FuzzMeasure Pro

4.0.1 15 Sep 2015

Measure/graph frequency response of speakers and more.


Developer website: SuperMegaUltraGroovy

FuzzMeasure Pro is an audio and acoustical measurement application you use to perform, analyze, and produce visually stunning graphs of your measurements. Using FuzzMeasure's tools, you can easily gather measurements of a home theater system, recording studio, stage, auditorium, raw loudspeaker components, and more.

FuzzMeasure Pro's design makes a highly complex tool very easy to use. Whether you use FuzzMeasure as a hobbyist, or you work in the acoustics or audio field, you will appreciate the work that went into making it easier to get your work done. Download a copy and try it out for yourself!

What's New

Version 4.0.1:
  • Holding the option key when pressing the '+' button will measure immediately, similar to using the Measurement > Measure command in the main menu
  • You can option-click the 'C' button to clear a stored SPL calibration value in the level meter, and return to the dBFS display
  • Corrected an alignment issue in the level meter
  • Printed graphs no longer "creep downward" with subsequent pages
  • Waterfall graphs now properly retain their start/duration values when printed and exported as images
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the in-graph segmented control
  • The impulse response exporting UI now correctly uses the initial file type when exporting the file When the extents are locked in the waterfall graph, setting a new start or duration value now unlocks extents to avoid overdrawing the Z axis
  • Addressed a pair of crashes that could occur when FuzzMeasure quits
  • Corrected a crash that affected the envelope time curve graph when importing impulse responses
  • Fixed an exception that triggered when entering bad values for the sweep amplitude
  • You can no longer specify values greater than 0dB for the sweep amplitude
  • Corrected a crash that occurred when markers ended up in "impossible" places
  • Added extra value validation to the graph extents to prevent locking the UI if a value <= 0 was specified for a log x axis corrected a crash that could occur when displaying the audio settings popover
  • FuzzMeasure now correctly "collapses" negative values specified for durations (i.e. -1800ms should now become -1.8s)
  • Fixed an exception caused when invalid input was specified in the measurement inspector
  • The last-specified synchronous average value is now used when measuring quickly using an option-click, or choosing measurement > Measure from the main menu
  • Undo and redo now correctly operate for markers, and dropping markers now correctly marks the document as dirty so they are saved when the document is closed
  • When aborting a measurement, the play button is once again restored
  • Harmonic distortion graph settings for min/max harmonics are now retained when printing or exporting an image


  • OS X 10.10 or later


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Multimedia Design / Audio
15 Sep 2015
Intel 64 / OS X