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ProTA for Mac4.03

29 September 2015

Market analysis solution, Gold version available.

What is ProTA for Mac

ProTA is a complete market analysis solution designed specifically for the OS X investor/trader. Powerful features and ease-of-use are balanced in a way both beginners and seasoned traders will appreciate.

A full suite of integrated trading tools cover every aspect of computer-based charting and technical analysis:

  • Fast, free, fully automated data downloading with additional support to import dozens of data formats
  • Object-oriented charting interface offers easy point-and-click, intuitive control and total customization
  • Tabular displays and rankings based on dozens of built-in or custom technical calculations
  • Database scanning and ranking
  • Trade system modeling and parameter optimization
  • Over 100 bundled technical indicators, line studies, smartlists
  • ProTAscript is a built-in trader's programming language: design your own models and analytics!

The quoted price is that of a one-year subscription. Pricing information can be found here.

What's new in ProTA

Version 4.03:
  • Fixed an issue where some saved chart suites would not display the finger cursor properly when hovering the mouse over click-able items.
  • Fixed an issue where the Upgrade process from v3 could crash if user had opened and closed chart suites windows beforehand.
  • Fixed an issue where some Daily data sets could lead to improperly computed Weekly data sets.
  • Fixed an issue where clearing all the text in an Inspector text field could crash the program.
  • Saved Settings for Line Studies now properly show up in the Settings popup menu in the Inspector panel for Line Studies.
  • Yahoo Intraday Sessions should now run properly for users with start - end times that cross midnight.
  • Extremely thin Doji Candle bodies are now visible.
  • Updated some menus that were still referring to ProTA Gold.
  • You can now open up to 15 saved chart suites with one click of the Open button (shift-click or cmd-click to select > 1 row).
  • Hold down option-key at ProTA launch to create or select between multiple ProTA data folders.
  • Hold down option-key when clicking the Show/Hide Quotes panel button to reset the quotes panel height to its default size (240 pixels).
  • UTI now accepts more file formats including all csv, CSV, prn, txt file extensions.
  • Progress bars in the Yahoo Data Downloader window now show progress more accurately.
  • Improved background/threaded performance and a possible race condition for smartlist columns in content tables.
  • Purchase Price and Sales Price columns in a Content Table now use the Mixed Lists Preferences setting for number of decimal places displayed.
  • Double-click a row in System Test Results table to create a chart suite displaying the test results for that item.

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Apr 28 2016
Apr 28 2016
Version: 4.03
Current version of ProTA is actually 4.11. ProTA Gold 3.25 is available at CNET.
Jan 21 2013
Jan 21 2013
Version: 3.24
ProTA Gold 3.24 is at .