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28 August 2019

Easily import your video collection into iTunes.


iFlicks is the best and most complete video and metadata handling solution available for macOS.
There is no easier way to add you video files to iTunes or Plex, so you can watch them on your iOS devices or third party media players.

iFlicks is free to download and use during the Trial period. Afterwards Subscriptions can be purchased in the app.

Leading Metadata Handling

  • Automatic lookup for Movie and TV Show metadata
  • Finds beautiful Artwork, including squared Artwork for TV Shows
  • Automatic lookup for subtitles and chapter titles
  • Behaviour completely customisable using a extremely powerful Rules

Powerful Video Processing

  • Extremely fast and lossless passthrough for H.264 and HEVC
  • High Quality encoding capabilities for H.264 and HEVC
  • Dedicated presets for Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • HD support (HDR, 4k, 1080p, 720p)
  • Encoding of Stereo and Surround Audio tracks
  • Supports all common video formats like mkv, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, mpg and many many more
  • Subtitle and Chapter support

Extensive Automation Possibilities

  • Support for Custom Presets based on user preferences
  • Watch Folders to pick up and automatically process files added to monitored folders
  • Extremely powerful rules to customise the complete workflow
  • AppleScript support for even more fine grained control

Intuitive User Interface

  • Just drag videos to iFlicks and hit start to process the videos
  • Clean interface to get you started without distractions, Advanced functionality just a click away
  • Tightly coupled with iTunes. Just drag items from iTunes to iFlicks to update metadata

Enjoy using iFlicks!

What's new in iFlicks

Version 3.0.3

Note: Now requires OS X 10.12.2 or later

iFlicks 3 is the third major release of iFlicks, which brings you a bunch of new features and improvements.

  • It is now possible to process videos containing HEVC content just as quick as H.264. Direct passthrough of HEVC tracks from mkv files to m4v now only takes seconds, just like it has always worked for H.264 tracks. This works just as quick for all your HD content, no matter if 4k or 1080p. Additionally you can use iFlicks 3 to encode video tracks to HEVC. To make use of this feature you need at least macOS High Sierra, as it is the first version to natively support HEVC.
  • To provide even more flexibility to our power users, it is now also possible to create custom presets with different settings from the builtin ones. It is also possible to use these custom presets together with the immensely powerful rule system to create an even more customised workflow.
  • As additional bonus iFlicks 3 has a tweaked interface incorporating countless improvements. The most notable ones being full Dark Mode support on macOS Mojave, as well as Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro.

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19 April 2009

Most helpful

This is excellent software! Does exactly what it says and is easy to use. Way better than VideoDrive: iFlicks can import movies from removable media as well! (VideoDrive imports these files too, but the file information is not editable afterwards) Would be perfect if the information source would be customizable. Actually iFlicks doesn't find any german videos. That's why I gave only 4 stars.
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Version 1.0.3
31 March 2019
I've been using iFlicks for a long time, and went to the SetApp version when version 3 came out. I've noticed that loading videos into the queue now takes *forever*. Lately I've been buying iTunes box sets, and unfortunately iTunes delivers a box set as a single season with the episode names mangled to include the season and episode number. My standard practice has been to segment episodes into season folders and use an ABFR droplet to rename them back to the format you'd get if you bought individual seasons, and pour them into iFlicks a season at a time to get iFlicks' better metadata. Under iFlicks v2, pouring in a season of episodes into the queue would make the episode posters all appear within a couple of seconds; under v3 it takes minutes for each episode to appear. Is this the fault of SetApp, or has iFlicks v3 taken performance down a dozen or so notches?
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Version 3.0.1
22 February 2019
Coolness!!! I give it a 4 because the metadata search is extremely slow.. but in general it is a great piece of software.
Version 3.0.1
05 February 2019
I flicks 3 is the latest update to an extremely valuable software! It is an excellent application for incorporating metadata into a movie or TV episode. It’s very simple to use, it also has a convenient batch option - drag, drop, make a few tweaks, select import into iTunes, then press Start. Simple and easy! So….what does it do? It looks up your video files (based on file name or whatever you put in the search field ) from several online databases, and then adds the metadata and artwork to them. It will also encode the files to fit on almost every single device you could think of! Included in the metadata search it also finds the release dates, actors, description, artwork, and more! For movies, it adds rectangular, and for TV shows, it adds square artwork, as the iTunes Store does. iFlicks’ also has user definable rules, available in the app’s preferences. I use these mainly for my personally edited home movies. It lets you choose what the app does when it loads files, after metadata is updated, and after videos are processed. I have it set to add my personal artwork, season & episode, tagline, etc. The developers are ALWAYS listening for feedback. Very responsive. This year they have switched to a subscription model. This seems to be where everyone is slowly heading. All in all…..iFlicks does an amazing job of making video importing easy. If you like a clean iTunes library and are always adding TV shows and/or movies……. It is worth it!
Version 3.0.1
Best way to transcode and add metadata to movies to make them macOS and iOS compatible out of the box. Transcoding only takes place if necessary for compatibility, otherwise only metadata is added, which is automatically downloaded from the internet.
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Version 2.6.2
16 March 2017
Nice interface and handles most but not all files (some inexplicably fail) and slow on metadata. Therefore I prefer VideoDrive which also uses HandBrake, the best in its class, for video conversions. And while the adding videos to iTunes is great and all, I do wish Apple would overhaul iTunes as it has become too bloated
Version 2.4.7
17 January 2016
this is a fantastic app and as they say below, the best of its kind. there are a few caveats imho, which is why I'm not giving it 5 stars. The first is speed. Fetching the metadata is very slow. I have a very fast 150mbit fibre connection and i tested iFlicks before and after I upgraded from a 20mbit speed. There was almost no improvement. Ok if you have a few films, but if you have hundreds it gets complicated. Transcoding each into an itunes compatible format is also cumbersome. I would like to be able to rename files and use rules without having to transcode.
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Version 2.2.4
2 answer(s)
28 June 2017
I am reading all I can before I buy. My files are already iTunes compatible. Can we not just edit the metadata without transcoding?
23 July 2017
WilloSF - yes you can edit metadata without transcoding. Most files don't need transcoding - just a container change, i.e.: mkv to mp4 or m4v. I batch process that task, then add the files to iTunes and then send them to iFlicks for metadata. For that purpose iFlicks is very quick and painless.
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05 October 2014
Excellent application for incorporating metadata into a movie or TV episode. Pretty simply to use, utilising a very convenient batch option - drag, drop, make a few tweaks, select import into iTunes, then press Start. Simple. Highly recommend to those who like reliable and accurate info on their imported movies and TV shows when playing through iTunes or Apple TV.
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Version 2.1
22 July 2014
Great app made by a good developer. the developer listens to feedback from users and adds what he sees fit. SOLID app!!
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Version 2.1
12 October 2013
Best App of it's Kind! Version 2 is a huge improvement. New layout with all in one queue and edit. New rules added let you customize and automate everything. Square TV cover art, Faster processing Just to name a few new features. Nothing comes close to this app, Dev has done an outstanding job!
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Version 2.0
06 October 2013
There is a iFlicks 2.0 beta available to try out: http://support.iflicksapp.com/entries/26079868-iFlicks-2-0-beta :-)
Version 1.4.8