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Word processor with integrated speadsheet and more.   Demo ($99.00)
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Papyrus provides a powerful word-processor for desktop publishing, with PDF-export, integrated spreadsheets, and a relational database using an intuitive user interface for instant searches. You can even use Papyrus from a USB memory stick. This means that you can take your Papyrus (and your data) with you - remove the memory stick, and leave the system 'untouched'.
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Version 12.61: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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ver. 12.x:
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Prince_Isaac commented on 21 Jun 2013
I am of the mind that the English language version of Papyrus is languishing somewhere in the Spree (river that runs through Berlin). Here's what the dev's website states:

The English version of award-winning word processor Papyrus Author can be expected Q1/2013 - Q2/2013.

And today is just 9 days away from the end of Q2/2013. (hint-hint, nudge-nudge)

When I contacted the dev nearly a year ago, he indicated that the timeline then was for the end of 2012 pending a finished translation.

Other apps have caught up and passed Papyrus.

As Milton once observed, "They also serve who only stand and wait."
[Version 12.61]


Miner commented on 17 Aug 2010
I was intrigued by Papyrus and very happy with its options to use PDF as editable documents.

But no development seems to be going on here....
[Version 12.56]

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Anastasio replied on 02 Apr 2011
Well, yes, there is an ongoing development of Papyrus; but only of the German version. For some reason I have never been able to understand, the English version doesn't follow the development of the German one. So it seems that Papyrus has no real ambition to gain market share outside the German market.


BillD reviewed on 19 Sep 2006
Papyrus gets 5 stars from me because it does two things no other word processor does for me, and both things meet my needs.

[1] It's the first powerful word processor that produces editable output fully compatible with my DEVONthink Pro databases. Not only is the text of those Papyrus documents fully searchable and analyzable, the layout including footnotes, endnotes, images, spreadsheet tables, etc. is viewed in my databases exactly as in Papyrus. And that includes working hyperlinks for URLs, mail addresses and internal 'bookmark' hyperlinks.

From my DEVONthink Pro database I can select such a document, click a button to open it under Papyrus, then edit and save it. The changes are then visible in my database next time I look at the document. And I'm looking at the actual document including images, footnotes, full layout, everything.

I can't do that with Word, Mellel, Pages or any other word processor above the level of TextEdit.

That's because Papyrus 12 for Mac OS X can produce editable PDFs. Fully, absolutely, completely editable PDFs saved with the "pap.pdf" suffix. That's a WOW! feature, and the reason I bought Papyrus 12.

[2] I'm doing a project that results in lots of PDFs. Those files are reviewed by several people who often request changes. In the past, I've had to do the dreaded two-step. I've had to find and open the original document created under another application, edit and save it, then create a PDF version of the changed file. No more. Now I just open the PDF generated by Papyrus, make changes and save the file. That's it. No second step required, no duplication of material on the drive.

Perhaps you won't understand why I appreciate that one-step edit/save process until you are faced with managing dozens of PDFs that have a number of requests for changes.

Summary: For my needs Papyrus 12 is wonderful. For those who need to include powerful spreadsheet table elements within a document (which can read data from other files as well), it's very good. For those who need very large documents, with the capability of generating a linked table of contents, it works well. For those who might need complete compatibility with MS Word documents, it's not that great, but can capture the text of Word documents.

For those who need fully editable PDFs produced by a capable word processor, there's nothing like Papyrus.

The developers note that Papyrus may be able to open "normal" PDFs in the future. As I work with a lot of OCR'd PDFs, I hope that would let me correct OCR errors.
[Version 12.20]


Anonymous reviewed on 24 Nov 2005
Since I'm using LaTeX (TeXShop, etc.) for my own true writing needs, I am looking at wordprocessors most of all as "readers" for MS .doc-files. I.e., I have a copy of MS Office around just to be able to read other people's (the ones, alas!, w/out LaTeX . . .) .doc-files, especially the ones with foot- or endnotes.

And I have to say: I'm impressed by the good job Papyrus does in displaying .doc-files with footnotes! It es really rare that any program other than MS Word can really manage to display them (kind of) correctly: in my test, Papyrus does. Thumbs up!

However, while Papyrus sports a impressive small file-size, I was exspecting no-bloat-ware-speed, i.e. Papyrus being fast. That's not really the case: startup-time is fine, but: scrolling is slow (much slower than in Word, than in Mellel) and not very pleasant to look at: large chunks of white space get slowly refilled with the scrolles text. Not good.

Similar thing when selecting text: there seem to be some issues with the display-engine Papyrus uses.

The look of the toolbars, rulers, etc. is a bit too cross-platform-like, i.e. too Windows-ish or Linux-ish, not Mac-like refined enough. For comparison: check Mellel as a truly OS X-like contemporary piece of software. (But Mellel falls short when coming to displaying .doc-files with footnotes!)

Still, if I could only be sure that Papyrus manages all the .doc-files as good as the ones I have it tested with, then I would consider this program as a leaner substitute (than MS Office) for my .doc-reader-needs.
[Version 11.27]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Nov 2005
Papyrus is an amazingly fast word processor, with good tools for working with text frames and graphics but it has its weaknesses. I.e. it doesn't implement Services and has a weak MS Word importing engine.

Its also a bit too expensive when comparing to its many competitors, Mellel, Nisus Writer Express, Abiword, Pages, Mariner Write, etc..
[Version 11.27]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Nov 2005
I'd say it looks interesting, but there are no screenshots.

I'd like to try it out, but I won't install Stuffit Expander in order to do so.
[Version 11.27]

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gslusher replied on 19 Feb 2006
You will probably find that Stuffit Expander is quite useful. You may shut yourself out of a lot of software if you don't get it. OTOH, perhaps you prefer Windows software like .zip files.

Mark Everitt replied on 25 Feb 2007
To be fair, OSX comes with a built in unpacker for a lot of compressed files, including .zip, .tar, etc. I don't understand why some developers insist on using stuffit compressed files when it entails another step in the install. In fact, it's probably easiest to put files into a compressed .dmg file, and distribute that way.

It's nice to see that this developer has reconsidered and put their file in a standard disc image as described above.

gslusher replied on 25 Feb 2007
One reason that developers might still use Stuffit is that it typically gives smaller files than OS X's built-in .zip archiver. For example, I made archives of a 2.2 MB QuickBooks file. The built-in .zip process resulted in a 504 KB archive. Dropstuff 9.0.1 made it into 396 KB. Most developers have to pay for the total download activity per month, so making the downloaded file smaller helps. On the other hand, a properly-done disk image will already be compressed, so there might not be much gained by compressing it. In some cases, it can be necessary as the host server isn't set up to handle .dmg files, but will handle .zip or .sit files.

Anonymous reviewed on 17 Nov 2005
Would be nice if it could actually read .doc files, but it really cannot, so it's completely useless to me.
[Version 11.27]



Cookie08 reviewed on 29 Sep 2005
Been using this way back since ver 2 on the ATARI still better then Word in many ways the layout of a proper DTP program with the ease and speed of text handing with proper micro spacing text in any direction etc makes work look sick in comparison when mixing text with images and tables and data. every part is customisable. This program had features that took word 10years to implement.
[Version 11.23]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Aug 2005
I'm an owner of licence since the days of ATARI. The Spirit of ATARI TOS Software is still in there: Fast, easy to use, functionally, good price - a fine piece of brainware Made in Germany!
[Version 11.20]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Aug 2005
Pizz-poor documentation on their web page.

How about some screen shots, herr developers?

The info here and the company web page give me, the unfamiliar and uninitiated about this product, absolutely no incentive to even try it out.
[Version 11.20]

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Date:20 Sep 2007
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Papyrus provides a powerful word-processor for desktop publishing, with PDF-export, integrated spreadsheets, and a relational database using an intuitive user interface for instant searches. You can even use Papyrus from a USB memory stick. This means that you can take your Papyrus (and your data) with you - remove the memory stick, and leave the system 'untouched'.

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