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22 August 2019

Log scuba dives directly from your dive computer.


MacDive is your digital logbook for downloading and logging your dives right from your dive computer! Supporting over 50 models of computer from Atomic Aquatics, Aeris, Mares, Oceanic, Suunto, and more, it's back for version 2!

Version 2 provides a brand-new interface, bringing with it smart divelogs, iOS syncing, improved gear management, maps, and hundreds more updates to make it better than ever.

Pleae note that the demo version is limited to 5 dives, pieces of gear, and sites. Additionally, iOS syncing is not available in the trial.

What's new in MacDive

Version 2.11.3:
New Features:
  • Added support for the Aqualung i550C.
  • Significant performance improvements downloading via Bluetooth from various Aqualung/Oceanic devices.
  • Added Quicklook support to photo browsers (dives, critters, sites).
  • Added Quicklook support to thumbnail images (diver, site, critter, gear etc).
  • Added Set Point Low/High fields back to new dive inspector.
  • Added ability to include notes when filtering dives.
  • Added "recents" menu to record recent searches in the search box.
  • Added support for reading VMS Rebreather XML files.
  • Read signature from SQL databases.
  • Performance improvements syncing large numbers of photos.
  • Added new Smart Log criteria: Air Integration
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • You can now double-click site images to view them in Preview.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug joining multiple dives.
  • Fixed SAC/RMV bug with multi-tank dives.
  • Fixed reading date from FIT files in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug reading gas switches from old SDE files.
  • Fixed some UI caching issues around displaying profile samples.
  • Fixed alarms sometimes displaying with a vertical offset.
  • Fixed reading temperature from UDDF files in certain cases.

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22 April 2009

Most helpful

Great app. Plus the latest version supports my Oceanic GEO. Couldn't be happier!
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Version 1.5.1
01 November 2019
Loving it. Far better than either the Mares Diver diary or the dross that is Suunto DM5
Version 2.11.3
26 February 2018
Good stuff for downloading dives
Version 2.9.1
08 December 2015
best dive log software I ever have!!
Version 2.3.8
01 October 2014
Very fine piece of software.
Version 2.3.5
01 December 2013
Support for Mac OS X 10.5 and PPC machines was dropped with version 2.1.0: The last PPC-compatible version was 2.0.6 (released June 10th 2011) and it is available from here:
Version 2.2.6
06 September 2011
I find macdive has some really cool features. It meets my needs ie allows me a pretty easy to use interface that stores all of my pertinent information regarding my dives. There have been a few bugs but the updates are pretty frequent and the developer is always happy (and quick) to respond to specific questions. I'm pretty new to mac so can't compare it to much other software. It really does everything I need it to do though ;)
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Version 2.1.0
06 September 2011
I've been using Macdive for some time now to keep a logbook of my dives on my Mac. I'm very pleased with the features this app has to offer. Dives can be downloaded directly from my divecomputer, merged with information out of Divelog for iPhone and stored on my Mac. The software seemlesly integrates with Divelog, which i use on my iPhone. Although not all information is synced between the two, the developer added most things to the sync in the last update. A simple feauture request by email during development of the latest version caused the request to be immidiately put in this latest version. When i had problems using the app, the developer immediately replied to my request for help and went all the way to solve my problem, which he did. So i can't say anything else than that the support for this app is excellent! I can reccomend this software to everyone who is looking for a program to keep a logbook of their dives on their computer. It is deffinately worth the little amount you have to pay for a license.
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Version 2.1.0
05 September 2011
I reviewed this a couple of years ago, but it's come a LONG way since then and worth updating. Not only is it fantastic for managing all my dives, but it sync with Dive Log on my iPhone. The syncing hasn't been totally seamless, but considering it's two totally different developers, the updates and fixes come often. Nick is always quick and helpful. Totally worth the price, but then again I donated money for v1 because it natively supported my old dive computer when nothing else would.
Version 2.1.0
27 August 2011
It don't feel like a Mac App. Looks like - but the usebility is not as it should be. Drag'n'drop works not everywhere and the updating between the sections works also not every time. To use this software as a hub for the dive log manager (iOS) its a very good idea. But it don't work with every (same) parameter. So you have to synchronies it manually. Import from the Suunto D9 works fine.
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Version 2.0.6
1 answer(s)
Mint Software Ltd
Mint Software Ltd
05 September 2011
Hey there, Thanks for your review. Indeed, Dive Log and MacDive work very differently behind the scenes - the data doesn't match 100%. The latest update, v2.1.0, was built after a lot of collaboration with the authors of Dive Log, and as a result is significantly better at syncing. Much more of the data matches up now, resulting in a much more efficient and much more accurate process. I'd love it if you could update to the latest version and have a play - I think it should address a lot of the problems! If you have any usability problems, then please contact me at the support address so we can take a look. I'm always trying to improve things, so your feedback is very valuable. Cheers.
25 October 2010
At first I did not feel comfortable with the switch from freeware to shareware, but MacDive is actively developed and the communication with Nick( the developer) is very nice and my issues where handled quite fast. I have been a Suunto Dive Manager user and I am very glad to log my dives in MacOS. The interface looks Mac like, and the data are saved in a SQL-Lite database, which makes my data app-independant.
Version 2.0.4