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29 January 2015

Track billable hours and create invoices.


ProfitTrain is an application for OS X that helps freelancers and small businesses keep track of what they are doing for clients and create invoices for services rendered. Additionally ProfitTrain will help you keep track of invoice payments as well as business expenses.

What's new in ProfitTrain

Version 2.3:

Note: ProfitTrain is no longer available for purchase but will still be supported until August 2018.

  • Update email scripts including support for Airmail 2.
  • More report objects and queries added to help you get more details on your business.
  • Lots of refinement and bug fixes to make ProfitTrain work better for you.

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25 September 2006

Most helpful

Great app. I've been using it for about 2 months during the beta cycle. The author is responsive to requests and bug reports. There are many other apps that do the same thing, but for what I do (web development), this app strikes the perfect balance between being simple enough to learn/use and being powerful enough to get the job done. My only missing feature is data export/.Mac syncing. Either of those features would satisfy my one request - being able to export my data easily so I can maintain it in two different places. But the author is looking in to this, and it might/might not be in a future release.
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Version 1.0
13 February 2020
I've used the previous version of this app back when it was called "Billable". I'm actually still limping along with it on an old MacBook but its really time to switch to something more modern. However, I love how Billable functioned (not so much ProfitTrain). Does anyone know of an app that works on Mojave or newer that functions like Billable did?
Version 2.3
25 March 2019
From the developer's website: "ProfitTrain is no longer available for purchase but will still be supported until August 2018."
Version 2.3
27 December 2013
ProfitTrain was purchased by RazorAnt and has now frequently updates and new features added.
Version 2.2
18 June 2012
/!\ DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE! DEVELOPER IS NOT SUPPORTING THE APP ANYMORE. I am using Profit Train for about two years now (maybe more). The software is great and has a great potential. But many features needs to be improved, and the UI is not very practical on a daily basis. However, despite many request from his users the developer left us alone and did not do any update — he didn't even answer on his own forum, I had to speak directly to him via Twitter. This really frustrates me, I have so much hope into that software. I'll switch in a year or two.
Version 2.0.8
25 May 2011
I've been testing this app for a couple of weeks now, and really like it, but I do not want to purchase something that hasn't received any updates in over a year. I checked on the forums, and it looks like this software is being abandoned by the developer. At least it seems this way. It's very unfortunate
Version 2.0.7
08 July 2009
I have an independent consulting business and switched my billing to Billable four months ago. I really like it. Very simple in the best possible way. My invoices are easy to generate and track and it works flawlessly with Mail. Best of all, they have a much more professional look to them than previously. Really there are no negatives, but I'd like to see a pull-down menu for the Services field. The app isn't inexpensive, but is well worth the money I paid. I enjoy consulting, but hate the business side of doing business and this makes a big part of it much easier, so I'm more than happy with the purchase.
Version 1.2.4
17 March 2009
It's now that i'll never gonna forget to pay my bills?? lol... Maybe notm first i'll go give a try...
Version 1.2.4
We have been using Billable for a while now and it is really a very easy to use and manage invoice app that our business is pleased with. The one thing that we sorely need in order to make this a permanent part of our accounting is some simple reporting options. We need to submit monthly summaries to accounting such as a total of sales, total of salex tax collected, etc. It is a royal pain having to manually sift through each invoice and tally all this by hand when it should be a simple implementation to the app. If this were fixed, it would be much more useful on a wider level to normal businesses who need to handle monthly or periodic reports. As it is, I'm afraid we are going to have to find a replacement but hopefully the developer will grow this app a bit so it will remain useful.
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Version 1.1.2
02 February 2007
LOVE this app! The one feature I would like to see added that hasn't been mentioned (that I've seen anyway) is a button next to "Print" in the invoice section that will "Email PDF" - I mean we've added the customers email address to the database, so why not use it? Sure you can click the PDF button in the print dialog box, but then you have to manually name the PDF. Most invoice programs support some sort of "email PDF invoice" service, I think it would be a great addition.
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Version 1.1.1
29 January 2007
Thanks for the feedback kinabrew. I'll see if I can add some of those as the application evolves.
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Version 1.1