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30 March 2020

Client for Subversion; Pro version available.


SmartSVN is graphical client for the Open Source version control system Subversion (SVN). It targets professionals who demand a reliable, efficient and well-supported SVN client for their daily business.

SmartSVN Professional has powerful features like Change Set handling (group your changes before finally committing them), Revision Graph (shows the branch structure and copy history graphically), built-in File Compare/Merge, Change Report or Tag and Branch handling, which make your daily work with Subversion as easy as possible.

SmartSVN is the consequent successor of SmartCVS, and works together with your Subversion server out of the box.

SmartSVN is available in two versions, a free Foundation version and the powerful Professional version.

What's new in SmartSVN

Version 11.0.4:
  • Commit dialog, Differences pane: shortcuts for the built-in compare did not work
  • Conflict Solver: ${baseFile} was not set for merge conflicts of binary files
  • Edit | Customize, Context Menus: right context menu did not work
  • Error handling: certain SVN-related errors might be reported as internal error
  • Revision Graph, Merge Arrows: possible internal error when encountering bad svn:mergeinfo positions
  • Linux launcher: did not parse $SMARTSVN_CONFIG_DIR/smartsvn.vmoptions
Other Noteworthy Changes:
  • Repository URL input field: Shift+Del deletes entries (similar to Chrome) - instead of plain Del

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14 Reviews of SmartSVN

08 December 2015
Version: 9.0.1

Most helpful

Just so so
08 December 2015
Version: 9.0.1
Just so so
29 September 2013
Version: 7.6
Certainly not the nicest UI - in fact it's pretty fugly. But there just aren't any other svn clients available for OSX (other than the command line) that are useable for anything other than trivial subversion use. Cornerstone would be good (I have a license for Cornerstone) if it weren't so slow. It's pretty clear that Cornerstone's dev team don't use their own client on medium-sized working copies (> 1M source files). And Versions is a toy - good for checking out and committing, not so good for branching, merging, rolling back, or anything else a developer needs a version control client for. SmartSVN is the least-worst tool available.
11 July 2012
Version: 7.0.4
The interface seems a little complicate. And it will be more intuitive if you can change the button to simple words.
28 May 2009
Version: 6.0.1
I really like smartSVN for big project managing, I tried svnX but it failed to connect to my svn server ( that has some tweaked settings for extra security ). So since then using smartSVN, I just use the "free" non pro version, but it does everything I really need. It's also quite intuitive to use, the only cons is that is written in java, but it's a multi-platform app so I can see that happening. NG
06 December 2008
Version: 5.0.1
While this does have a rich feature set, I opted to purchase Versions. A much cleaner interface with the same features.
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09 August 2008
Version: 4.0.2
Oh, thats looks like an interface from 1995...
12 September 2007
Version: 3.0.2
I've been using it for a long time now, it's the best and most reliable svn client on the mac IMO, I bought the professional license and it is definitly worth it if you're working all day long on repository code :). I'd love to see the Interface becoming more responsive (I'm using a Powerbook G4 1,67Ghz) also would like to see it become more like a real mac app - though I'd rather have a stable and powerful client than have it just look good.
07 June 2007
Version: 2.1.8
After testing quite all other available Subversion clients out there (free and commercial), I need to say: smartSVN Pro by far is the best one. Very good overview over the project's changes, intuitive usage, powerful features and rock solid. Don't search any longer, use smartSVN! The 46EUR for the Pro version are worth each cent!
07 April 2007
Version: 2.1.6
svnX is more mac friendly
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02 March 2007
Version: 2.1.4
You might like it's interface or not - but for us, developers, decent svn client is a critical tool. So, in this case it's better to forgot about look'n'feel (c'mon, it isn't soooo bad!) and focus on functionality, which is really impressive compared to competitors. Most of other OSX Subversion clients are simple frontends to command line svn and in most cases doesn't give you even half of functionality you can get through shell... SmartSVN is single-contained, Java based solution, have great feature set (even without pro licence) and does it's job really well. If you are on hunt for perfect OSX Subversion client - doesn't look further, you've just found it!
31 October 2006
Version: 2.1rc3
This is a really nice, full-featured SVN client. One of my favorite things is that it's completely cross-platform and I can use an identical interface whether I'm working on a Windows or Mac machine. Unfortunately, that's also its biggest downfall. The integration into OS X is limited. Drag and drop support is lacking and the UI is very un-Mac-like. There's also no "Reveal in Finder" functionality either, which forces you to have the project directory open along side the client. If you're looking for a robust, stable, cross-platform client, this is an awesome choice. If you're looking for something that integrates seamlessly into OS X and the Mac OS workflow, you may want to keep looking.
17 August 2006
Version: 2.0.6
Please don't post Windows UI screenshots here. Argh, my eyes !
20 March 2006
Version: 1.1.9
Looks very promising! The GUI (especially the settings dialogues and the file system browser) could be more intuitive and OSX like, but it certainly does handle SVN very well. Now, if only I could figure out how to make it open documents in BBEdit when doubleclicked... I only get a text window with no document inside :-(
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05 February 2006
Version: 1.1.7
cool, this worked with an https connection and accepted the certificate while svnX never would do that for me.