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14 November 2019

Graphical programming environment for music, audio, multimedia.


Max is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. In use for over twenty years by performers, composers, artists, scientists, teachers, and students, Max is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams.

What's new in Max

Version 8.1.1:
New features:
  • Preferences: ask to restart Max when glengine / translations prefs change (if needed)
Fixed bugs:
  • Audio Drivers: prevent crash if there are no audio devices present
  • Dialog box: closing save dialog box via 'X' no longer closes unsaved patcher
  • Embedded / factory fonts: prioritize versions in the distro
  • Fonts: "light" font types render properly (Windows)
  • Gen: inlet/outlets update properly while editing Max for Live device
  • Inspector / parameter window: fixed modmode menu
  • Inspector: fixed crash when dragging attribute
  • Inspector: fixed potential crash when selecting an object with inspector open
  • Inspector: view is refreshed after undo
  • fixed crash when using a lua file in frozen M4L device
  • Gen: fixed crash pasting Max objects into a Gen patcher
  • fix issues with pass effects that require VELOCITY and target object is bound to a material with a texture
  • fixed file reading from a collective
  • jit.release: outputs correct signal types
  • jit.wake: attrui updates appropriately for "group" attrs
  • fixed @output_matrix 1 crash on Intel_Iris GPU (Mac)
  • js: fixed crash when sending patchername message to poly~
  • live.* ui objects: fixed issues with output if scripted in a bpatcher when pattrstorage @greedy 1 is present in parent patcher
  • live.object: always pass full resolution floats back to Live
  • M4L: fixed crashing related to transport synchronization
  • M4L: improved launching Max editor from Live (Mac)
  • Max Console: fixed crash after an object that posts is deleted
  • mc.gen: mc_channelcount updates after chans attribute change
  • mxj: fixed issues with crashing, opening files, recover edits, etc
  • Patcher: showontab attribute is now a three-state enum (none, parent, top-level) instead of on-off
  • pattrstorage: pattr objects are properly registered when scripted
  • pfft~: fixed crash on patcher close
  • Ref sidebar window: fixed potential crash
  • Patching: fixed locked patcher context menu
  • Snapshots: no longer stores truncated float values
  • Standalones: no longer unnecessarily complain about missing files (Win)
  • tabbed patchers: tabs retained when creating a new view
  • Toolbar: removed extraneous ampersand in "Patcher Windows" context menu
  • umenu / / context menus: no longer block the scheduler while drop-down list is displayed (Mac)
  • vst~: correct VST3 Waves shell plugins load
  • vst~: fixed native editor UI rendering issues with some plugins
  • vst~/vstscan: scanning no longer blacklists non-signed plugs

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Incredibly powerful program, incredibly difficult company to deal with. Licensing, unless they've changed it in the new version 5, is very arcane and cumbersome.
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Version 5.0.1
20 May 2008
Max 5 is everything we have been waiting for. I wrote a comprehensive user review with pictures here: Highlights of Max 5 include jWeb, text buttons, presentation mode and improved graphics all around.
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Version 5.0.1
Incredibly powerful program, incredibly difficult company to deal with. Licensing, unless they've changed it in the new version 5, is very arcane and cumbersome.
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Version 5.0.1
1 answer(s)
20 May 2008
I agree that the licensing is a major hassle, involving challenge/response and waiting times. They have had to take into account student rebates, temporary 30-day accounts, and all other sorts of things that have boxed them into a corner. I wrote a review of Max 5 after playing with it for a few days. People are welcome to read the full review at
Version 5.0.1