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30 November 2017

Powerful sysadmin/enterprise tool (was Casper Suite).


Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) is the EMM tool that delights IT pros and the users they support by delivering on the promise of unified endpoint management for Apple devices. At Jamf, connecting the Apple user experience with IT requirements has been our business for the last decade. With Jamf Pro for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV management, IT can support an extraordinary Apple experience for the end user while meeting or exceeding organization goals and requirements.

Whether you work at a school, business, or government agency, Jamf Pro has been developed to meet your needs--because it's supported by Apple specialists for the enterprise. Because we understand the potential of Apple in the enterprise, and how to help you get where you want to be.

To begin your journey, take the first step: learn how Jamf Pro can transform Apple ecosystem management in your organization. Then engage with Jamf to help every step of the way.

Note: Pricing for Jamf Pro is license-based, with discounts for volume purchases and education organizations. Please contact Jamf for more information.

What's new in Jamf Pro

Version 10:
New Look and Feel
  • Completely redesigned action-oriented dashboard to quickly view the status of your policies
  • Interactive tables to easily customize your view and quickly sort your data
  • Collapsible sidebar menu gives you more screen space to work with when you need it.
  • Breadcrumbs shows you the path you’ve taken and provides a quick link back.
  • Contextual warnings will help you solve common issues quickly and direct you where to go.
  • Access Jamf Pro 10 on your mobile devices and perform common management actions.
Patch Management
  • Patch notifications keeps you informed to when patches are available from common software titles.
  • Patch reports shows you exactly what software versions are running on all your Macs.
  • The brand new Patch policies, purpose-built for patching, will automatically scope your eligible devices and give you control over how the patch is delivered.
Self Service
  • Redesigned for the user from the ground up to provide a delightful native Mac experience
  • Simple navigation in the library allows users to find what they need quickly.
  • The new History tab shows users what they have previously downloaded or patched.
  • Patch notifications and updates are consolidated into one location and will let the user know when it’s time to update their software.
  • Make Self Service your own by fully customizing the branding, including the banner, icon and app name itself.

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3 Reviews of Jamf Pro

10 February 2009
Version: 6.0

Most helpful

If you loved what FileWave could do feature wise, but where put off by it's complexity to use, you are going to love Casper's iTunes like way of doing things!
04 September 2014
Version: 9.4
With Android support, expect JAMF Software's Casper Suite to get deployed to even more companies. It's already the standard for managing Macs and iOS. Hellloooowwwww Gartner Magic Quadrant. :)
03 November 2009
Version: 7.1
I feel compelled to comment here. JAMF is a tool purchased by one of our clients. I'm resistant to tools that replace the standard Apple toolset. For example, packaging, MCX settings, etc. That said, JAMF is simply building on the existing UNIX toolset, and thus leveraging the power of OSX...while providing a centralized GUI and services for central management. Essentially, they're making better use of the standard toolset, and adding layers of additional functionality to what already exists. I'm impressed with JAMF. I wasn't at first, mostly because I didn't see a need for a swiss army knife tool, since there were other proven solutions (Apple's native tools, LANrev, Filewave, etc.). I've slightly changed my opinion in the past couple months. If your company or client wants to spend their money on a Mac-only solution that does everything short of washing your dishes, go with Casper. You'll be extremely happy at the level of control you'll have at your finger tips. If your company or client intend to cut costs and thus implement cross platform solutions, go with LANrev, LanDesk, Filewave or some other cross platform solution. You won't get as much flexibility as you get with Casper, but you'll be able to manage your Mac environment without additional headcount or platform specific tools. It's a great tool, but the decision boils down to money and support model. For best of breed, it doesn't get better than Casper. For cross platform, LANrev is leading the pack. Don Montalvo, TX
10 February 2009
Version: 6.0
If you loved what FileWave could do feature wise, but where put off by it's complexity to use, you are going to love Casper's iTunes like way of doing things!