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06 April 2019

Fast VNC client.


JollysFastVNC is a leading virtual network computing (VNC) app for Mac.

No matter where you are, JollysFastVNC gives you a solid and secure remote connection to your Mac. Finally, you'll have the freedom to roam.

Your Mac, accessible from anywhere

  • More ways to connect. JollysFastVNC is more than a VNC client. It also supports Apple Remote Desktop.
  • More security. When using VNC, security is essential. JollysFastVNC features built-in support for SSH tunneling, SSL, and SOCKS.
  • More flexibility. Need to login from a Windows machine, create multiple connections, or support a multi-monitor setup? JollysFastVNC does it all.
  • Fast.
  • Secure - SSH tunneling, SSL, SOCKS support inbuilt.
  • Mac login, keyboard, pasteboard, remote screen lock and monitor selection support.
  • Windows login and domain login support.
  • Multiple connections, fullscreen, multi-monitor support.
  • SmartZoom for viewing large remote desktops.
  • International keyboard support
  • Reverse connections including automated Nat-PMP / UPnP port opening on routers.
  • WakeOnLan support.
  • Global/Specific hierarchical preferences.
  • Bonjour including auto connection to Bonjour hosts.
  • Remote cursor support - including smartzoom movement.
  • Automatic pasteboard synchronisation.
  • vnc:// and jfvnc:// url schemes for opening vnc connections from other programs.
  • VNC encodings ZRLE, Tight, zlib, rre, hextile, raw, copyrect, resolution change, pixel format change, lastrect and some more.

What's new in JollysFastVNC

Version 1.54:
  • Changed behaviour of first connection window size to view the actual size in case it fits on the screen. This behaves now correctly for connections when the window is very small
  • Using a new Sparkle version. In case the upgrade process does not run with the inbuild updater, you can get the new version here
  • Fixed support for Mac OSX 10.10 (revision 1634901)

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31 December 2009

Most helpful

It usually worked pretty well for me. Generally better than ChickenOfTheVNC... but $40 better? No. That price is utterly ridiculous. For my own simple needs, Leopard and Snow Leopard's screen sharing between my systems is perfectly adequate, so I won't miss JollysFast. For anyone who depended on a more robust client, I can sympathize with both the need to charge and the outrage over the price. $40 is simply obscene. $10 would probably sell more than 4x as many licenses AND not incur the public backlash. Great little app, extremely poor pricing decision.
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Version 1.00
16 May 2013
Fixed mouse event bug on OS X 10.6 (build 1313608) REQUIREMENTS Intel, OS X 10.7 or later ?? There are separate versions for Snow Leopard and for Lion and higher, respectively: (version 1.4.6 for 10.7+) (also version 1.4.6, but for 10.6 only)
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Version 1.46
04 January 2013
Who is "Jolly" and why is he fast? Curious minds really want to know.
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Version 1.44
09 February 2012
The app store version is still 1.3.2. Seems like the developer is not keeping the app store version current.
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Version 1.34
1 answer(s)
08 May 2012
Developer does. It just takes Apple longer to approve updates.
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03 June 2011
I finally purchased a license via the App Store. I've been using this in demo mode for a long time. For Mac to remote Gnome desktop on a CentOS server, nothing else I've tried has come close to the performance and ease-of-use of Jollys. Thanks for an excellent product, dev.
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Version 1.26
22 April 2011
Thank you for a Home version! I didn't know it existed until Crucial's comment. I've been using JollysFastVNC since the .9x days to connect to a headless media server. It did everything I needed, but $40 was a bit steep to avoid the trial nag. $10 for the Home version? Sold.
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Version 1.24
09 April 2011
Before I praise the product, I have to praise the products support. I was having problems with the trial version of the software. It connected to my host machine first time without having to mess with any preferences or router settings, I could see my host, but not control it. I emailed support and received a helpful reply three minutes latter. Local time for the developer was 23:30 hours. Did what the developer suggested and my problem was solved (set the remote host to screen sharing, turn off remote management). In addition to testing JollysFastVNC I also tried Chicken of the VNC 2.1.1. The Chicken would not even let me log into my remote server and gave me a cryptic error message. When I tried the Chicken with a machine on my LAN that I regularly access with built in Screen Sharing I got the same cryptic error. I deleted the Chicken within 5 minutes of installing it. I don't want to waste my time on something like that when JollysFastVNC connected first time, has a plethora of easily accessible settings that makes sense, and support that is there when you need it. Is JollysFastVNC fast? I can't answer that as the Chicken was dead on arrival, and I have yet to compare it with LogMeIn, although LogMeIn has never felt fast in the past. After my short test I immediately purchased the Home edition that is available on the MacApp store for $10. The difference between home and pro editions is that the home will only store seven hosts, and is meant for non-commercial use. The pro allows unlimited hosts, and commercial use, all other features are the same. If there is one thing that could be improved it would be the documentation. Adding a short tutorial or list of what settings to use in System Preferences on the remote machine would be very useful, as would a troubleshooting section for dealing with stubborn router settings.
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Version 1.22
22 October 2010
For those needing a free VNC viewer, 10.5 Leopard (and probably other versions too) have one pre-installed at /System/Library/Screen For those who don't know what they're doing, leave everything else in /System/Library alone. Seriously.
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Version 1.14
3 answer(s)
08 November 2010
Thank you BRADSMITH74 for correcting my mistake, you are absolutely right. :-)
Version 1.14
23 April 2011
The other way of accessing screen sharing is via the "Connect To Server" (command + k) while in the finder. Just either put in vnc:// and hit enter or vnc:// followed by the host (bonjour names work here) or ip address (no spaces of course after the foward slashes). You can then also drag the icon or right click Screen Sharing's icon and choose to keep it in the dock. No hunting around in the System folder.
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25 April 2011
Great tip Stephenej! I didn't know you could do that. Adding addresses to the Favorite Servers list is even easier than remembering where Screen is.
09 October 2010
I needed a way to get to my Ubuntu 10.4LTS box at work. So I enabled Ubuntu's screen sharing (VNC). Then realized I didn't have Chicken of the Sea installed any longer. Teamviewer works excellent but I forgot to start it before leaving the office. So I'd heard how fast JollyFastVNC is. Downloaded it, copied to my apps folder and ran it. It immediately filled in the server list with my work machine. (I use Logmein hamachi so it is on my "local" network via vpn over DSL.) Clicked the "connect" button, entered the password and BAM! there was my Ubuntu desktop! Only one problem so far. The remote screen will NOT refresh. I have to close the connection and then reconnect to see the changes. All I see movement-wise are the mouse pointers. Yes, two. My local pointer and the one on the remote screen moving as a pair, just slightly offset. So I tried cotvnc (Chicken of the VNC) 2.0b4. Much slower to display and no screen refresh on it either. So it's an issue with Ubuntu's server. BTW, Cotvnc saw the server automatically as well. Oh well... Both work well enough I think to get TeamViewer started. Bottom line, JollyFastVNC is noticeably faster than cotvnc. The question we each have to face is: Is active support and speed worth US$40?
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Version 1.12
1 answer(s)
10 October 2010
BTW, after some research, I found the problem with the screen refresh/repaint (or lack thereof). I had to go into the desktop settings (Appearance and then Video Features I think) in Ubuntu and turn off all animations. Seems to be a conflict between Compiz and the VNC clients I've tried. In any case, both JollyFastVNC and COTVNC now work flawlessly. Funny thing though, both are about the same speed now once the desktop comes up. JollyFastVNC is still superfast at getting the initial screen up and usable.
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Version 1.12
06 March 2010
After using this from it's early realise I found it good, development was fast and Jolly was receptive to issues. I could accept a price on this product but he choose to double the most you could ask for this. People have mentioned Chicken but you could try the built in Apple 'Screen Sharing App. (/System/Library/CoreServices/Screen Sharing) Or goto the Real VNC website and proceed to the downloads. Choose the Enterprise version and download the trial for OSX. Only the server is to pay for. Viewer is free. (You don't need to fill in your details.)
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Version 1.08
1 answer(s)
09 April 2012
The viewer is not really free (at least as of early 2012; the situation may have been different when this comment was posted in 2010). The standalone viewer does not require a license key, but if you read the license, it says: The Software is to be used in conjunction with at least one licensed copy of VNC Server Enterprise Edition or of any other RealVNC Server product explicitly stated to qualify for use with the Software ("the Server"). So it seems you are violating the license if you use the standalone viewer without also using a licensed version of one of their Server products.
13 February 2010
I have used a variety of VNC clients and this is the slickest, most feature rich one out there. The management of multiple screens, smart zoom, and ability to call the program from scripts put it heads above the rest. The price is a bit steep, but the renewable free license is very generous. I was happy to purchase a license to support a great product.
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Version 1.06