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27 April 2020

Organize and share all your information in one place.


NoteTaker lets you organize and Share All Your Information In One Place

  • NoteTaker™ for macOS is an innovative, next-generation application for capturing, organizing and retrieving any kind of information in an intuitive electronic notebook. As a personal productivity tool, NoteTaker enables a powerful yet easy to use environment for working with your information.
  • Use NoteTaker daily in every part of your life- at home, at work, for a project, or just for fun. NoteTaker takes an intuitive, outliner approach to your task, no matter what the complexity, and you can customize it to fit your work style and information needs.
  • NoteTaker is fully compatible with notebooks created by the original NoteTaker and NoteShare apps
Information At Your Fingertips
  • Even if you’re using NoteTaker for the first time, you’ll already know how to use a NoteTaker notebook. An intuitive multi-page notebook with section tabs makes it easy to page through content just like in a regular paper-based notebook. In addition, you can tag, index, prioritize, and summarize information of any kind, performing intelligent searches without the complexity of a database system. If it’s in NoteTaker, you can find it any time from anywhere.
Notebooks for Everything

With NoteTaker, it’s easy and convenient to:

  • Gather a variety of information throughout the day and organize it in free text, lists, outlines, or tables
  • Use notebooks as central hubs for major projects, organizing schedules, contacts, document attachments, clippings from other applications, voice memos, Web links, and even live Web pages
  • Keep an address book and To Do list, generating mailing lists, prioritizing tasks, and checking them off when they’re completed
  • Outline, generate, and index a document-be it a professional paper, school report, or book of favorite recipes
  • Record lectures while taking notes that are synced to the audio and vice versa
  • View live web pages and podcasts in an embedded Web browser
  • Assemble scrapbooks or briefs of Internet clippings, photos, diagrams, and movies
  • Organize and summarize research notes, keep track of school assignments, and manage other school projects
  • Share notebooks between multiple computers using iCloud
  • Retrieve earlier versions using macOS's native document versioning
  • Set a password to keep your notebook data secure with 128-bit AES encryption
Creating and Publishing Notebook Content
  • Generate PDF "notebooks" anyone can view.
  • Publish a Web Notebook™, making your content available over a private network or on the Internet.
  • NoteTaker applications are nearly unlimited when it comes to organizing notes, ideas, projects, and other information. As we like to say, "Use it every day for everything that’s on your mind."
Who is using NoteTaker?
  • Individuals organizing and keeping personal notebook journals, to do lists and scrapbooks
  • Artists, musicians and writers creating new projects, brainstorming and reflecting
  • Students taking course notes, researching topics and reviewing for exams
  • Professors, teachers and tutors creating course materials, web notebooks and lectures
  • Attorneys outlining case work, recording meeting notes and preparing presentations
  • Researchers and scientists organizing research projects and lab notebooks
  • Project managers and scrum masters organizing agile projects, writing user stories and keeping notes
  • Exec teams organizing presentations, agendas and reports
  • Consultants managing client projects, research and meeting notes
  • Knowledge workers and team leaders enhancing and organizing their daily work
  • Family members planning events and trips, tracking to do lists and keeping notes
  • Engineers and software developers organizing work projects, keeping notes and clipping information from web sources

What's new in NoteTaker

Version 4.1.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.13 or later

  • Notebook indexing is now backed by a SQLite database
  • Fixed issue using Find in a password-protected notebook
  • Fixed issue with Drawer positioning in full-screen mode
  • Fixed entry display issue with single-line mode entries in certain conditions
  • Fixed issues with some Applescript scripts
  • Fixed some hang and crash issues

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11 June 2009
Version: 2.2.4

Most helpful

I've used Notetaker for over five years, and every year I try out the latest edition of Circus Ponies NB. The functionality is nearly identical, as they share a common origin. I've never found a reason to switch to NB. I use NT to manage large scientific projects, and link folders, programs, output logs, contact information, web sites, and Fetch droplets which link to remote Unix workstations. So, linking is important to me, and NT's linking capabilities are far superior to those of NB. For example, in NT one can link files by copying (ctrl-c) in the Finder and pasting (ctrl-v) onto a page. This is measurably faster than dragging and dropping, which is NB's only way. In NT one can insert multiple links on the same line and mix them with text; one can drag an attachment to any spot on a page. NB did not have these capabilities the last time I looked at it. NB now has the ability to tear off one page so that one can write in two portions of the notebook at one time; NT cannot do this--I wish it did (one can keep a copy open). Thus I give it four stars. Over the years I've had a number of questions and suggestions for NT support; they've always answered promptly and helpfully. I would guess that one reason that AquaMinds chose not to have a forum is that their audience is very wide --ranging from school children who used shared notebooks (via the NoteShare product) to single-users like me. Also, I've seen small companies overwhelmed by trying to maintain their forums. I'd rather they spent time on improving their products.
31 October 2019
Version: 4.0.5
I've been using this software a lot since it's rise from the ashes and I gotta say that it's still very buggy. Lots of beach-balling and unforgivable loss of data (of mostly pasted in images/files). Frankly I just don't think I can trust it for big projects until it stabilizes. I suggest waiting a few months until the killer bugs are tracked down and squashed. Maybe you think my 2-star review is harsh, but I've lost dozens of hours dealing with files that suddenly lost 10's of megabytes of data after mindlessly editing a sentence of text. Maybe it's OK for text-only notebooks, but if you're pasting in images and files you're definitely at risk data loss (I've seen this using OS X Sierra and Mojave). I have many NoteTaker files that exceed 100MB and I just hate knowing that all the work I poured into them is full of random lost data.
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08 October 2019
Version: 4.0.4
. In the last four or five years before the recent update, I searched far and wide for a replacement. OmniOutliner was simply too rigid-one couldn't mix pictures into the outline scheme. Growly Notes looked promising, but had no outline feature and the linking functions were unrefined. Version 4 is solid. With version 4, I've expanded my use; I create template pages for project worksheets that incorporate the table function that's part of the OS. This used to be flaky, but now works smoothly. I also use NT for personal use-to keep notes and links to music. In 2009 I dinged NT one star because I couldn't work on two pages at once. But I rarely do that: I just want to work on one page while looking at a second. Now, I just copy the second page to a blank TexEdit page or even to a Sticky. And I found that the the Voice Memo function is ideal for recording conference calls while I write notes about the calls. For those interested in NT's design, see Ted Goranson's overview as NT stood in 2004. Highly recommended
06 October 2019
Version: 4.0.4
NoteTaker is more powerful than all other outline programs I've used. I'm thrilled to have the recent update! Its primary strength is its ability to combine multiple outlines in one notebook, in one file. Multiple related but distinct projects can thus be combined, between which notes and attachments can be moved or copied. With its over 20 (!) commands for navigating about each page—not just from entry to entry but from section to section—one can quickly get a sense of the various layers of the project(s) one is outlining. For myself, being a researcher, this is exceptionally valuable. Other inestimable features are automatic date/time stamping and being able to see, and organize, by such time/date stamps, and the means to mark an entry as an "action" or "priority" item, by which one can again sort entries. And being able to highlight entries and group those that have been highlighted. And the index of all terms used. And the word count not just for the whole document but for any section, page, or selection. And the ability to delimit what is printed or converted to PDF. And, and, and. Is there any other program out there that can do all this, for this price, without the threat of invasive data-mining or an on-going fee? If so, I haven't found it. The developers are working to refine it but the program is, for my purposes and money, the best on the market. I'm very glad 4.0 is here!
03 October 2019
Version: 4.0.4
I'm delighted to see a viable alternative to the sadly abandoned Circus Ponies Notebook - the developer of that software closed shop after Microsoft OneNote was made available for free (where "free" means you can only store your notebooks in Microsoft's cloud where they data mine everything for profit). I have indeed purchased NoteTaker, but this software is very much in second place to what Circus Ponies Notebook was. It has all the same basics I guess, but the fit and finish of everything is quite lacking in comparison. You can't have more than 1 level of hierarchy on the contents page, you can't resize images (e.g. screenshots) you've copied in, you can't colorize or scroll tabs, tab names truncate even though there is ample room to display everything, far fewer page background choices, copy and paste of images isn't intuitive, rearranging toolbar items is horribly implemented etc. There's just a lot of work remaining in the cleaning things up department, but it certainly is a good start. My main concern is that there's about a years work to get this software to the point where it's as beautiful and functional as Circus Ponies Notebook was, and then the developer will be at the same place that developer was when he decided to close up shop because he couldn't compete and make a living in the face of "free" alternatives. Additionally, this developer had already aggravated his user base by previously abandoning them for several years without updates until NoteTaker resurfaced again just now. I'm optimistic at this point, but cautiously so.
13 September 2019
Version: 4.0.0
This is not a new software and I dare to say it was an excellent one. However, for years on end it was abandoned with many users left to their own devices. Who will guarantee it won’t happen with the new version as well? Once bitten twice shy!!
12 September 2019
Version: 3.2.1
MU admins: NoteTaker 4 is now on the app store!
13 January 2019
Version: 3.2.1
Notetaker 4 has been in beta since June of a last year, with a release candidate expected next month. For details, go to and check out the blog. In the meantime, I'm using 3.21 with High Sierra on my projects. It occasionally closes without warning, but I've never lost any data. Sometimes there is some graphic weirdness, if I copy a large note entry over a smaller one, but closing and opening resolves the problem. In the mean time, I've tried easily a half dozen Notes apps but found nothing as good. I especially like the linking functionality of NT: I link code, datasets, and results, just by copying and pasting in to the NB , with annotations added. At the end of a project, one can bring all the linked objects *into* the Notebook, thus protecting against dependence on folder organization. I've tried easily a half-dozen replacements for NT, but nothing does the trick.
12 January 2017
Version: 3.2.1
I'm afraid that at last I have to admit there may not be a new version arriving in the near future. OmniOutliner, with version 5, is becoming a more workable alternative, though still not as powerful yet as NoteTaker is. I have a heavy heart in making this admission.
27 January 2016
Version: 3.2.1
No, it has not been abandoned. Now that Circus Ponies is out of business, if you want a truly powerful note-taking program, with a great indexing feature, and, in fact, more preferences than NoteBook offered, this is it. It hasn't been updated in a while (since Dec. 2013), but its programmers are still at it, working on a number of things, this included. They are quick to respond to e-mail. OmniOutliner costs more and does less. Omnigroup has a slick website but its OmniOutliner program can't compete, not yet.
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21 January 2016
Version: 3.2.1
Maybe this should be noted as abandoned?
No update since 2013.
NoteTaker, NoteBook, they're all leaving ship...