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04 March 2019

Media manager for information, art, television tunes (alpha).


ViMediaManager allows you to gather, store, and manage information, extra art, trailers, and television tunes for your movie, television, and anime collections, and can be used on its own, or in combination with XBMC, YAMJ, or Boxee. It embodies the Mac's passion for ease-of-use while still providing great power with a really clean user interface.

  • Manage your movie, television and anime collections.
  • Download media metadata from,,,, and in your language*.
  • Get trailers, posters, fan art, banners, clear art, character art, disc art, logos, thumbnails, extra thumbs, extra fan art, trailers, and theme songs for your movies and series from the aforementioned sources,,,, and
  • Create, update, and edit NFO metadata; scans media for file info (codecs, resolution, etc.) and is saved with the media.
  • Extra art chooser for downloading and choosing images to use for posters, backdrops, etc.
  • Extra media chooser for downloading trailers and television tunes.
  • Shows television and anime airing status, and next episode air date information thanks to
  • A feature-rich episodes manager that displays all known television and anime episodes, allowing you to keep track of which episodes you've already watched, and to edit and save NFO metadata with the episode files.
  • Set manager for creating and editing movie sets/collections.
  • Automatically rename files and folders according to highly customisable preferences.
  • Keep your collections clean and organised.
  • Find more to watch with recommendations from RottenTomatoes, TheMovieDB, and IMDb.
  • And more!

Note: While the software is classified as free, it is actually donationware. Please consider making a donation to help support development.

What's new in ViMediaManager

Version (0.7a19):

Note: ViMediaManager is finally 64 Bit! Application may occasionally seem to hang or get stuck rather than show a progress dialog due to technical issues, but is usually able to complete the task.

  • Recompiled the application in 64 bit mode to allow it to keep working through the next Mac OS update.
  • Added initial support for Mojave's Dark Mode.
  • Enhanced fetching TV show status to catch a broader range of shows.
  • Replaced the automatic updater with a new version.
  • Replaced the bug reporter with a new version.
  • Replaced classic toolbars with native cocoa versions.
  • Replaced search fields with native cocoa versions.
  • Countless minor changes and fixes to support 64 Bit mode.
  • Repainted parts of the interface in support of Dark Mode.
  • Changed many thread processes to timers since threads aren't allowed to access the UI, something ViMM heavily replied upon way back when it was still allowed, which unfortunately makes the app occasionally seem to get stuck until the task is completed.

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20 January 2014

Most helpful

perfect for users of xbmc (and other media centers)
08 August 2015
I tried a lot of these apps and this one is easily the best. It's easy to use et does the job it's suppose to flawlessly. And it's free!!!
16 October 2014
I had a different experience with this app. I have a very large media collection, several thousand movies. I set this app to scrape for the usual, images/info etc...After 2 straight days of scraping the web for stuff it was about halfway done! Plex does this in and hour or two! Also now on several of my movies there are subtitle artifacts where the subtitles should be, boxes and glifs, HARDCODED onto the movie!!! I didn't know this would happen out-of-the-box! REALLY STUPID DEFAULT PPL! Several of my rips are now rendered useless...who should I send the bill too?
1 answer(s)
Vidal van Bergen
Vidal van Bergen
09 January 2015
ViMM doesn't actually touch your movie files, at best it changes the name.
11 February 2014
This is the best app for managing my big movies library. Recently I needed to reorganize my movies that were located in a big folder, this program created a folder for every file and there put all the related files, like poster, backdrops and NFO thats already a very impressive feature and from a free program, I already donate to the developer but I'm thinking of doing it again! Most have for XBMC users!
20 January 2014
perfect for users of xbmc (and other media centers)


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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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