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18 November 2019

Produce/manage educational sites.


Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities.

You can download and use it on any computer you have handy (including webhosts), yet it can scale from a single-teacher site to a 50,000-student University. The Moodle website itself is created using Moodle, so check out the Moodle Demo Site or read the latest news at Moodle Buzz.

What's new in Moodle

Version 3.8:
Major features:
  • MDL-64739 - Analytics models may be restricted to category or course contexts
  • MDL-65588 - Insights about students who have not logged in recently
  • MDL-65562 - Report on the actions executed by users on predictions
  • MDL-65633 - Allow targets to limit the analysis interval to a specific interface or parent class.
  • MDL-66234 - Extra garbage collection for analytics
  • MDL-66254 - Require enrolments to be active for most of the analysis interval
  • MDL-62191 - Add bulk actions for analytics' insights
  • MDL-66536 - Insight notifications improvements
  • MDL-60949 - Analytics models should be sorted by name and not last modified
  • MDL-66004 - Allow the Python machine learning backend to run from a separate server
  • MDL-58992 - Add multi-class capabilities to prediction processors
  • MDL-65585 - Global on/off switch for analytics
H5P integration:
  • MDL-66388 - Create a new button in Atto to add H5P content in anywhere from and external URLs
  • MDL-66398 - Improve H5P filter to allow internal H5P content URLs
  • MDL-66593 - Implement backup and restore process for H5P content
  • MDL-67059 - Add Admin UI to manually upload H5P content-type libraries
  • MDL-67057 - Create a capability to update H5P content-type libraries
  • MDL-67058 - Create a task to install H5P content-type libraries
  • MDL-66609 - Create the basic skeleton, library and interfaces for rendering H5P content
  • MDL-66399 - Improve H5P Atto button to upload content
  • MDL-66397 - Create a new filter to convert and URLs to embed code
Forum summary report:
  • MDL-66153 - Forum report: Basic skeleton
  • MDL-66298 - Forum summary report option to message selected users
  • MDL-66268 - Groups filter in forum summary report
  • MDL-66373 - Dates filter in forum summary report
  • MDL-66297 - Link forum summary report to export of each user's post content
  • MDL-66694 - Add columns for word count and character count to the forum summary report
  • MDL-66768 - Add the ability to download the forum summary report
Forum export:
  • MDL-66075 - Forum export functionality
  • MDL-66631 - Dates filter in forum export
  • MDL-66808 - Forum export options for human-readable dates and removing HTML
  • Forum grading:
  • MDL-66074 - Create forum grading interface
  • MDL-66358 - Display grading form in the grading panel
  • MDL-66365 - Add a button to display the entire discussion for a post being graded
  • MDL-67116 - Make 'require grade' an activity completion criterion for the forum
  • MDL-66381 - Forum grading user search
  • MDL-66360 - Forum grading option to send notification to student
  • MDL-66906 - Forum view grades option for students
  • MDL-66359 - Support restricting the user list to a specific group
  • Forum UI improvements:
  • MDL-66477 - Create settings side drawer for new discussion view
  • MDL-64821 - Create new discussion view for forum
  • MDL-66481 - Update display of discussion in discussion list table
  • MDL-65129 - Search starred discussions only option in forum advanced search
  • MDL-63349 - Assignment: Annotate PDF - Rotate submitted image automatically
  • MDL-66537 - Annotate PDF - Right-to-left UI - The rotate buttons order is confusing
  • MDL-63878 - Enable the saving and printing of annotated PDFs from previous attempts
  • MDL-64811 - Assignment: Add warning about students falling into Default group if group submissions are enabled but not required
  • MDL-65797 - Performance improvements for user / group overrides for mod assign
Question bank:
  • MDL-66553 - Display ID number and tags in the question bank UI
  • MDL-66816 - Question bank: replace the row of edit icons with an Edit menu
  • MDL-67153 - Allow question types to add extra actions to the Question bank edit menu
Course relative dates (experimental):
  • MDL-66147 - Assignment due date relative to the student course start date
  • MDL-66144 - Weeks format relative dates
  • MDL-66143 - Course relative dates mode setting
  • MDL-66148 - Option to override the assignment due date in a relative dates course
Course overview:
  • MDL-64901 - block_myoverview: Add admin setting to control the available layouts
  • MDL-66016 - An admin can set which filters are available for users to select in their Dashboard course overview
  • MDL-66017 - An admin can specify a course custom field as a filter for users to select in their Dashboard course overview
  • MDL-63612 - Course card pattern colours may be specified by an admin
  • MDL-65621 - Courses with course visibility set to hide should be labelled 'Hidden from students' in the course overview
  • MDL-64860 - block_myoverview: Improve pagination widget
  • MDL-64094 - Change 'Hidden' to 'Removed from view' in the course overview
  • MDL-65896 - Add emojis to messaging
  • MDL-46779 - Atto should support full emoji
Usability improvements:
  • MDL-34498 - Session Timeout alert
  • MDL-61043 - Provide a more consistent and better way of selecting and deselecting all items in a list
  • MDL-48610 - Show alphabet filter in grader report even when there are less than 100 users
  • MDL-38555 - Forms do not prevent same data submission multiple times
  • MDL-59639 - Browser back button should work as expected in the administration menu with Boost theme
  • MDL-57208 - Let users set their default homepage
  • MDL-66178 - Participants list - Filter users with no roles
  • MDL-65671 - Calendar view selector enables users to switch between month, day and upcoming events
  • MDL-66563 - Improve drag and drop question accessibility in high-contrast mode
  • MDL-64032 - The UI for setting enrolment end date/duration should be consistent
  • MDL-65406 - Boost Theme accessibility: Nav drawer should be marked up as list
  • MDL-65915 - Better progress display while re-grading quiz attempts
  • MDL-67048 - Drag and drop upload progressbar invert inner and outer
  • Other highlights:
  • Functional changes:
  • MDL-64745 - Administrative setting to show/not show "hide" feature in online users block
  • MDL-62835 - The description should be displayed when viewing a Book, Lesson or IMS content package
  • MDL-66496 - Option to include author information when importing entries into a database activity
  • MDL-66740 - Make "course request" capability category context instead of system context
  • MDL-65093 - Users should be informed that they can't block a user who has permission to message all users
  • MDL-64002 - Add send message buffering
  • MDL-66226 - Show plain text in Messages summary pane
  • MDL-61649 - Several core emails provide only text format
  • MDL-35773 - Include files option in backup settings
  • MDL-63453 - VideoJS upgrade to 7.6.5 including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) support
  • MDL-56549 - Add support for FLAC files
  • MDL-62836 - Make awarding badges groups/groupings compliant
  • MDL-60916 - Global Search: Replace course search form with global search
  • MDL-64438 - Display course category in course related block
  • MDL-66326 - Global search: Delete from search index when courses are deleted
  • MDL-65183 - block_timeline can cause JSON parse error on dashboard when activities are saved with newline characters
  • MDL-66612 - Calendar course event icon is different from course icon
  • MDL-66775 - Add new Mobile setting for forcing a minimum app version to access the site
  • MDL-66375 - Option to disable the "Forgotten password" feature in the app
  • MDL-66753 - The People block is no longer needed and should be removed from core
For administrators:
  • MDL-66034 - Log role changes in more detail
  • MDL-66570 - Allow disabling of cron output when capturing logs
  • MDL-61804 - Let the admin control if lists of courses should be pre-sorted by visibility or not
  • MDL-66133 - Let the administrator configure which user filters are shown by default
  • MDL-63643 - Add ability to search/filter users by Last IP Address
  • MDL-66119 - Disable GUI plugin uninstalls (eg $CFG->uninstallclionly similar to $CFG->disableupdateautodeploy)
  • MDL-65201 - Automated backup course ordering
  • MDL-65404 - Add column for enrol start dates to Upload users CSV
  • MDL-40669 - Upload users via text file should include the optional user field 'disable notifications'
  • MDL-66705 - Add an example csv file for bulk uploading of users
  • MDL-59470 - Option to duplicate a user tour
  • MDL-65622 - Add a new event when a grade item has been created
  • MDL-65369 - Include changed course settings in course_updated event
  • MDL-65492 - Cache admin UI: make it easy re-purge the cache you just purged
  • MDL-63127 - Redis Cache: implement compression
  • MDL-66428 - Allow Redis cache to use PHP extension Zstd
  • MDL-46317 - Private files space setting should use MB not Bytes
  • MDL-7339 - Change 'Open to Google' setting to 'Open to search engines'
  • MDL-65208 - Add cli upgrade option to test if an upgrade is required
  • MDL-58439 - Admin pages login as guest and then throw Access denied error (should prompt for login) require_admin()
For developers:
  • MDL-66675 - New $CFG->behat_pause_on_fail option added
  • MDL-46267 - The $CFG->httpswwwroot was removed
  • MDL-66335 - New steps to navigate straight to any plugin web page. Plugins must implement their own resolver between page types and URLs.
  • MDL-65349 - Profiling included and excluded URLs now are matched from start. Some adjustments may be needed.
  • MDL-66633 - Quiz: quiz attempt API should let you create an attempt for a different user
  • MDL-66709 - Components other than activity modules should be able to backup and restore question attempt data
  • MDL-66754 - Question engine: report methods should not require a list of slots
  • MDL-62497 - Add a new transpilation tool for ES6
  • MDL-50346 - Remove the restriction to forbid subdirectories in the templates directory
  • MDL-66327 - $DB->get_records uses a lot of Peak RAM (with Postgres)
  • MDL-66173 - Add hooks to extend all forms with /login/
  • MDL-66367 - Caching of templates should use a new templaterev variable
  • MDL-66304 - Allow support for xsendfile in alternative_file_system_class independently of local files
  • MDL-66166 - Improve the moodlebot user agent and expose a function for plugins to use
  • MDL-65646 - Move dependencies and subplugins to JSON
  • MDL-55751 - Remove the CSS chunker from Moodle
  • MDL-65438 - Allow themes to alter the core css url's
  • MDL-65747 - Removed unused Pear_Crypt_CHAP library
  • Web services additions and updates:
  • MDL-65794 - Make some web service calls idempotent over http GET
  • MDL-67043 - Web service to enable H5P offline access in the Moodle app
  • MDL-64254 - New Web Services for updating a forum post (or a discussion topic post)
  • MDL-65017 - New web service to delete forum posts
  • MDL-64588 - New web services for adding and deleting comments
  • MDL-66376 - Enforce app security by using tokenpluginfile.php instead webservice/pluginfile.php
  • MDL-65400 - Blocks Web Services (for course and dashboard) should return the block settings

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15 May 2017

Most helpful

Blackboard like interface, simple and powerful. Love it.
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Version 3.3
15 May 2017
Blackboard like interface, simple and powerful. Love it.
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Version 3.3
14 May 2012
I absolutely don’t see how Moodle can be rated THAT high. It’s anything but super powerful. I tried it for my coaching program and was quite bummed that it doesn’t have a video chat or anything of this kind. I had to create a separate youtube channel and run workshops from there. The design is not too impressive as well, if that matters for you of course (which was my case).
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Version 2.2.2
1 answer(s)
06 August 2013
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? ;-)
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05 May 2012
I've been teaching with Moodle for two and a half years now and don't know what I used to do beforehand. It is a very powerful suite of tools for teaching, and the advent of Moodle 2 (despite having some changes that through a bit of doubt and confusion into the Moodle community, at least initially) has lifted it another notch. It is compatible with a number of other major pedagogical tools such as SCORM. It allows you to organise your units of work, present them in logical and attractive ways, embed multimedia, and keep tabs of student completion and marks. It also allows students and teachers to interact via forums and chat rooms, and for students to create their own bodies of information using tools such as the built-in wiki. This is far more than simply a data repository (as I have seen some argue of Moodle). It is a fully fledged, fully featured teaching machine that is being taken up by increasing numbers of primary, secondary and tertiary teaching institutions across the globe. And not just because it's free. Do yourself a favour and really check this out. Don't let the price full you. This baby sings!
Like (1)
Version 2.2.2
1 answer(s)
05 May 2012
Um, can you believe I was a book editor before I went into teaching? That should be "... threw a bit of doubt and confusion" (para 2) and "Don't let the price fool you." An errata slip for a MacUpdate post ... How embarrassing! ;-)
AP Hardhono
11 August 2005
In early 2001, I tried Evaluation Copy of WebCT, but after looking at the price, I just cannot believe. Then I came to know to Manhattan VC. I have used it for two years. But I face difficulties since I and my net admin could not understand the database that support it. Next, as I looked at the Edutools site, I got to know ATutor and Moodle. I downloaded them and I was happy that the two of them use opensource database server, PHP and run on Apache. As I and my coleagues looked at these two, we decided to use Moodle since its programming scripts that are relatively easy to follow its logic. We used Moodle since its version 1.3. We managed to add some more features on it to integrate Moodle with our students records system. Right now still use Moodle in its latest version 1.5.2. If you are interested please visit I hope you will joint us in Moodleing.
Version 1.5.2
02 July 2005
I've been using Moodle for a few months now. The rest of my University uses Blackboard (which costs them a great deal of money). I was not happy with BB as it is really only a content management system (buy a filing cabinet, it's cheaper). I came across Moodle by accident. I have no computing background but I have managed to create my own moodle server from an old G3 iMac in my office, install moodle and start creating quality content. All this was possible due to the intuitive nature of Moodle and the generous (and free) help of the Moodle community. My personal opinion is that Moodle is superior to BB for the kind of teaching that I do. Don't take my word for it, try it out. You have nothing to lose.
Like (3)
Version 1.5
06 June 2005
I have used Moodle for three years as a teacher with no programming experience. It was simple to set up my own server using the excellent installation documentation. Questions were answered on the free service forums in hours, not days. Although I use it for smoothly for 150 simultaneous students, Moodle is scalable to over 30,000 learners. In version 1.5, you will find a much improved quiz module, faster chat, customizable themes, more standards-compliancy, instant messaging, flexible blocks--all in 60+ languages. It is so easy to expand, I have 5 student programmers making a new module at my school for handling projects. Because it is open source, this module will be freely available to all schools along with Moodle which will always be free. The best part is the interface, which is intuitive for teachers and fun for students. All user comparison studies point to Moodle as superior to Blackboard and WebCT, except in price.
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Version 1.5
06 June 2005
Despite the comments of some anonomous reviewers, Moodle is quite flexible and powerful. I know of at least one state university that is using it as their on-line platform in preference to Blackboard just based on its capabilities. I've examined it enough that I'm moving our existing on-line training courses to it.
Version 1.5
28 May 2005
Regarding the below author's claim that Moodle is less flexible than Blackboard, please see the recent Blackboard vs. Moodle study. In this case the authors taught the same class in Blackboard and Moodle 1.3.2, it was 'standard' (eg not 'social contructivist') type of undergraduate course. The Blacboard version won Blackboard's international competition (BBionic) prize, by the way. Moodle actually is more flexible regarding pedagogy than Blackboard as it has a number of standard and optional teaching tools BB lacks. The sequential (or branching) learning lesson module, for instance, goes well beyond anything available in BB. 1.5 has improved SCORM support, adds AICC, and integrations with IMS/QTI, LD and LAMS are underway. O and it runs real well on a Mac server, can Blackboard do that:-).
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Version 1.4.5
09 May 2005
I will add to the previous comment that Moodle does not support decimal grades AT ALL. You can't enter a grade of 95.5, for example. In addition, FORGET using Moodle on a class that has a 1000 point scale. Can you imagine the pulldown menu on a 300 point exam?
Version 1.4.5
1 answer(s)
28 May 2005
Regarding decimel grading and >100 scales, this is easily added, in fact we implemented both decimel grading and unlimited numerical grading in Moodle 1.4.3 for the Assignment module and we're implementing this this week for 1.5. In addition the 1.5 gradebook lets you weight items, so 1000 weighted point courses are entirely possible. We'll release it in the Moodle add-ons CVS area, but if you you want this to part of the Moodle standard release come on over to and make your feelings known!
Version 1.4.5
09 May 2005
  The grading system in Moodle is archaic. (for example, pull down menus for grade entry, rather than a text box). If you have a large number of students in a course, this system bogs you down quickly. In addition, Moodle doesn't have support for extra credit, if you make use of that in your class. Moodle was designed to be used with a certain "style" of teaching called "social constructionist pedagogy" and is therefore not as flexible as Blackboard. The author seems to like it this way and is not keen to add features that would be useful to people with other teaching styles. Read the author's web site here: If your teaching style matches this, you will be very happy with this software. If you use a more traditional teaching style, you are likely to be frustrated. On the other hand, Moodle is free, and probably your best option if your school doesn't support Blackboard.
Version 1.4.5