Papyrus Author

8.08 12 Sep 2016

Word processor with integrated speadsheet and more.


Developer website: R.O.M. Logicware GmbH

Papyrus Author provides a powerful word-processor for desktop publishing, with PDF export, integrated spreadsheets, and a relational database using an intuitive user interface for instant searches. You can even use Papyrus from a USB memory stick. This means that you can take your Papyrus (and your data) with you - remove the memory stick, and leave the system 'untouched'.

What's New

Version 8.08:
Bug Fixes
  • Installation on macOS 10.12: Under OS X 10.2 (currently in the beta version), Apple may ask for a signed download DMG for the installation, otherwise a program runs in a sandbox with very restricted rights (where Papyrus Can not start). The new installation DMG for 8.08 is therefore signed.
  • Problems with copying text areas with images - copying large text areas with images has rarely resulted in a hanger.
  • Rare, sporadic crash when starting papyrus. At the next attempt, however, Papyrus then started normal anyway.
  • Copy text with images to the clipboard - under rare circumstances, the RTF export to the clipboard was interrupted for some content with text and images.
  • Intercepted crash in the dialog "Format templates and categories" - rarely happened if switched off the switch before a format template.
  • Version query - on computers that were disconnected from the Internet, sometimes appeared in "About Papyrus "falsely" Papyrus ist aktuell ".
  • Small character errors in the ruler with centered display with several pages next to each other.
  • Footnotes Multi-column sentence - if you changed the header or footer on the root page and was sometimes a single footnote text object above the main text, was corrected again.
  • HTML / eBook export of titles - if a title contained a jump mark, the HTML- / eBook-Export in rare cases uses the wrong block statement (e.g., p or h2 instead of h3, since 8.04).
  • DOC import of change tracking and comments - if a comment is directly from a deletion, the text behind it sometimes got wrong text attributes.
Small Changes
  • Remove old search plug-in for Firefox - an existing version of the plug-in for FIrefox (no longer running with current versions of Firefox) will be automatically removed when Papyrus starts.


  • OS X 10.7 or later


Current Version (8.x)


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12 Sep 2016
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