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18 June 2020

Professional teleprompter with easy to use features.


PromptDog is a professional software-only teleprompter with powerful, easy-to-use features, designed by, one of the world's most respected video training companies. Whether you're a spokesperson, teacher, CEO or video blogger, you'll find PromptDog your best friend on the set.

  • Mouse scroll wheel operation
  • Trackpad operation
  • Arrow key operation
  • Script timer
  • Realtime estimated total read time
  • Separate, synchronized Talent Window
  • Optional mirrored text in Talent Window
  • Script editor
  • Can colorize words, phrases
  • Can save edited script
  • Change font
  • Text size
  • Text line spacing
  • Drag 'n' drop or menu import
  • Invert background
  • QuickRewind
  • Movable eyeline indicator
  • Invert scroll direction
  • Search field in Edit Window
  • Search field in Operator Window
  • Eyeline indicator on left, right or both
  • Eyeline indicator opacity

What's new in PromptDog

Version 1.5:

Note: This product is not compatible with macOS Catalina and later.

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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3 Reviews of PromptDog

20 March 2016
Version: 1.1.6

Most helpful

Why does this software require internet connectivity? Let the buyer beware, this software doesn't always work, and worse, the support isn't always there. Double whammy!
20 March 2016
Version: 1.1.6
Why does this software require internet connectivity? Let the buyer beware, this software doesn't always work, and worse, the support isn't always there. Double whammy!
17 December 2009
Version: 1.1.6
(Mini Review) Downloaded the demo, and ran it a bit. I'm looking for a simple teleprompter that gives me easy access to making adjustments. PromptDog almost does it, but not quite. Editing text is simple, as is the ability to import text. Bringing up the prompt window provides some good control along the left side of the window, including Line Spacing (YAY!) and text size. Very nice. You can also control the opacity of the arrow marker, as well as its position (left, right or both). A pair of timers are located at the bottom of the column, with the upper timer showing Elapsed Time, and the bottom one showing Estimated Total Read Time. Again, nice features! The deal-breaker for me concerns the actual "Start Prompting" function. In my experience, I instinctively hit the space bar to start prompting. The button at the top of the left column responded by switching to "Stop Prompting" as it should, but the text did not move. So I scrolled with my mouse, and the text started to move. Too slowly, so I dialed it up a bit more. I looked for feedback regarding my speed, and saw none. I then hit the space bar to pause the text, and then tapped it again to start it up, expecting that it would continue at the last pace I was using. Nope. Your speed is back to zero, and you're back to guessing the correct pace. fyi, I also tried the above by clicking directly on the "Start Prompting" button and using the Arrow keys. Same result. There appears to be NO speed indication visually available, and having the speed reset to zero each pause seems to me counter-productive. Perhaps I have overlooked something, and I invite the developers to correct me. Otherwise, for the price, I continue my search...
05 September 2008
Version: 1.1.6
I tried the program and it doesn't scroll at all when you click on the scroll button.
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