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Graphical Analysis4.7.1-1118

14 March 2019

Produce, analyze & print graphs.


Graphical Analysis is an inexpensive, easy-to-learn program for producing, analyzing, and printing graphs.
  • Create and print graphs, data tables, text, FFTs, and histograms.
  • Perform automatic curve fits, and add models with adjustable parameters to your graphs
  • Calculate statistics, tangents, integrals, and interpolations.
  • There are several ways to input data into Graphical Analysis 3:
  • Type the values into the data table.
  • Import data collected on a TI graphing calculator using TI-GRAPH LINK cable or USB direct cable supplied with TI-84 or TI-89 Titanium calculators.
  • Copy and paste data from another program (such as Microsoft Excel).
  • Import data from a text file.

What's new in Graphical Analysis

Version 4.7.1-1118:
  • Windows 7 and Vista (including 64-bit systems) are supported
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 supported
  • No device drivers installed or required for Windows. As a result, all device data import has beenremoved, including CBL, LabPro, and TI calculator import.
  • Data Tagging enables annotations of specific cells or ranges of cells. Data Tagging can associateadditional information with specific data elements.
  • Graphing is optimized for data as typically entered manually; no connecting lines are drawn andthe scale is set to 0 to 10.
  • The location of GA templates and examples is changed to better mesh with modern operatingsystems providing a "Common Application Data" location. This avoids problematic Windows behavior like "Shadow Copies" resulting from attempts to save data in "Program Files" outside of the installation process. First time opens will default to the Common Application Data folder location which varies by operating system. You will find the experiment and sample files shipped with Graphical Analysis under the Common Application Data folder. The new location is as follows:/Library/Application Support/Graphical Analysis/
  • For the convenience of long time users, an alias or shortcut pointing to the new location may still be found in "Program Files" or "Applications".
Known Issues
  • Files saved in Graphical Analysis 3.8.4 cannot be opened in earlier versions of Graphical Analysis.
  • Files saved with Graphical Analysis 3.1 and above should not be opened with Graphical Analysis 3.0
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