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Pref Setter

28 July 2008

Edit preference files, access hidden settings.


Pref Setter is an application used to edit plist (Property LIST) files, geared towards viewing / editing Mac OS X's preference files. Very useful for setting those "hidden" preference settings that aren't available directly in an application. While the emphasis is on editing preferences, Pref Setter is a general plist editor.

Pref Setter makes accessing your preferences easy with the "Open Domain Quickly" window, listing your preference files and those in the /Library/Preferences domain.

Preferences are also easily searchable, with the Find panel that will search all your preference files for a term, or search individual plist files for a term with the search bar in the document windows.

Pref Setter also has comprehensive copy & paste / drag & drop support. You can paste / drag an XML string (in property list format) onto a document window to create or change a value. And now, you can paste / drag a "defaults write...." string into Pref Setter and have it take care of writing that for you. No need to take a trip to the terminal!

What's new in Pref Setter

Version 2.0:

 New Features:

  • Pref Setter now uses the authorization frameworks to enable editing of system level plist files.
  • New tool bar item and menu items in the contextual menus for the "Open Domain Quickly" window and Find panel which will allow you to launch or quit the application a property list belongs to.
  • Data items are now editable, in a separate hex editor window.
  • If a value is too long to be shown entirely while editing, a separate window will now open to allow easier editing.
  • You can now use regular expressions when searching.
  • Added the Sparkle framework, for automatic updates.

 Changed Features:

  • Changed display of dates to show a formatted date string rather than the raw date.
  • If you copy/drag an item from a non-writable file, the "defaults write…" string generated will now have sudo written before it.
  • Can now display dictionaries and arrays in a preference document in bold.
  • "Open Domain Quickly" window now shows icons.
  • Font for the items in the "Open Domain Quickly" window is now separately set from the document font.
  • You can now change a class to a Data type (though you can't change a Data type to another class).
  • Updated Preference pane.
  • Updated Find panel.
  • Updated Get Info window.
  • Updated Help documentation.
  • Pref Setter now requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

 Bug Fixes:

  • Leopard compatibility fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting or dragging a "defaults write…" string with a boolean type would always default to true.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting or dragging a "defaults write…" string of either the -array-add or -dict-add type would replace the entire array or dictionary with the new value rather than adding the new value.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to a crash when changing the class to a Boolean, Integer, Float, or Date class.
  • "Open Domain Quickly" window no longer allows you to delete the preferences of a running application, which could lead to that application crashing.

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21 January 2005

Most helpful

Wow, having the app's ICON shown as the app's screenshot was soooooo informative to me. I now have a COMPLETE understanding of what this app does and can make an informed decision on if I should make the effort to even download this. Thanks, Dev...You rooooooock.
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Version 1.0.5
14 November 2015
Works as advertised, but it's painfully slow. Every operation results in the "beachball" wait cursor for 10-30 seconds, even simply coming back into the app after being in the finder. There are a dozen other utilities that do what this one does (some free, too), so I'm jumping ship.
Version 2.0
04 October 2015
Useless. It just spins the beachball. That's all it does. I just have to force quit it every time I tried to use it.
Version 2.0
08 January 2014
This tool doesn't see the current prefs of an application in 10.8 and later right while or after the application is running, as OS X caches the prefs for a while before it updates the plist file. If this causes trouble for you, check out "Prefs Editor", which doesn't edit ordinary plist files like this tool, but instead talks to the OS X's prefs system directly, thereby always being in sync with an apps prefs file
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Version 2.0
26 November 2012
Works with 10.8.2 Mountain Lion. Makes it a lot easier to find, identify and edit plist files. And it 's free. Perfect.
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Version 2.0
29 April 2012
How well does this work in OS 10.6.8 Snow Leo? Any issues?
Version 2.0
29 February 2012
There doesn't seem to be any way to manually reorder keys. Unless I'm missing something?
Version 2.0
03 October 2011
This is amaze-balls. Free and works a treat. Full marks for interface. Makes editing *.plist files a hell of a lot less scary.
Version 2.0
08 April 2011
I needed to find a quick way to change a plist setting (customer needed to change MS Office name), without having to install developer tools etc. This app did the job in a simple, straightforward manner. The developer is to be applauded.
Version 2.0
20 October 2007
I was annoyed by the bluetooth file exchange app in mac os x for saving received files in ~/Documents, so I set out to find the preferences for it, turned out to be: /Preferences/ I tried opening that file in a text editor but it wasn't plain text (quite obviously), so I searched macupdate for plist and found this handy little program, I looked for the setting I wanted to change, changed it and saved. These little free apps really make my day, hooray for no nonsense straight-to-the-point software.
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Version 1.2.2
22 November 2005
Sweet & Simple, does its job well. Gracias!
Version 1.1.1