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phpMyAdmin is intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. Currently it can:
  • Create and drop databases
  • Create, copy, drop and alter tables
  • Delete, edit and add fields
  • Execute any SQL-statement, even batch-queries
  • Manage keys on fields
  • Load text files into tables
  • Create and read dumps of tables
  • Export data to CSV values
  • Administer multiple servers and single databases

What's New

Version 4.2.6:
  • bug #4471 Undefined index warning with referenced column.
  • bug #4027 $cfg['MaxExactCount'] is ignored when BROWSING is back
  • bug #4482 Multi Column sorting (improved user experience)
  • bug #4478 Server validation does not work while in setup/mysqli
  • bug Undefined variable when grid editing a foreign key column
  • bug #4481 mult_submits.inc.php Undefined more...


  • OS X 10.1 or later
  • MySQL 5.5 or later
  • PHP 5.3 or later

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JosephAW Member IconReview+6

Warning, Do not upgrade to 4.2.3 if you are not running MySQL 5.5 or later.
I found this out the hard way running MySQL 5.0.

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Version 4.2.3
ylluminate Member IconComment+285

While not specifically an OS X app, it is appreciated to see updates here. Also, it's certainly one of the most handy tools in a developer's tool belt on any server running MySQL.

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Version 4.0.0-beta3

Agreed. I don't understand why anyone would complain about MacUpdate listing this - it's not like there's any harm in doing so. Besides, it runs natively on Mac OS X, ergo, it's a Mac app. Do they want to exclude cross-platform Java apps too? Makes no sense to me.

Igaucho Member IconComment+43

Um, you can run it on OS X Server just like you can Apache or MySQL?

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Version 3.3.0

Yes you can.

Poolsharkpete Member IconComment+4

How is this a Mac application?

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Version 3.3.0-rc1

I agree. It's always kind of bugged me. If this qualifies as a Mac app simply because one "can run it on OS X Server" then so does every other web app I can think of. :/


Who says it has to be Mac OS X Server? I run it on Mac OS X 10.5.8 to manage MySQL running on Mac OS X 10.5.8 which I use as a database server, in conjunction with Apache running on Mac OS X 10.5.8. So how is this NOT a Mac application? Do you want to bar all applications that are not exclusively Mac applications?


I think you're missing the point. I don't deny that PHP et al will run on OSX, but in my opinion there is a distinction to be made between a .app bundle and zip file full of scripts that are intended to only ever be accessed via a browser. I don't know where exactly the distinction should be made, but I don't expect to find the contents of HotScripts on MacUpdate, and vice versa. Nor do I expect to find Windows applications here simply because I can run them on my Mac with VMWare, or what have you.

Darren Grant

I agree this is a web application it isn't a native Mac App or widget.


Hi Welded - this is going to sound like splitting hairs, but have you ever right-clicked a .app bundle and selected "show package contents"? You'll find that Mac apps are no more than a folder full of scripts, disguised as a double-clickable application. I agree that none of us expect - or care to find - single scripts listed here on MacUpdate...but phpMyAdmin is not a simple, single script. It is a huge collection of complex code that together create a robust, powerful, multipurpose application with myriad features and functions.

The real difference here is that it runs within a web browser. How do you define an application? If we are to believe Google, all applications will eventually be run from browsers. Even iWork is moving toward having a web-based version.

My rather long-winded point is simply that phpMyAdmin is indeed an app, and it belongs here.


The Crow: I don't think you're splitting hairs. I think you're presenting a starwman argument and that you're wrong. It's silly to claim that apps are just bundled scripts. Sure, you could find JS or XML docs, but they'll be interpreted by the OS. Otherwise, they're compiled native code. You can't take the contents of iTunes or Firefox or Notepad, upload it to your web server or over to your Windows machine and have it do anything. You CAN with phpMyAdmin. The only real requirement is a compatible PHP environment, and that is wholly independant of the OS.

My point isn't that phpMyAdmin isn't an app; it's a web app. MacUpdate, by all other standards, features native code.


Welded: a strawman argument?!? I hardly think so - and it's a bit harsh, don't you think?

It isn't silly at all to claim that applications are bundles of scripts. They all start out that way. A programmer would argue that a program is still a program when it is still source code; an application is a set of instructions to be carried out by the host environment - whether it is an OS, a Java Virtual Machine, or a Web browser. The application can exist as machine language, bytecode, interpreted script, etc.
Your argument sounds as ridiculous to me as mine seems to sound to you. It shouldn't be listed here because it is not compiled code, executed by the OS? By that definition, you would exclude any Java programs from this listing, as mentioned by an earlier poster.

You yourself admitted that phpMyAdmin is an app, albeit a web app. MacUpdate lists apps that run on the Mac. It qualifies on both counts, so your point is moot. That MacUpdate should feature only native code is your opinion only. You really ought not to be so arrogant and call others "wrong". I'm not wrong - just different from you in a debate over a subjective idea.


If PHP is the interpretative layer that allows phpMyAdmin to run via web browser, is it fair to say that Windows is permitted to run by Parallels and therefore qualifies as a Mac app? What about Office via Crossover? Do you think Ubuntu apps could be listed? Uncompiled source code? Yes, if your words are to be taken literally; but my point is that this is an overly-broad definition of the scope of this site. Do we agree on this much?


Whatever, man. I'm not going to keep this going, feeding your diatribe, and filling up the comments that should be reserved for ratings and posts about the app. I'm just happy that phpMyAdmin was on here for me to find years ago. It's been indispensable.


I'm glad you like it. When I need a good MySQL web app it's the best.

Ricardo Batista Member IconComment+3
Ricardo Batista

The download link is wrong, it goes to release notes. So instead click on the Development team link, then you'll find downloads in different formats on the right of the window.

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Version 3.2.4

For this and other software I'd suggest clicking on the "More Information" link to reach the product/developer site (in most cases) for alternative downloads, etc.

Maclover1.1 Member IconComment+740

MAMP does indeed simplify Life in a big way. Other stuff is usually NerdWare. If the world were run by nerds we'd have to get out of the car to change a red light to a green one by hand lol Nerd motto: "make sure things are as complex as possible".

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jasonh1234 Member IconReview+8

I'm tired of hunting for tutorials and finding installation procedures for out of date versions. This should have an installer that can get it in and working in under a minute. If someone made an installer for phpmyadmin that could install it in a couple clicks I'd pay $100 on the spot for it right now. My time is worth to much to me to keep screwing around trying to learn how to get it installed.

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Have you tried MacPorts?


You can just copy and paste the files without overwritting your previous configuration file. It takes less than a minute if you do it that way.


Have you tried MAMP? It will install Apache, MySQL and myPHPadmin in one shot.

Crow Member IconReview+8

This is back to being my favourite application. I find it indispensible for MySQL administration. The past few versions have been rock-solid. Setup is still a little tricky, but has been improved considerably with the setup scripts.

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ericob Member IconComment+41

Anyone interested in this might also want to check out "MySQL Administrator." (http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/administrator/1.1.html).

It doesn't look like it would work remotely, but on the other hand it is an actual program, not a collection of PHP scripts. It seems pretty well organized, while in my every-so-often use of phpMyAdmin, that program has always seemed confusingly organized.

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Version 2.8.1

MySQL Admin /does/ work remotely. However I find it still a bit buggy and crash prone. It is still being actively developed and I have high hopes its future.


Being a "collection of php scripts" is a bad thing? I don't follow.

The MySQL Admin app is a collection of frameworks, and XML files.

They both work as a coherent whole. phpMyAdmin just happens to be more powerful and bug free.


You can get it to work over SSH, you might take a look at SSH helper or better AlmostVPN Pro.
Navicat has built-in SSH HTTP support, if you really do heavy duty MySQL coding this is the tool to get.
Costs you some though ...

Crow Member IconComment+8

Wow - up until this version (2.8) everything was great. I cannot for the life of me get this version to work, despite following the instructions to the letter. I get errors such as "A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time", even when I try using the setup script.

I love this app. I hope this is a bug that will be fixed soon, or that it is something that can be solved by better documentation. For right now, I can't use it.

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Version 2.8b1
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