Power Save Mac

3.50.2200.0404 03 May 2014

Manage computer resources during downtime, save energy.


Developer website: Faronics Corporation

Power Save Mac is an effective and reliable tool that can control and manage energy throughout an enterprise. Computers are essential items for business and communications, but consume large amounts of electrical resources. Energy costs can add up to millions of dollars a year, and today companies are looking for ways to save. Power Save Mac offers a way to effectively manage computer resources during downtime, and can greatly reduce annual energy costs.

Power Save Mac integrates seamlessly with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) or any other third-party management utility to allow administrators to deploy their power saving configuration package to a single or multiple computers.

Users can choose from the following configuration options to design a customized installation package to suit the needs of their specific environment:

  • Frequency: specify if the action is a one-time event or a repeatable action
  • Action: configure the computers to start up, shut down, restart, or log out
  • Schedule: choose if the action will occur every day, on weekdays, weekends, or a specific day of the week
  • Time:choose a specific time of day for the action to occur

Power Save Mac's configuration screen also allows administrators to control inactive workstations between regularly scheduled action items. Administrators can configure logouts, restarts, and shutdowns to take place after a specified period of inactivity.

What's New

Version 3.50.2200.0404:

New Features:

  • Compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • 2803 - Resolved a cosmetic issue in Report Generator installer.
  • 2946 - Resolved an issue where the Power Save Mac UI stopped responding on entering an invalid port and changing Report To setting to Do not report.
  • 4371 - Resolved an issue where Power Save Mac did not update property in Faronics Core on uninstall, leading to Mac computers with no Power Save Mac still being displayed under Power Save.
  • 6141 - Resolved an issue where the displaySleep command erroneously changed the computer’s sleep settings when it was set to Never.



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