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AKVIS is a software developer that specializes in creating image and video processing tools for macOS and Windows OS. Operating since 2004, the company has become known for its intuitive and easy-to-use image processing software that is available as standalone applications and Photoshop-compatible plugins. Its latest products include AKVIS AirBrush, AKVIS ArtSuite, AKVIS ArtWork, AKVIS Chameleon, etc. AKVIS is passionate about graphics and image editing that's why it often sponsors web-design and digital photography contests. The company provides free licenses to non-profit organizations that care about the preservation and restoration of valuable photographic archives

Apps from this developer

AKVIS Sketch


Convert photos into pencil sketches and watercolors. Standalone App and Plugin.
Algorithmically enlarge images to high resolution.
Efficient photo collage creation tool.


Transform photos into paintings.
Standalone app and Photoshop plug-in reveal image detail info.
B&W image colorization.
Photoshop plug-in for photo scratch removal.
Reduces luminance and color noise on digital images.
AKVIS Refocus


Improve the sharpness of out-of-focus images.
Retouch photos and enhance portraits quickly and easily.
Create HDR images from a series of photographs.
Create oil paintings from photographs.
Imitate natural phenomena on your digital photos.
Create amazing light effects in Photoshop.
Application/plug-in for making selections on images.


Automatically retouch skin-tone defects.
Algorithmically enlarge images to high resolution.
Change the surface of an object in a realistic manner.
Graphics and photo editor.
Automatically retouch skin-tone defects.
Create HDR images.
Photo to painting software that makes an airbrush drawing from a photo.


Neon flowing effect for all of your pictures.
Add a charcoal look to your pictures.


Add a hand-drawn look to your pictures.