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Music Collector20.1.1

14 April 2020

Catalog your CDs in a database automatically.


Music Collector lets you catalog your CDs in a database automatically. Just insert a CD in your CD-ROM drive, scan its barcode, or type artist and title to download all data from various sources on the Internet. Use the integrated TWAIN support to scan cover images directly into the program.

Browse your collection by different organizing factors and use the integrated Loan Manager to track which CDs you loaned and to whom. The demo version of this app caps your database at 100 CDs.

What's new in Music Collector

Version 20.1.1:

Faster CLZ Cloud syncing:

We have made several structural changes to the CLZ Cloud syncing, making it much much faster than before, especially when syncing large amounts of entries up to the CLZ Cloud or down from the CLZ Cloud. To enjoy the faster syncing, you need to use the actual Sync with CLZ Cloud screen. (The Auto-Syncing in the background is also slightly faster now, but if you need to sync many entries up or down, please use the Sync with CLZ Cloud screen.)

  • Link to Core: changing the search criteria could crash the program
  • Add screen: changed the "already in collection" font color in dark skin to be more readable
  • Main screen: The "Rating" column could not be moved to a different place
  • Improved cover scaling for syncing
  • Field Defaults: Location field was missing
  • Manage pick lists: Compositions: next/previous buttons wouldn’t save certain fields
  • Editing an album could multiple the length (time) of an album
  • Subtrack length wasn’t shown in the template

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4 Reviews of Music Collector

Scan Score
22 March 2019
Version: 19.0.1

Most helpful

There are a lot of interesting Sofyware in this niche in 2019
Scan Score
22 March 2019
Version: 19.0.1
There are a lot of interesting Sofyware in this niche in 2019
03 November 2013
This app and the other apps in the series as well are packed with an overkill of features. Not very "Mac", not very intuitive. Furthermore the dev sends far to much mail once signed in for a newsletter. Lookes like some kind of spamming. When I confronted the dev with this a while ago he got abusive an unkind. And now, , recentley, the developer has made some kind of payment system where the user must pay every month to keep his software updated. At that point I switched CDpedia. Everone should because that's exactly the software I was looking for. Bye, Bye Collectorz. com....
08 October 2009
Version: 3.3.1
I used MC for some time and I am not pleased with what it is offering. In order to create new entry you have to scan its bar code with... !? So, instead of making things easier, developer pushes us to another purchase just for using this software!? There are problems even when you try to create new entry (opera CDs for instance) which is consisted of 2 or 3 CDs. It will create two entries and then you have to insert second one into first one, and then... I think - two stars for developer's effort is quite enough.
30 December 2005
Version: 1.0.1
Knocks Readerware AV out of the box, but it needs a little work yet. I have been having trouble with the entry window when trying to scan in barcodes for a CD - it disappears. When I put the CD into the computer and have the program scan the CD, it does very well. It would be nice if it would enter the price for you, like readerware does. Overall, for 1.0, it is a great program!