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05 January 2020

Powerful, lightweight editor for programmers.


Eddie is a programmer's editor for OS X.

  • Fast, simple and lightweight native Cocoa app with serious power under the hood
  • Ideal for Obj-C/C++11 development, Python, Swift, HTML, Perl, Lua, Golang, Markdown, etc.
  • Powerful coding features such as code completion and symbol lookup, function popup and syntax coloring as well as C++/Obj-C prototyper that makes writing code a snap
  • Optional tabbed windows, multi-pane windows
  • An extensive array of capable, fully configurable keyboard shortcuts, such as Smart Swap
  • Multiple clipboards with extended functionality
  • Supports an MPW-style Worksheet -- a full-featured shell that combines the power of bash and the ease of editing in a normal text window-like mode
  • Opens and edits even huge, multi-MB files with ease.
  • Available as a 64 bit/32 bit Universal Binary
  • Open/save to SFTP/SSH server makes remote document editing a breeze
  • Integrates with Subversion and Git
  • Additional language support for JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java, LaTeX, Shell, Ragel and Antlr

What's new in Eddie

Version 3.4.1
  • Occasional deadlock in Show Definition window
  • "Reopen in Preferred Editor"
  • Find window buttons not enabling after inserting a tab
  • A problem with indexing generating path cache on volumes mounted in paths different than /Volumes
  • A lock up in ExtendOrShrinkToWordLeft
  • Shell/Worksheet problems when running Eddie from a path that contains spaces
  • A bug where converting a document containing long utf8 chars to Roman would corrupt the rest of the document
  • Services menu items

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4 Eddie Reviews

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29 July 2014

Most helpful

Really great for Terminal!
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Version 2.5.8
06 January 2020
Looks like a really good editor. Kinda ironic that the app has no code signature.
Version 3.4.1
29 July 2014
Really great for Terminal!
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Version 2.5.8
02 February 2013
Eddie is an excellent light-weight code editor, with many features you'd expect from the heavyweights like Chocolat and Sublime text. Do be aware that it is geared more toward Objective-C, Java, and the like than web languages like HTML, JS, and CSS. You will find that the syntax highlighting is fine for the latter, but there is not much in code-auto-completion, unless I'm missing it.
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Version 2.4.1
14 October 2005
This is an amazingly cool text editor that's perfect for working with any and all source file types. The subtle features Eddie has above and beyond the big commercial text editor... like mixed case sub-word selection, and scrolling with a grab-hand. Developer feedback is top-notch, and bugs are fixed quickly. Watch out BBEdit, Eddie is moving into your turf!
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Version 0.8.1beta
1 answer(s)
09 June 2014
This is a great post eddie!
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