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AKVIS Enhancer15.6.2243.14858

31 October 2017

Standalone app and Photoshop plug-in reveal image detail info.


AKVIS Enhancer is image enhancement software that improves detail on an image, no matter what was the cause of the unsharpness. It works in three modes: Improve Detail, Prepress, and Tone Correction. The main goal for these modes is the same - correction, but the methods and the results are quite different. Different photos require different approaches at correction, in many cases the modes complement one another.

  • In Improve Detail mode the program brings out details on an image by intensifying color transition. It strengthens the difference between adjacent pixels having different color gradations and therefore allows revealing not only details in the shadow but even details in the overexposed and midtone areas. This mode is useful in cases when a photo has an uneven exposure. For example, when a picture has been taken with the background overexposed and consequently the foreground is hardly discernible, which is especially annoying when you take a picture of a person; or when a photo lacks dramatic effect due to vagueness of the scene.
  • In Prepress mode the program helps to adjust photos before printing or publishing online. Use this mode to increase the sharpness of borders and the contrast of the image. Even a high quality photograph needs prepress processing that will give it a professional look.
  • In Tone Correction mode the program makes сorrections of an image in the light and dark areas. As a result the overall impression of the image improves considerably. Changes can be made to the entire image or only to a part of it depending on the selected colors.

AKVIS Enhancer supports batch processing that lets you automatically process a series of images with the same settings.

What's new in AKVIS Enhancer

Version 15.6.2243.14858:
  • Improved the plugin compatibility with image editors.
  • Support for new RAW files for the standalone version.
  • Bug fixes.

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2 Reviews of AKVIS Enhancer

14 May 2007
Version: 6.0

Most helpful

You mean 69$ for what PS curves and levels do ?????
Big Johnson
09 August 2016
Version: 14.0.2002.10160
Oh my god this thing has a fugly GUI! The icons are the worst I've seen in an app in a long, long time - straight outa the '90s! Take a look at the grey toolbar in the screenshot.

I tested it on four images and hated it. I'll stick to PSE, thank you very much.
I never did figure out how the Prepress or Tone Correction worked.
No, I didn't RTFM because I've used several image editors and plugins and didn't think I'd need to.

There's no Undo function to easily go back a step or two, and that's an absolute necessity.
But you can reset the image to the current filter's default value. If you've made a bunch of adjustments and just want to go back a step or two, you're SOL - gotta start over with that filter.

The default setting of the Improve Detail filter made the first three images like like hell. It was actually okay on the last, and with adjustments it looked better than the original.

Instead on an "Apply" button, there's a stupid "Run" button with an arrow icon that starts the processing. Don't like the finished image and want to go back? Too bad - still no Undo!

And IMO $69 is way, way, way too much for what it does, even if it worked well and had a beautiful GUI. From the grammar used in the tool descriptions, I guessed it was from a foreign developer. And I was right - the company's in Russia, so I suppose my computer's now been infiltrated by spyware.

The Akvis website claims "AKVIS specializes in development of image and video processing software for Windows and Mac OS X. The company was founded in 2004 by IT professionals having considerable experience in programming and software development."

You sure wouldn't know it from the way this app looks or functions!
14 May 2007
Version: 6.0
You mean 69$ for what PS curves and levels do ?????
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