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15 April 2015

Ideal for online meetings, Web presentations, webinars, cross-platform.


Mikogo is ideal for online meetings, Web presentations, webinars and more, the Beta version provides Mac users with a quick solution to start a meeting and invite both PC and other Mac users to view their screen in real-time over the Web. Mikogo's cross-platform functionality also enables both Mac and PC users to join and view an online meeting which was started by a PC organizer.

Once a meeting has started and participants are viewing the organizer's screen, users of the new version can enjoy the following features:

  • Screen sharing with up to 10 participants
  • Switch presenter
  • Participant pointer
  • Pause of transmission
  • Copy/paste/email meeting info
  • Voice conferencing service
  • Instant screen build-up

What's new in Mikogo

Version 5.2.2:
Major Changes
  • Improvements
    • We have turned Mikogo into a DPI-aware application under Windows. This will make the UI look consistently good across a wide variety of high-DPI display settings. The Mikogo Panel will adjust with the magnification level, so that text and UI content are resized and displayed properly.
    • Mikogo is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).
  • Combined Session Recording for Mac and Windows
    • This software version can record both the audio track of all VoIP participants and the screen transmission.
    • The session participants are notified when a session is being recorded.
    • Furthermore, the session player is required to play back the recording. The file extension will be "mik", which is our own proprietary recording file format.
Fixed Issues
  • On Windows 8.1 the Screen-Sharing-Service does not function - In Mikogo version 5.0 and 5.1, launching the Screen-Sharing-Service does not work on Windows 8.1. This has now been fixed in version 5.2 and is beneficial for remote control sessions if you want to access system dialogs and applications that require special privileges.
  • Sometimes when starting a session, the Mikogo Panel is temporarily unresponsive - If you are about to connect into a session, the panel of Mikogo version 5.1 sometimes froze up for a few seconds on Windows. This has been fixed.
Known Issues
  • Under special circumstances, some users are unable to share multiple monitors - If you have set the desktop layout to "Portrait" or if you have arranged multiple monitors in a vertical configuration, the checkboxes to hide/share your monitors are unavailable in the Mikogo UI.
  • Remote control is not working if only the secondary monitor is shared - If you are running a remote support session where the remote computer is connected to two monitors and only the second monitor is selected in the application selection to be shared, the user controlling the computer remotely cannot type or click inside the second monitor.
  • Turning off group chat does not work properly - When turning off group chat, the feature is not switched off as expected. The meeting participants are still able to chat to "All", rather than only to the meeting organizer as expected. There is a possible workaround available: After turning group chat on and off one more time, the changes are applied and it will work as expected.
  • Mikogo System Tray Menu cannot be accessed under Citrix XenApp - When in an ICA session, users cannot access the Mikogo system tray icon nor the menu in order to exit the application.
  • WINDOWS key gets stuck during remote support sessions - If you are in a remote support session and send a Windows key command like "Windows Key + R" while typing, the Windows key on the remote system gets stuck. There is one way to solve this issue on the remote computer: the user on the remote computer needs to leave the Mikogo session, exit the Mikogo application completely, and then press "CTRL + ALT + DELETE" on their keyboard to release the stuck Windows key. Once this is done, they can then join the Mikogo session again.
  • Participants cannot see the mouse cursor in the viewing window after the presenter switches user accounts - A participant is unable to see the presenter's mouse cursor moving over the remote screen when the presenter is currently presenting a Windows account which differs from the Windows account which the session was initiated on (i.e. when the presenter has switched user accounts on their computer during the Mikogo session).
  • A session password containing special characters results in an invalid email invitation link to "go.mikogo.com" - If the organizer schedules a password protected session containing special characters (e.g., <,>,+,&,ä,ö,ü, etc.) the hyperlink in the email invitation will not work.
  • When a Mac user is remotely controlling and typing on a Windows computer, several keys are misinterpreted - In this case, many special characters (e.g.: *,´,(,),+,-) are misinterpreted and not displayed correctly on the remote Windows computer.
  • In the Windows version, the Mikogo Installer does not handle user accounts that contain Unicode characters - The starter program tries to copy files to C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Mikogo\. The username is omitted and the installation procedure fails.
  • In rare cases some window elements are transmitted as blue shapes - In rare cases some control elements (e.g. drop-down menus, or certain application/system windows) are not shown to the viewer if the presenter has not checked the "Show All" checkbox within "Application Selection". There is a possible workaround available for this: The organizer or presenter can enable every application under Application Selection within the software to ensure that participants can see all applications and windows on the presenter's screen.

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2 Reviews of Mikogo

29 July 2010
Version: beta1

Most helpful

-- Version 3.0 has been released.
29 January 2014
Version: 4.7.130410
I have tried Mikogo several times, partly because I have a client who has used them in the past. You are supposed to be able to use it for family remote support, but this has yet to happen for me. I signed up for the free account and downloaded the local app, but when I create a session I am only able to display my screen to the remote person, rather than to see what's on their screen. Downloading and installing the program is beyond the capacity of some of my family members, and starting a session is even further out of reach. I really wanted to like Mikogo, but it's not intuitive enough to make a good solution at this time.
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29 July 2010
Version: beta1
-- Version 3.0 has been released.