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18 February 2020

Electronic music and sound design environment.


MetaSynth is a revolutionary electronic music and sound design environment. Our six rooms provide six unique ways of sculpting sound. It is not a soft synth but a full-fledged sound design and electronic music studio. MetaSynth 5 is a bold advance for what was already revolutionary software. There is nothing like MetaSynth. Really. MetaSynth can be used for every step of the composition and mixing process, or you can use it (as so many established artists and sound designers do) as the secret weapon to tweak and create sounds that you use with your existing tools. The choice is yours. But, if you want to create sounds like nothing heard before, there is only one choice: MetaSynth.

MetaSynth features six rooms, each of which is a fully-featured application in its own right. MetaSynth's rooms are:

  • Effects Room - envelope-controllable DSP Effects including astounding granular synthesis and FFT effects.
  • Image Synth - paint sound using any imaginable-tuning. The new MetaSynth instrument architecture makes the Image Synth more powerful than ever. Paint scores where color is translated to spatial position and brightness is translated to amplitude.
  • Image Filter Room - use an Image Synth-like interface to create extraordinary dynamic stereo filters. Many users tell us that the Image Filter Room alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Spectrum Synth - a new paradigm in synthesis: spectral granular sequencing. Analyze sounds into a sequence of events that you can transmogrify in ways you have never imagined.
  • Sequencer Room - lightweight non-MIDI composition room for composing melodies, phrases and loops.
  • Montage Room - the mixing and recording room. 24-track audio sequencer.

What's new in MetaSynth

Version 6.01:
  • Version 6.0 is entirely based on Quartz and Core Graphics and all Quickdraw/GWorld code has been replaced.
  • This release has several improvements concerning the workflow that are explained below.
  • The sheer synthesis power of MetaSynth has been greatly expanded trough bigger spectrum synth resolution and wider possible image synth canvas.
  • Obscure UI issues & inconsistencies have been clarified.
  • (6.01) Use control-spacebar to play selection
Bug fixes :
  • Resampling/sample rate conversion problems have been fixed.
  • Sierra/High Sierra stability issues have been addressed
  • Fit to Scale (broken in early MS 6 beta versions) fixed
  • (6.01) fix problems finding instrument library and samples when running High Sierra

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08 December 2009
Version: 1.9.5

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599.- Bucks for that?'re kiddin
08 December 2009
Version: 1.9.5
599.- Bucks for that?'re kiddin