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ShutterBug is a WYSIWYG website creation tool for publishing Web albums, photo journals, and full-featured websites, including the ability to easily add a shopping cart if need be. Fully WYSIWYG, you don't even have to know how to spell H-T-M-L to create your own custom look. With the built-in themes and templates you can make your own Web page in minutes or start with one of our themes and change anything and everything to create your own unique look.Totally addictive and fun, you could lose yourself making really cool photo albums and Web sites. From beginners to advanced users,
What's New
Version 3.0.6:
  • Fixed filters not being applied to slideshow image
  • Fixed bugs with Quicktime Xtras
  • Fixed numerous isolated bugs and problems with reading 2.5.6 .sbxl files
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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J_ph reviewed on 27 Apr 2012
I have Rapidweaver, but it is limited in the thumbnail handling for what I wanted to do, I also have and use jAlbum.

I do use Rapidweaver for other sites, but Shutterbug works perfectly for a photogallery with really easier formatting of thumbnails and layout, and the more that I dig in the more I like it. Sure there are some things that I'd like a little better but for the cost and ease of use... it's darn good and has it's place amongst the other website applications.
[Version 3.0.6]



Vinkri reviewed on 08 Nov 2011
Usually, I always find something good to say about a software...
I'm a Rapidweaver user. Never found better, even though I'd like to find a simple tool, dedicated to productivity, like a text editor that doesn't require any coding AT ALL.
So, I tried Shutterbug.
Gee! Couldn't get it.
Interface is awfully ugly and out of date, text options are... ridiculous. navigation with unnecessary clicks, use of templates is puzzling...
Pagestyles are unique (no, really. Only one kind: picture(s)+text. The legend says you can embed other medias. But really, I didn't like it enough to bother looking for this hidden gem)

Could have been great, like, 20 years ago.
[Version 3.0.6]



Rt Ideas reviewed on 25 Jul 2011
The latest version 3.0 seems more like 2.7 at best. The biggest omission still is a lack of undo. In the day and age of multiple undos, the lack of even a single undo seems very, very dated.

From their online manual dates 2006-2009:
"Revert: The revert feature lets you revert back to one of the previous Saves you made in the event you make a mistake . . . Undo will be added to a future version of ShutterBug."

I bought two copies two years ago: one for me and one for a client for self-maintenance.

It worked okay for what I needed to do at the time, but without undo, it kills any creative flow, and it constantly put me on edge fearing that I'd screw up the layout, or worse.
[Version 3.0.3]


Drdul commented on 19 Jul 2011
So I get an email telling me that Shutterbug version 3 is available, and as a registered user I can upgrade for $20. It turns out that's the same price new users pay to buy version 3. There is no upgrade discount for registered users. To top it off, this is for an app that was last updated 12 months ago. Needless to say, I'm not terribly motivated to upgrade. In fact, I'm more motivated to look for alternatives.
[Version 2.5.6]

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Drdul replied on 22 Jul 2011
Okay, I've calmed down. After thinking about it a bit and looking at what other options are available, I decided that $20 to upgrade to Shutterbug 3 may not be the greatest deal, but it's reasonable. So I purchased the upgrade. If you're looking to buy Shutterbug, now's a good time, as the $20 price applies across the board. Presumably at some point the price will go back up to $40.


Peter Sichel reviewed on 24 May 2010
ShutterBug is a deceptively powerful website creation tool. By building in the basic structure of a navigable website with photo content, separating content from layout, and providing customizable and reusable template components, ShutterBug allows me to work more quickly and flexibly than anything else I've seen. It's stable, powerful, flexible, and doesn't disappoint. One of its clever features is that you can add pages to the navigation list that refer to existing external pages allowing you to gradually replace individual pages of an existing website. I was able to convert and expand portions of my existing GoLive based website in a matter of days with surprisingly good results. Any pages I update frequently, I'm now converting to ShutterBug.

About the only things ShutterBug doesn't handle gracefully are anchors within a web page and HTML tables, but there are work arounds for the later. When I had a question about creating generic Next and Previous page links, the developer was quick to respond.

There is a modest learning curve to using ShutterBug, but it's not much harder than iWeb. While RapidWeaver gets a lot of attention these days, it's more expensive and expects you keep buying add-on templates. ShutterBug is simpler and includes ImageWell for working with your images. For what I wanted, ShutterBug offers terrific value.
[Version 2.5.6]



Drdul reviewed on 12 Nov 2009
After years of building websites with a Photoshop plug-in (and enduring numerous crashes and glitches, and spending many hours manually fixing the resulting code), I went looking for a stand-alone app. Although I appreciate iWeb's simplicity, I wanted more than what it offers, so I decided to give Shutterbug a whirl. Wow! I wish I'd tried it sooner, but better late than never!

Shutterbug gets full points for stability, speed and value. It's fairly easy to use, but there is a learning curve. After working my way through the manual and playing around with it for a couple of hours, I was able to quickly build a web site from scratch. As a testament to its ease of use, I've been able to do everything I want to do without resorting to searching the on-line support forum or contacting the developer.

It is incredibly easy to modify or add to a website once it has been created in Shutterbug. I used to delay updating my website because it was a tedious exercise, but with Shutterbug, changes take just a few minutes.

Shutterbug has almost all the features I want. The only noticeable missing feature for me is the ability to easily modify the colour of a piece of text within a larger block of text. It would also be nice to have more options for including and excluding items within navigation elements, but in the grand scheme of things that's only a minor complaint. Overall, I am one satisfied customer!
[Version 2.5.6]


xenos commented on 06 Jul 2009
what a shame, the last review is prehistoric !!

this app is the phenix among all available web content creators !!
5 stars for all relevant criteria (one who knows) !!!
[Version 2.5.2]



memphisbird reviewed on 08 Jun 2007
I wish I had the $25.00 I just spent to upgrade Rapidweaver and the $10.00 I just spent to upgrade the Blocks plugin and the $18.00 I just spent for RWMultitool and the $45.00 I spent on three RW themes just so I could break out of the cookie-cutter designs that are included with RW. Not to mention the money I spent buying them all in the first place. There is more, but I hurts me to talk about it. I could have spent $40 on Shutterbug and been much better off.

I usually use Dreamweaver, but I wanted to try something new, have more options for quick and dirty sites. I've had Rapidweaver for a while and used it very little. I've spent the last three days really digging in and creating a couple of sites and trying almost every aspect of it. I tried to rebuild a site I already had created on Dreamweaver to see if I could possibly use RW in its place. Finally, yesterday afternoon, I quit RW and resorted to Dreamweaver.

This morning, I got the MacUpdate email saying Shutterbug had been updated and I dutifully downloaded it again, since it was on my Watch List and I had downloaded it a couple of months ago, played with it for about 30 minutes and that was that. This time, I put far more time into it and I am floored. I am also mad as hell at myself for not working more with it sooner -- live and learn. It is so EASY to change EVERYTHING in the themes! When I think of the time I spent changing the CSS files and the image files in RW to make the theme more like what I wanted ... please, somebody shoot me now.

ImageWell is built right into Shutterbug -- and I've been using ImageWell as a standalone -- so you can edit your images from within Shutterbug. You can add flash, Quicktime movies, extra HTML ... and it's all so easy. I applied a couple of new themes, just checking them out, making all kinds of changes, then asked it to revert. Shutterbug gave me all kinds of options! Do I want to revert to the first saved version or the autosaved version after I switched to the second theme or the autosave after I switch to the second theme ... how cool is that!

As with anything like this, there is a learning curve, but I can see myself getting done in less than a day what took me three days to do in RW.

I am so sorry that I let the name mislead me. I put off working with it because I thought I don't do that much with photo galleries. Don't make the same costly mistakes I made. Check out Shutterbug -- REALLY check it out.
[Version 2.2.2]



onamac reviewed on 07 Jun 2007
This is a very capable, stable, and intuitive website building software. It excels at photo gallery-type sites but don't let that fool you. It's not limited to only photos. I tried out RapidWeaver and Sandvox, and thought this one was so much better, and flexible, so I bought it. RapidWeaver requires extra plugins to edit and rearrange themes and templates, whereas it is very easy to do that with Shutterbug right out of the box. It truly is WYSIWYG, and as easy as moving things physically around as in a page layout program. Somehow this software has become only synonomous with photo gallery creation, but that's only one of its specialties. It is a fantastic website creator. Highly recommended.
[Version 2.2.2]


tomjwright commented on 10 Jul 2006
In response to the comment by SJJ_PUBLIC, I have used both ShutterBug and iWeb (in conjunction with iPhoto and dotMac) to create websites and do not agree that ShutterBug is "a complete mess." In fact, I prefer ShutterBug for its greater flexibility. Personal preference may depend somewhat on which program the user is more familiar with. I started using ShutterBug before Apple introduced iWeb.
As for SJJ_PUBLIC's complaint about templates, he (or she) is looking in the wrong place to start designing a website. ShutterBug has many Themes with preview panes. Templates become useful only after selecting a Theme.
[Version 2.0.3]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Sylus rated on 17 Sep 2012

[Version 3.0.6]

Me Mu rated on 31 Mar 2012

[Version 3.0.6]

buddymedbery rated on 11 Aug 2011

[Version 3.0.6]


Aragorn07 rated on 12 Feb 2011

[Version 2.5.6]

Version Downloads:1,200
Type:Development : HTML
Date:10 Aug 2011
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $21.00
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ShutterBug is a WYSIWYG website creation tool for publishing Web albums, photo journals, and full-featured websites, including the ability to easily add a shopping cart if need be. Fully WYSIWYG, you don't even have to know how to spell H-T-M-L to create your own custom look. With the built-in themes and templates you can make your own Web page in minutes or start with one of our themes and change anything and everything to create your own unique look.Totally addictive and fun, you could lose yourself making really cool photo albums and Web sites. From beginners to advanced users, ShutterBug has something for everyone.


  • Built-in ImageWell editor lets you crop, rotate, add labels, thought clouds, zoom in on your thumbnails with the zoom tool, adjust the sharpness, brightness, and other filters.
  • 100% WYWSIWYG Layout editor lets you easily create your own design - no technical or CSS knowledge required.
  • Content editor makes it easy to add pages, automatically creates your navigation menu, simple drag and drop for adding photos, add some text, edit links, and you're done.
  • Build more than just photo albums; Freestyle and collage tools make it easy to create unique and sophisticated displays, quickly create a photo journal with text tastefully wrapped around floating pictures, plus much more using the many options and tools available in Layout mode.
  • Build full-featured websites, easily add a PayPal Shopping Cart to your ShutterBug site, or integrate ShutterBug pages with your existing website. Advanced users can even add their own HTML snippets if they wish.
  • Export to .Mac, WebDAV, S/FTP, or a folder on your computer with the one-click Send button. Incremental export will only send the changes made since the last export. ShutterBug keeps track of your changes, so you don't have to.
  • 26 fully-customizable, built-in themes to get you started, but the layout tool is so easy to use, you'll be making your own look in no time.
  • Over 60 more free, additional themes available to registered ShutterBugs at ShutterBug Land, plus three new Shopping Cart themes.
  • Add movies, Contact forms, audio files, before/after slideshows, plus so much more.

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