2017
Great feature set but super slow - significant delays when performing simple actions resulting in a search for alternatives.
Version 4.1.7
13 December 2016
the current version is 4.0.7. There is an issue when one clicks on Callouts in the main window. This causes a crash and continuous loop of crashing. I had to use AppDelete to remove all files except the app and then run Snagit. Have tested 2x and same issue.

I am on El Cap btw
Version 4.0.6
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Big Johnson
Big Johnson
25 February 2017
I’m using 4.1.1 on El Capitan and not experiencing that issue.
All tools are working properly.
21 November 2016
Can it pan (follow the mouse area)?
Version 4.0.6
29 August 2016
I have used SnagIt for years and don't know what I would do without it. It's a 'must have' for me.
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Version 4.0.3
Big Johnson
21 July 2016
Version 4 is a mess! To me it's a downgrade from v3.

I've written several complaints to the company, and received nothing but apologies and promises to share my feedback with the development team.

The color picker was considerably changed for the worse and you can no longer choose from a box of crayons or web-safe colors.
There are now just 12 colors (including black & white) to choose from. If you want any others you must enter RGB values or try to find one you like in the color wheel.
I almost always use the same few colors for annotating my screenshots and I want them the same each time, not to settle for something close in the wheel. So I was forced to waste time Googling to find codes for the colors I use, then I could add them to the palette for later use. Next time I need an exact color it's back to Google again!

The Text tool includes one poorly-named function - the Line Width slider. This slider has nothing to do with the width of the text. It actually creates an outline AROUND the text. At the lowest setting individual letters are outlined, but when you get over 3.0 the outline becomes more like a balloon effect around entire words. In the Arrow tool the Width slider DOES control the line width. This makes the Line Width slider ambiguous at first.

The Undo function doesn't work at all for text changes.
Changed colors and want to go back? You'll have to select a new color in the picker.
Changed font and want to go back? You'll have to select a new one. Can't remember the name of the last one? TOO BAD!

The new Panoramic capture doesn't function automatically, you must drag the region to be captured. It works pretty good but would be better if it could scroll an entire window on its own, like the regular scrolling capture does vertically.

Although a "fill" function was added, you still can't fill a selected region. That's something I requested last year.

There were no improvements to the way images are exported to PDF, so they're still blurry. That's something I told them about last year.
Why do it at all if the result will always unclear? Maybe SnagIt should come with a pair of corrective glasses for viewing exported PDF files.

TechSmith's Help section of their website (which opens when you select SnagIt Help from the Help menu) wasn't updated for v4, so a lot of the info is incorrect for that version. There doesn't seem to be a topic for color picker at all.

I was generally happy with v3 despite the company's failure to implement a proper fill function (which I'd use frequently) and export images to PDF CLEARLY (which I'd use daily).
I have been repeatedly annoyed by v4 and am now looking for a replacement app since v3 will no longer be maintained and lacks two functions I've been asking for. They added features I don't care about while completely ignoring ones I do.
I kept hoping my requests would be implemented in an update, but it's apparent now that TechSmith just doesn't care what their users want.
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Version 4.0.3
07 June 2016
This is one of the most professional screen capture utility out there. But what I am still missing is a way to organize the library. Many apps fall short in either: a) organize features or b) capture/edit features When I read snagit now includes a new library, I was very excited only to find out, it is just a bare browse by existing categories (e.g. by application, type, …). The only tool that gets this kind of right (combination of organization AND capture/edit) is pixave for me at the moment, even it isn't perfect too.
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Version 4.0.0
07 June 2016
This is a really great tool for captures ad annotations. It's not cheap, but there is a reason for that… I use it on a very regular basis for tutorials and support and the set of features it offers make it smooth and painless to capture and share content.
Version 4.0.0
12 January 2016
For $50 it's definitely not worth it for me. I can't even take a screenshot of the whole page because of a bug.
Version 3.3.5
1 answer(s)
Big Johnson
Big Johnson
03 November 2016
You sure about that? Did you contact support?

If you're trying to scroll the page, not all pages are scrollable.
I'm unable to scroll in my Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts.

And there's two ways to capture webpages - the all-in-one tab, and the Image tab>Selection>Webpage . Did you try them both?

I'm not defending this app - I have some complaints of my own, but the scrolling function usually works pretty good most of the time.
When I've had scrolling issues, restarting Safari or rebooting fixed it.