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25 November 2018

Create application wrappers for scripts.


Platypus is a developer tool that creates native Mac applications from interpreted scripts such as shell scripts or Perl and Python programs. This is done by wrapping the script in an application bundle directory structure along with an application binary that runs the script.

Platypus makes it easy to share scripts and programs with those unfamiliar with the command line interface. Native user-friendly applications can be created with a few clicks. It is very easy to create installers, maintenance applications, login items, status menu items, launchers, automations and droplets using Platypus. Platypus is free, open-source software distributed under the BSD License.

Here are some of the features Platypus has to offer:

  • Supports shell scripts, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Swift, Expect, Tcl, AppleScript or any other user-specified interpreter
  • Can execute scripts with root privileges via Apple's Security Framework
  • Can display graphical feedback of script execution as progress bar, text window with script output, droplet, WebKit HTML rendering or status item menu
  • Supports dragging and dropping files or text snippets, which are then passed to the script as arguments
  • Can create applications that are handlers for URI schemes
  • Can create applications that run in the background (LSUIElement)
  • Set own application icon or select from presets
  • Set app's associated file types, identifier, version, author, etc.
  • Graphical interface for bundling support files with script
  • Command line tool for automation
  • "Profiles" which can be used to save configurations
  • Built-in script editor, or linking with external editor of choice
  • Extensive documentation and many built-in examples to help you get started

What's new in Platypus

Version 5.3:
  • First facelift in a decade: New application icons created by Drífa Líftóra
  • Updated to support Mojave Dark Mode
  • Added AWK, JavaScript and Node interpreter presets
  • Added "REFRESH" command that clears text output buffer
  • Added "DISABLED" menu item syntax for status menu interface
  • Platypus and its command line tool binary are now code-signed. Generated applications remain unsigned, for obvious reasons
  • Windows of generated applications are now larger, and centered on first launch
  • Apps now try to make script executable (+x) on launch This may resolve certain issues with launching generated apps stored on network-mounted volumes
  • Added Open With menu for items in Bundled Files list
  • Fixed bug where Platypus would generate broken custom icns files from images
  • Fixed buggy Uniform Type Identifier validation in command line tool
  • Platypus now validates default bundle identifier in Preferences
  • Removed broken System Profiler example
  • Removed XML plist format feature
  • Documentation overhauled, partially rewritten and moved to Markdown format
  • An assortment of minor bug fixes
  • Various minor interface improvements
  • Reduced size of generated app binaries
  • Now requires macOS 10.8 or later

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23 May 2007

Most helpful

Thank you! I depend on this app so often! A must have!
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Version 3.4
03 March 2019
Great update. For some scenarios you still need an app exported from Automator, but I use Platypus whenever it works.. And that's most of the time. Five stars aren't enough.
Version 5.3
25 November 2018
horrible icon (i didn't think it's i'm the only one) so sorry for that
Like (1)
Version 5.3
25 October 2018
Like (1)
Version 5.2
02 December 2015
For anyone who needs to build a GUI around a scripted tool, Platypus is just utterly brilliant. The latest version has added a ton of new functionality to really help refine the abilities of whatever kind of tool you wish to make. The developer well deserves a donation if you are going to use this!
Like (1)
Version 5.0
24 September 2014
One of the must have apps if you know any scripting languages. I used this app wrapped a lot of scripts, really convenient.
Version 4.8
25 October 2013
Very cool app for those of us who like it quick and simple. Thank you developer for making this app freely available to the Macintosh community, and for your years of dedication to its continual development.
Version 4.8
1 answer(s)
25 October 2013
I just sent this man a donation via PayPal. A worthy investment. :)
15 July 2013
By far, Platypus is the easiest and all-round best script wrapper.
Version 4.8
31 May 2013
I do agree: this application rocks and it's a wonderful free project! So which one are for your the most useful scripts?
Version 4.7
28 July 2012
Make your own utility apps in an instant - indispensable
Version 4.7
19 July 2011
Wonderfully useful software. Extremely time saving! A few bugs, notably using menu item as output, but I see that this may be fixed in the next v.
Version 4.4