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26 January 2013

Keyboard controlled window moving and resizing utility.


MercuryMover is the keyboard controlled window moving and resizing utility for Mac OS X. At its most basic, MercuryMover enables anyone to easily and conveniently move and/or resize the frontmost Window, directly from the their keyboard.

Main Features:

  • Move and resize virtually any window without touching the mouse
  • Move and resize by 1, 10, 100 pixels at a time or to the edge of the current screen
  • Unintrusive "heads up display" interface
  • Configurable modifier keys
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Single key window center and maximize
  • Multi-screen aware
  • Automatically checks for updates

What's new in MercuryMover

Version 2.1.1:
  • Updated for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • Gatekeeper enabled
  • Optional Menubar Icon
  • Optional Dock Icon
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6 Reviews of MercuryMover

21 April 2009
Version: 2.0.5

Most helpful

Tried it, liked it, too expensive
17 August 2016
Version: 2.1.1
MercuryMover 2.1.1 (latest version) stop function completely in OSX Sierra. Try to contact the dev but no response or fix
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30 January 2013
Version: 2.1.1
With all due respect, I have to agree with many others in this thread - I feel the developer is asking too much for this software. I'd possibly be tempted at the $10 mark (but that's just me)...
21 April 2009
Version: 2.0.5
Tried it, liked it, too expensive
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07 April 2009
Version: 2.0.3
I don't know about the rest of the users here but for me and other folks who spend hours if not days in front of the computer like web designers or programmers, MercuryMover is a godsend. MM fills the need of 'old school' folks like me who are flirting with RSI, and don't need our hands on trackpads and mice, who want to keep our hands on the keyboard. Anyone who uses vi or emacs and wants their tools like that knows what I'm talking about. Example. I have a MM shortcut [made via cmd-d] '9'.. what this does is put any window from any app to my page 2 monitor and max it to 1024 x 1280. In English: when I want to read anything in Preview, WebKit, Camino or Mail on the other monitor fullscreen, I can either go thru the laborous RSI laden mouse moving, or I can invoke 2 keyboard shortcuts and done with ANY app, not just the ones that have a fullscreen zoom. I think it's well worth the money I spent. I definitely miss it when I move to a guest mac or one where it's not installed.
29 January 2008
Version: 1.1
It could be nice time saver for everyday use but definitely not for 24$. I think it belongs to same category as MsgFiler ( small tools that are pretty limited in function, designed for keyboard loving power-users. Cost of MsgFiler? 8$ - amount I am happy to pay for such tool. MercuryMover costs 3 times more. It would be nice if developer could do a research, compare his product with others and reconsider pricing level.
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28 December 2007
Version: 1.0.2
Look's nice and is easy to use. I will try it and consider after the demo period if it is worth 20 bucks (at the moment it seems a little bit too much....).
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