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Track time spent on client projects.   Shareware ($20.00)
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TaskTime4 is a reliable and versatile time-tracking solution. TaskTime makes keeping track of time spent on multiple client projects easy and efficient. With TaskTime you can track any number of clients and any number of projects for each client. Create invoices that can be emailed, printed, and saved to disk. Since you can have more than one project open at a time it is easy to switch between projects on the fly. Tracking expenses has never been easier. Each expense item can have an individual tax rate.

  • Create clear, attractive,
What's New
Version 5.1.5:
  • Interface tweaks
  • improved functioning of Category popup menu
  • fixed sorting project reports by clients
  • fixed pause button size problem with autopause enabled
  • fixed stop button issue (moved timing buttons to toolbar)
  • fixed reports bug
Intel, OS X 10.7 or later

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TaskTime4 User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 5.x:
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Mikokim commented on 23 Jan 2014
Downloaded this app because I've been looking for an invoicing solution that enables me to sync via dropbox so I can keep track of time spend on a project in the office and on the road. TaskTime looked promising and I took it for a spin. Alas, the invoicing itself is not as flexible as I would like it to be (in terms of categories, layout, and design). I contacted the developer about the shortcomings for me, and within 24 hours he came up with some improvements along the lines of what I'm looking for (assigning categories to sessions). AMAZING! We went back and forth a couple more times, with equally fast turnaround on Terry's (the developer's) part. Although invoicing is still not quite what I'd like it to be, it's getting there, and I will certainly keep my eye on this app.( Just because it doesn't work for me, though doesn't mean it won't work for you ;) I just had to drop a note and comment on the fact that this app has a very responsive developer behind it. I don't want to abuse the rating system (hence, I'm leaving only a comment), but this dev deserves five stars.
[Version 5.1.2]



namej1241 reviewed on 31 Dec 2013
Every thing’s fine except the update, just like others said, it took so long to happen; and I can only use the up and down button which is so slow. I hope something can be done on that.
[Version 5.1.2]

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ToThePoint Software (developer) replied on 31 Dec 2013
Can you please tell me which up and down button your are referring to?


Geoff6 reviewed on 21 Dec 2013
This version appears to be 10.7 and upwards only, not 10.6. The developer's site says nothing about system requirements. The link above under 'more' to download users' guide gives a 404 page not found. Hmmm....
[Version 5.1.2]



Aargl reviewed on 25 Jun 2013
I like the interface and the Dropbox integration.
There's only a few things that I like more on OfficeTime (which I've tried before): the ability to display current task time in the menu bar, and in the main window (it actually displays in the counter, but not in the task row until you click stop — ok it's not a big problem, but why not displaying it there too? ;-)
I have to try it more, but for less than half the price of OfficeTime, it's really doing what I need. (and hail to the dev for not asking 19.99$ instead of 20$, it rests my eyes and shows respect to the customer ;-)
[Version 5.0.7]


Artroom commented on 16 May 2013
I really like the look of this at first. The ability to add expenses to tasks is perfect for me so this was a huge plus.
However there is one major thing that will stop me from using in it's current state. As someone who changes between 10-15 projects per day the little play/stop windows are just not going to work. If you could use a menubar icon like many other similar apps, so I can quickly switch between jobs without leaving the app I am in, I would be sold!
[Version 5.0.7]


John169 reviewed on 25 Jul 2012
I've used TaskTime for several years now and it gets better with every revision. This most recent (5.01) is great--especially adding direct numerical entry of start/end times and time spent. The developer is very responsive!
[Version 5.0.0]



illusionstoo reviewed on 12 Aug 2008
I've been using this for a while now and overall, I really like it. I find I'm billing more accurately which directly translates into a boost for my bank balance. It's pretty straightforward and easy to learn. I tested several and this one is the best for the price.

I often have several clients' task windows open during the day. I pause one while I work on another; then pause it to go back or to a different one. Cool feature and one I grew accustomed to very quickly.

The developer tries to be responsive, but sometimes updates are slow to happen. I think he (they?) pays attention to the boards and updates *do* happen.

There are, however, still some things that make it difficult for me to give it the five-star rating I know is possible.

Window size and placement should be remembered, but aren't.

Can't enter times into fields; must use up/down arrows. This is really slow. I need this function as I record hours worked out of my office (e.g., not on the timer).

No way to reorder line items. This is crucial for me.

No way to get out of Preferences without saving (okay button only), and I don't always want to save. In fact, the three standard buttons (close, minimize & zoom) are missing from several windows.

No way to customize the invoice or even make sure my logo isn't stretched out of recognition.

Creating reports is a bit cumbersome, but at least they're there. They're just not very intuitive.

I don't use it for invoicing since I can't customize the form and already have an okay system set up in FileMaker. I'd reconsider if I could manage the layout.

That said, let me reiterate that I really like this software for the most part and certainly recommend it for small businesses and individuals.
[Version 4.5.1]

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tfindlay (developer) replied on 17 Aug 2008
Thanks for the feedback. I have addressed some of your concerns:
- Project windows have always remembered their size and placement. Other windows don't.
- Keyboard entry into start and end times has been added for the next release.
- Sessions, Expenses, Flat Rate Items, and Payments can be dragged to reorder them (in the next release).
- Some invoice customization is possible in the Invoice tab of the Preferences and in the project's Invoice tab.
- Invoice graphics in the next release are scaled proportionally if necessary but not stretched to fill the entire graphic area.

MacTraxx commented on 08 Aug 2008
I was excited to check this out, as I'm starting a photography business where I'll be billing post production editing work by the hour. Unfortunately I have to agree with an earlier poster that the lack of an option to use the mail client of my choice (ie: Apple Mail) is a deal killer.

This has some nice features though, and the price is right. I don't need a time billing app right away, just researching right now, so maybe that will be corrected soon and I can consider this again.
[Version 4.5.1]

Sailesh_1973 commented on 14 Jun 2008
Just trying this out and impressed with interface and features.

But being form the UK the date format in the main project window is still showing the US date format (next to Begun, In progress, etc dropdown).

Plus even though the currency was changed in preferences, the project window retains the $ 3 times at the bottom - Rate, Time Charges and Grand Total Owing.

Apart from these minor niggles, looks not too bad!
[Version 4.4.1]

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tfindlay (developer) replied on 07 Aug 2008
In version 4.5.1 all dates and times are governed by your system settings.

Changing the currency character in the Preferences only affects projects created after the change is made. Existing projects will retain their original currency characters. You can change the currency character on individual projects in the Invoice tab of the project window.

madmeg commented on 06 Mar 2008
Straightforward and effective. However, when I click the little "mail invoice" button, it tries to fire up MS Entourage instead of OS X Mail(!). This seems kinda silly since all Mac users have OS X Mail, but a smaller percentage own/use Entourage. I mean if you're going to limit mailing PDF versions of an invoice from within the billing application to a single mail application, why on earth did you choose Entourage?!
[Version 4.4.1]

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tfindlay (developer) replied on 03 Jul 2008
There is a preference setting on the Invoice page of the Preferences to set either Entourage or Mail as the preferred email program.

madmeg replied on 05 Jul 2008
Well so there is! Thanks! Still, the default setting should be for Mail and Entourage users should have to go searching for that tiny little button in the preferences! ;)
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

misjvo rated on 06 Oct 2012

[Version 5.0.3]

designstorm rated on 16 Aug 2012

[Version 5.0.3]


Yubben rated on 28 May 2012

[Version 4.9.5]

marcusmade rated on 16 May 2012

[Version 4.9.5]

davidzimmer rated on 01 May 2012

[Version 4.9.5]

trance4all rated on 01 May 2012

[Version 4.9.5]

Stormer313 rated on 01 May 2012

[Version 4.9.5]

Martin Jaeger rated on 09 Apr 2012

[Version 4.9.4]


Vandulus rated on 29 Aug 2011

[Version 4.8.7]


Vandulus rated on 08 Jul 2011

[Version 4.8.3]

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Type:Business : Project Management
Date:14 Apr 2014
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $20.00
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TaskTime4 is a reliable and versatile time-tracking solution. TaskTime makes keeping track of time spent on multiple client projects easy and efficient. With TaskTime you can track any number of clients and any number of projects for each client. Create invoices that can be emailed, printed, and saved to disk. Since you can have more than one project open at a time it is easy to switch between projects on the fly. Tracking expenses has never been easier. Each expense item can have an individual tax rate.

  • Create clear, attractive, customized invoices and send with Apple Mail or Entourage
  • Include fixed rate items
  • Keep project specific notes of any length and detail.
  • Apply individual hourly rates to specific sessions
  • Set a separate currency symbol on a project-by-project basis.
  • Track the status of each project.
  • Use the Project Manager to add, delete, rename, and store projects.
  • Use the Client Manager to add, delete, and edit clients. (Import clients from Mail contacts)
  • Link documents, applications, folders, and web/email addresses to any project.
  • Minimize project windows to a small, floating timer controller window.
  • Set due dates for projects and sync with iCal
  • Create a variety of reports
  • Sync data between computers
  • Export data in comma or tab separated format.
  • Backup data from within the program and more...

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