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11 September 2019

Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file.


Note: According to developer, the GUI for the commercial Mac App Store version is best suited for OS X.

MediaInfo provides easy access to technical and tag information about video and audio files.

  • Read many video and audio file formats
  • View information in different formats (text, tree)
  • Export information as text
  • Graphical user interface, command line interface, or library (.dll/.so/.dylib) versions available
  • Integrate with the shell (drag-and-drop, and Context menu)

What's new in MediaInfo

Version 19.09:
  • AC-4: basic detection, raw, in MP4 or TS
  • AC-3/E-AC-3: display time code of the first frame
  • Don't show anymore by default "encoded" bit rates and stream sizes
  • MOV: Decode more language codes
  • MXF: some metadata were missing
  • AC-3: AC-3 actually has no bit depth, removing the default 16 value
  • AC-3/E-AC-3: fix bitrate info (so duration) with streams having a time code
  • AC-3: parse more frames also when in MP4, in order to better detect JOC (Atmos)
  • MP4: do not show audio bit depth if it is the "default" 16 (value is not trustable enough)
  • ProRes RAW: we know only width and height
  • SubRip: bad handling of files having a quote character

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16 September 2011

Most helpful

Thanks to the developer for not joining the parade of other devs who recently switched their similar apps from freeware to shareware in order to score some cash at the crApp Store. I love this app, but I’d also love to see a couple of features implemented: 1) Ability to change font size to make it more legible; and 2) Ability to compare multiple apps. Otherwise, great app.
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Version 0.7.49
09 November 2019
Why the hell has the developer just added iCloud Drive to a simple app that shows media information!?! I bet it's for his stupid idea that we should pay a subscription for this app after already paying for it in the first place! Greedy devs are everywhere these days...
Version 19.09
09 June 2019
The DMG file that we can download for the GUI v19.04 (not from the Mac App Store, but from the MacUpdate), can't be mounted. A Warning error from the DiskImageMounter reports that there are not mountable file systems. Same result if you go to the developer's site and download the same file. Thus, it seems that this is bug, a REAL BUG! from the developer. It seems that after v0.7.60 nothing is working well at MediaArea. They looked to monetize their app and...
Version 19.04
24 March 2018
the best
Version 18.03
07 May 2017
This developer is still quite clueless. When you drop a video file on the MediaInfo icon in the Dock, the app opens but doesn’t display the mediainfo — the app has to be opened first, then you can drop the video file on it to display the mediainfo (in macOS 10.12.4). Halfassed. Invisor is better, though it costs $3 and currently uses v. 0.7.94 of the MediaInfo library (which is nevertheless quite new).
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Version 0.7.95
18 October 2015
Does not work on my OS 10.7.5 iMac.
Version 0.7.78
1 answer(s)
11 January 2016
I can confirm. It doesn't work on my 10.6.7 when you drop a file on the app's icon but it does work explicitly opening the file through the app's Open menu. Someone else also reported this below way back in 2013. Obviously the author doesn't read these comments. I wonder if the app store version behaves the same way.
17 March 2014
Version 0.7.67, 2014-01-10 -------------- x Windows version: translation files were corrupted x Mac App Store version: "Can not open file(s)" message when trying to open files having diacritics in file name. x MXF: duplicate display of some time code streams in ancillary data x B814, AAC: Wrong detection of audioObjectType==29
Version 0.7.66
15 October 2013
Is it just me, or does this app not support drag and drop? You can't even drop a video file onto the open info window. Far too troublesome and unintuitive to have to navigate to a file's location using the "Open" command. No thanks.
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Version 0.7.64
28 November 2012
Prior to updating to 0.7.60 I was using 0.7.58. I'm sticking with 0.7.58. 0.7.60 added a "easy view" as the default view. I prefer the "tree view" which is the default in 0.7.58. It's ok to add various views but IMO it should remember the user's choice and use that the next time the app is used. I don't want to have to change it every time.
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Version 0.7.60
16 March 2012
Went back to MediaInfo Mac The new version MediaInfo 0.7.54 is ugly as hell, has a terrible Java like GUI, the icon is ugly and full of broken pixels. The whole thing reminds me now of some kind of Java program from the past. Its an esthetically pain to use this software. The older version, though no beauty, is at least Mac like, nice and friendly. This was an failed upgrade attempt which ended in a downgrade. I JUST found out: my older and much nicer version is now commercially sold in the AppStore under the name Media Inspector. Indeed, a much nicer program.
Version 0.7.54
2 answer(s)
19 March 2012
Media Inspector (formerly named MediaInfo Mac and still uses libMediaInfo) and MediaInfo are made by different developers.
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24 March 2012
"Media Inspector" (formely "MediaInfo Mac") is not the same product, it is made by Diego Massanti, as a (friendly) wrapper to my library (this is explicitely written on all pages made by Diego). "MediaInfo" was ugly, but since March 20th 2012, a new MediaInfo GUI is released on the App Store with a better GUI (Mac style) Jerome, developper of MediaInfo
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14 March 2012
This is great. My only gripe is that i'd like to be able to drop media files on the application icon and have it open them like many of these type of apps do, not just on the window of the already open application - that way i could put it in my Finder toolbar and have it available in one step all the time.
Version 0.7.54